Sponsored post – Boobs in The City, 2nd Anniversary!

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A quick intro by Oliver – I don’t take all requests, far from it, but I’ve always been fond of those developers. And, a rare compliment with hentai games, from my own point of view I like what they’ve done, it’s nice ^^

For 2 years we have been offering our players the opportunity to enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing Boobs in the City! We have made the most of this time to continuously improve the game, so that it is as “lively” as possible. Girls,
weapons, quests, prizes what could be better, or more fun, than a game that harmoniously combines all this things?

Now that there are around 6 million of us (yes, we will soon reach the figure of 6 million players!), we are sure that you will be interested in what inspired us to create this exceptional game. We started from the idea that we needed to create a different, more dynamic and intriguing hentai game. Then we thought, why not project it in a 3D graphic? Few hentai games boast graphics like this, most having been designed in 2D. We decided that we could provide the necessary dynamics only through contemporary graphics, graphics that would give pleasure not only with the sex scenes, but also with the gameplay process itself. After that, we thought that Boobs in The City should also have a strong storyline. That’s why we created the bedrooms which such an important and popular part of the game – where you can find out the history of girls and, of course … have sex!

With perfect graphics and a complex storyline, it seemed like we had found the perfect formula for Boobs in The City. At the same time, we thought that we should create a bonus system to keep players motivated to play more and harder, in order to win as many prizes as possible. That’s how we created Victory Road – your path to success and to the most varied and useful types of bonuses!

It seems that Boobs in The City is truly a masterpiece! In fact, we won’t lie – that’s right! The best proof of this are the 5 million players plus who are already with us. For 2 years we managed to prove that the game deserved their attention and presence! This also proves the popularity of our influencers on instagram – the hashtag Boobs in The City already has about 200 posts!

Because we care so much about our players and go to efforts to amaze them every day, we came up with the idea of doing something special for the occasion of the anniversary. We thought, what could we organize? Offer bonuses to everyone – too predictable. Can we introduce a new skin? Hmmm … good idea. What would it look like? We thought it should best reflect our passion, so we created a T-shirt with the inscription “Boobs in The City”! And we didn’t just stop here! We set out to spice up the anniversary with a Raffle! Thus, players who purchase this new skin will be entered into a prize draw! 50 of those will be rewarded with the raffle prize : a Boobs and the City’s T-shirt and a bag with goodies from Erogames! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? We recommend you to return to the game as soon as possible to get the new skin and to have a real chance of winning!

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