Ippai Itte Ne Yuusha-sama, an excellent 193 pages long volume by Fei, is now available in tankoubon scans :)

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Pretty good news in my opinion, there is a new version of Fei’s Ippai Itte Ne Yuusha-sama is out, now with tankoubon scans :)

I made a before-after comparison picture, check it out:
former magazine version VS current tankoubon version.

The differences are more than just the monster censorship with gigantic blurry areas, replaced with detailed genitalia barred by rare semi-transparent bars, I’m taking a minute to highlight them.
Look at the girl’s hands, how much more detailed her fingers are, how less blurred they are. Look at the skin on her thighs, we could see the imperfect paper textures before, now it’s clean. But it’s not only that! On the upper left, in the fabric of the thighhighs, you’ll notice a good example of something happening all over the manga, the artist added fine details, like the light effects and the enhanced motion rays now giving more strength to the action.
In addition, the double pages that were kinda impossible to properly join before, have now been joined in this tankoubon version with the gaps in the middle redrawn, oh, the glory of double page spreads :twisted:
All in all, this is much more than just a “bigger res, less censorship” improvement. Which is nice ^__^

We owe this reedit, with all the work it implied, to a kind soul called Dille, thank you very much! :jap:
Release credits for the scanlation work are for Cgrascal, Tigoris and Ashura, NekoHime, Baran and JAC from Hennojin, with raws from hentaicore.net, thank you too of course :)

For the new version of Ippai Itte Ne Yuusha-sama, simply follow that link!

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