Kannou Shousetsu Shoujo (“Suggestive Reading”) [English, 207 pictures, Uncensored!], by Jake

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

That pic's from the final and BEST chapter in the volume, you'll see :)

Oh boy, that one was good. Original enough to sustain the reader’s interest, sweet on the eye with a rather unusual drawing style, and fully decensored to make those 207 pages even better :twisted:

Kannou Shousetsu Shoujo focuses on 5 women, one young adult who only has one chapter for her, and four girls of highschool age. Each of them comes with her own idiosyncrasies, leading to good sex with a man who’s the perfect match for her, not just in bed, but in life too. The “adult woman” story is relatively bitter, with netori and cheating, while the other girls are more of a “kinky vanilla” setup, which were much more to my taste :)

I’d rather avoid giving too many details, it’s best discovered by yourselves, I’m confident you’ll be glad you read Kannou Shousetsu Shoujo.
Bonus kudos for the final chapter, with its mise en abyme (*) :twisted:

Now, less objectively, more subjectively, I found it quite odd, sometimes, during sex, the girls would make faces I associate with low quality mangas based on rape or brainfuck. Okay, that’s just the artist’s drawing style, a way to introduce variety, but it broke my willing suspension of disbelief multiple times.

This scanlation was released by Project Hentai Decensored, thank you! :jap:

Just a side note, one of the pictures was creative enough to inspire me with a reaction ;)

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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2 years ago

Well, that was a feast! Merci bien !
I’m with you about the first chapter, it was too much of a school boys wild fantasy, including the Rod of Infinite Length – The Star Wars scene with the camera sliding along the imperial battleship sprung to my mind…
The rest is pure gold, the interconnected stories make for a great, coherent athmosphere and the characters are different enough to prevent repetition.
The few bits of 4. wall breaking sprinkled into the stories beforehand and alluding to the meta-level – and then the last chapter with it’s deconstruction of the story so far, while itself still being a ero manga narrative – mise en abyme, indeed.

Wait, did I just write a honest recension about the literally value of an eromanga?

2 years ago

Even better quality in Nyaa

2 years ago

Took the plunge and went through it. Final conclusion (without putting any potential spoilers up):
comment image

2 years ago

I’ll wait for the movie.

1 year ago

Nice collection. I also cracked up at the Ginyu Force pose at the end.