Pretty sweet news: Junjou Bitch Love Rika, in my opinion an EXCELLENT release, has been decensored :)

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What a hard decision to make. More anal, or ploughing a new field...

Aaah, I love it, in hentai, this too rare feat of being petite and shapely where it matters :3
I was a great fan of Junjou Bitch Love Rika when it was released, back in 2016, and now, good news, a decensored version has been released :twisted:

The thick white bar censorship in the original version was just enough to slightly break our reading immersion and force us to focus on elements other than the genitalia. Not dramatic, but enough to be bothersome, let’s say.
Now that it’s fully uncensored, that worry is gone, enjoy to your heart’s contents! ;)

I simply went and replaced the old share with its decensored version, you can get it HERE :)

Still, a side note: I only realized too late, this new version is lacking in one regard, the intro and postscript, with the mangaka’s chatting, aren’t translated. If you want, here are their translations, taken from the previous version: intro / postscript.

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