I come bearing good news: Momohime, by Gesundheit, is now available in a new version with A LOT LESS CENSORSHIP :D

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That’s one hell of a huge difference, wouldn’t you say? ^__________^

Wonderful news, folks, a kind soul at ehentai called DaprOphet has combined the former scanlation of Gesundheit’s Momohime, that was burdened with atrocious censorship, with a more recent version of the japanese raws that bore only very little censorship. We went from horrible blur mosaics hiding everything, to rare and hardly noticeable thin black bars. What a great improvement, thank you very much!

And so, I went and replaced my former Momohime version with this new one. The manga remains available on the same page, HERE, now with new links. Check it out!

It’s a unique piece of WTF, possibly not for everybody’s eyes, but me at least, I’m fucking glad I could read it :D

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