Pack of 3 works by Etuzan Jakusui [English, 93 pictures]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments


With now three works by Etuzan Jakusui in my downloads folder, it was high time to make it a repack ^^

And so, in the present post, I’m sharing, namely:
Kienai Ayamachi (“The Fault That Can’t Be Erased”), in which a MILF sees her past catch up to her: she acted in a JAV in her youth, and now some wannabe alpha blackmails her. The stereotypical trope where the woman pretends not to like it until, eventually, she surrenders to The Superior Dick and admits she’s the guy’s female, etcetera.
Mystery Box – Himitsu no Hako, a kinda amusing and original setup in which a guy orders a mystery box off the internet, and once the shipment arrives, ta-daaaah there’s a super-bangable chick inside the box. For 24 hours, she’ll do everything he asks, and she was visibly happy to deliver what he asked. Damn, that one was intense.
Why Did You Cross Over The Sea. Don’t trust that one’s ugly cover image, it is by far the BEST of the three! We’ve got amazingly good sex, devoid of the mangaka’s worst idiosyncrasy (nipples pulling, yikes), featuring a nicely thick short-haired aunt and her good-looking nephew, with budding feelings being at long last spelled out loud, woot!!!

Graphically, this is “very strongly unique”, I just don’t find how to spell it better. A ton of idiosyncrasies you won’t find in other mangaka’s works, at least not combined together. Thick women, MILF side, faces with a puffed up expression while climaxing, natural hair, tolerable censorship… I think plenty of you guys should like this style :)

It’s been released by 3 distinct groups: first, Desudesu, Adorinyan and Baha815; second, ReProx, Tempi and KarenFromTarget, from Cultured Commissions; and third, Torch, Bfact, Shizuhaki, Danky, A-Psy, Mev, Ro, Rigg, Axalon, CellTF and Kefe, from RedLanternTL.
Thank you very much, all of you :)

By the same artist, Etuzan Jakusui, circles Hayo-Cinema and Buppa Studio, I also share Enji Ni Somaru (212 pictures), Tobashi Sensei Wa Kyou Mo Button O Tobasu, Hajimete No Tomodachi, Hitozuma Nanpa NTR Onsen Ryokousaki De Nakayoku Tanetsuke Saremashita (Uncensored!), Tonde Hi Ni Iru (“A Moth To Flame” – I loved that title) and Onozomi No Ketsumatsu.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Complete Pictures Galleries:
Kienai AyamachiMystery Box – Himitsu no HakoWhy Did You Cross Over The Sea

Download the Free Hentai Mangas in a Zip file
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2 years ago

Two out of three … that can work (say-no-more, say-no-more).

2 years ago

two of these share were pretty nice, the other one well…

I’ll always laugh at how flimsy most of those instant-ramen NTR’s are, and at the oh-so-cliche “He aint a real man” “Im the Alpha” and all the other contrived stupidity.

Because you’re only the alpha up to the point were a glass bottle containing a loving cocktail of two-parts gasoline, one part motor oil and a flaming rag makes you the most alpha piece of barbecued long pork on the block XD

thanks for the shares!

2 years ago

They got about as much respect as a dish rag.

General Hentai
General Hentai
2 years ago

Kienai Ayamachi (“The Fault That Can’t Be Erased”)Alpha Male gonna show you! Excuse my rolling eyes. We have an end to this story and a bonus, but the bonus feels weirdly incomplete.

Mystery Box – Himitsu no Hako. This is good stuff. Again, it has an end and then a bonus, with it, again, having the bonus feel incomplete. This story is also badly under-told, as there are so many questions. Is she a robot? A real girl? WTF is going on here? Why can’t he get an extension? So many questions, so little information, so little world building. It’s still a good story.

Why Did You Cross Over The Sea? Good story, American Aunt loves Japanese nephew, with a pointless detour with a film crew that ambushes random visitors to Japan at the airport. Of interest but no explanation, something in common with the other 2 stories, is the vertical scar over her womb. Most, but not all C-Sections are bikini cuts, so this seems like a C-Section scar, which she didn’t have when she first had sex with her nephew 2 years earlier.

The 2 have an established routine for sex, so there’s an implication that she had his child, who’d be roughly a minimum age of 1 year 3(?) months old, but less than 2 years of age. There’s no talk of the child between them, no mention of the scar by him or her. Like the other 2 stories, this one also feels incomplete. This mangaka almost always has an “end” title on the last page, and the other 2 stories did although they had bonus materials. We end with this story having a panel of them continuing to have sex with a genital closeup. If it didn’t have that panel, I’d say this felt like an end. So…?

1 year ago

Must say I want a mystery box now