Hitozuma Osananajimi To Hitonatsu No Dekigoto, volumes 1, 2 and 3 [English, Full colour, 184 pictures], by Digital Lover

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

The male MC deserved to be turbobitchslapped SO MANY TIMES

Allright, that story’s going to cause a lot of negative thoughts :D

We’re with a newly married housewife, her neighbour is her slightly younger male childhood friend, and it’s already looking like a terrible setup lol :lol:
Of course the male MC has never given up on the woman, he’s annoyed she was snatched right out of college while him, he’s still a student, and he’s dead set on stealing her. She’s gonna switch sides. Soon.
The mangaka eases the deal a little, the husband takes his wife for granted and does very little to accomodate her, and also, the wife comes to realize, now that she’s got something to compared him to, that her husband is terrible at sex… But even then, yeah -_-

That’s what bugged me, all the sour and sweet mixed together. The husband is a human guy, not an evil loser, the wife thinks with her vagina but she’s “pure” in her straightforwardness, etc.

Ah well, see for yourselves, graphically at least, even with the full censorship, it was splendid full colour art, intense and delivered well, it’s got to count.

Release credits are for Hentai_Doctor, an ehentaier called Randomhobo369Yt, and RedAlpaca, thank you! :jap:
Before someone asks: yep, I goofed up, there IS a fourth volume, that I missed at first, but it’s not translated yet. When it is eventually scanlated, I’ll share it separately ;)

For More Digital Lover, cf. The Updated List Of Her Works!

One last rant, about the wife realizing her husband is terrible at sex, and is lacking in plenty of regards.
It’s a good alibi to push her further into giving up on him, sure, sure.
But… What of communication, for fuck’s sake? Maybe, if they had discussed it, searched online how to get a more blooming sex life, stuff like that, who knows… I’m serious here, if there is no communication, any problem, not just sex, will end up destroying a relationship. Talk. Don’t assume the other one possesses telepathic powers.
Again, you may object it’s just hentai, I get it.
How to say…
That was so ridiculous, in my eyes, even for a Japanese couple, that it shattered my willing suspension of disbelief. There, I nailed the thing that bothered me most, that was too forced.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Complete pictures galleries:
Hitozuma Osananajimi To Hitonatsu No Dekigoto
volume 1volume 2volume 3

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(89 MB, 184 pictures, English)

I allowed myself to very slightly recompress the images before sharing. You won’t notice any difference with the naked eye, but now it’s only 89 MB instead of 327 MB =)

Or you can also use the Alternative:
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3

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2 years ago

Just wait to the 4th, this gets even worse.

2 years ago

Damn you clean-up man, damn you to hell!

2 years ago

“C’mon, it’s just hentai, this just fiction”

You know… somehow…. I cant accept those reason… especially if the story is too ridiculous, idiot, dumb, stupid, *#X, etc

2 years ago

Another Godlike colored work! After Tsusauto’s previous one.


Good to see we getting more colored works!

Pretty solid work. A little bit of NTR for that husband, but it’s not too bad.

Can’t wait for the next one. Is 4th one already colored as well? How many are there?