Excellent news: Kaa-san To Sex Ni Oboreru, the 208 pages long manga by Gonza, is now fully uncensored, YAY!! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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Damn. That was hot.

Excellent news, my dear pervs, one of the most intense hentai mangas I’ve had the chance to read has been decensored: Kaa-san To Sex Ni Oboreru, by Gonza.
Featuring stories based on fully consensual sex, it’s got amazingly hot flushed faces, powerful vaginal sex, sloppy blowjobs, great (although too rare) titfucks, and more :3

Credits, for this decensoring, are for DaddyDoggie, thank you so much ^_^

Follow that link to get the decensored version of Kaa-san To Sex Ni Oboreru :)
(I simply replaced the version I formerly shared, with its new decensored counterpart.)

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1 year ago

With all due respect, since for reasons unknown to the rest of us, JB Random has dropped off the map (or, Kami-sama forbid it at least for a while, he may have “joined the choir invisible), perhaps I should look up any contact info for the decensor known as DaddyDoggie.

Could prove useful.

1 year ago

Gonza is one if not my favorite artist of all time!

Seeing this Godlike work in Uncensored form is just pure bliss!!

Good shit!! I hope we get more Kaa-san works from him :)