Pack of 4 works by the artist ABBB [English, fully uncensored, 116 pictures]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

When there's a dick, there's a will

I’m happy to share with you guys this pack of 4 recently released works by the artist ABBB :)

Namely, those works are:
A Dirty Little Secret About Myself And My Brother’s.. Friend (having sex with your best friend’s sister)
Last Origin – Royal Arsenal (No ducking clue. A female officer wears a bunny suit and has the secks)
The Succubus Next Door (NICE! A man is tired from being milked all night in his dreams by a succubus, he discovers she is his neighbour, and now they have sex on his terms, on a fairer ground)
The Tale Of Fox Hill (That one beautiful and sad, taking place in a distant past, a bound to fail love story between a man and a kitsune)

All of them are uncensored, in full colour, and, watch out, are to be read from left to right. Save for the Last Origin – Royal Arsenal one, there’ll be a first half with speech bubbles (in “mostly good” English), and a second half with just the images, without speech bubbles.

The stories greatly differ, but 2 of them were pretty interesting for their scenario, while all 4 of them sport excellent art, drawings done with chiseled skill, with plenty of nice details like the body positions, the expressions on the women’s faces… I loved reading these volumes, simply said :)

Thanks to whoever has released those works!
If you want more, how about checking ABBB’s Patreon homepage, or sharing its link around? The artist deserves love :)

By the same artist, I also share The Tale Of The Fox’s Pass, Star Guardian Comic and K/DA.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Complete pictures galleries:
A Dirty Little Secret About Myself And My Brother’s.. Friend
Last Origin – Royal ArsenalThe Succubus Next Door
The Tale Of Fox Hill

Download the Free Hentai Manga Pack in a Zip file
(222 MB, 116 pictures, English)

I allowed myself to very slightly recompress the images before sharing. You won’t notice any difference with the naked eye, but now it’s only 222 MB instead of 937 MB =)

Or you can also use the Alternative:
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3

Smaller version incoming!
As of usual when ☑ the images are in high enough resolution and ☑ the archive is quite big for its number of pictures, and ☑ it offers a significant gain, and ☑ I have enough time to do it, if it may help, I’m offering you a smaller version, in which I resized the images, here from 3508 px high to lower-standard 1600 px resolution.
The zip shrank from 63 MB to 22 MB.
Personally, I prefer it for reading, and it takes less disk space.
Download links, Zip: Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3 – or – Mirror #4

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Ofnoi M. Portance
Ofnoi M. Portance
2 years ago

> The zip shrank from 22 MB to 63 MB.
Explosive pictures…

2 years ago

Down, Down, Left, Left ABBB; select + start…nah.

7 months ago

Thanks a lot