Oohata-san Wa Risou No Gyaru (“Oohata-san Is My Dream Gyaru”) [English], by Buta

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Look at her adorable areolas. And her face. And uniform. And... everything!

Have you guys got good vanilla hentai releases you think I ought to be sharing on Hentairules? Recommendations (and names ^^) are more than welcome =)
I’m kinda running short at the moment, and the alternatives are… erm, not as palatable to me, let us delicately say.

Here’s something today for all of us starving for degeneracy: sex with heart-warming love, eyes conveying sincere love locked into eyes accepting to trust, the magic of feeling what sex feels like with someone who truly cares for you and not just your genitalia… I will never get bored of it :)

To be a bit more specific, okay, we have a highschool gyaru and a male classmate obsessed with gyaru culture, she starts by modelling for him, until, inevitably, vanilla happens, let’s say!

Story-wise, I shipped. (You may need a definition for the word “oshi”, BTW.) Graphically, I loved it too. I hope you guys will have a good time reading it on your end! ^_^

We owe this release to Cutegyaru, Scav, Nick “Zorb” Cage, from No Thoughts Head Empty, thank you very much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Otonarisan and the excellent Kawaii No Wa Zurui.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

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(56 MB, 38 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative:
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1 year ago

I’m fairly certain I’ve seen this somewhere before.

“Vanilla-flavored” recommendations? Prepare Yourself.

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1 year ago

Arr, ….. check thine e-mail inbox.

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1 year ago

Gyaru thunderbolt.

In this day and age I didn’t know if he loved gyarus or wanted to be one.

Anyhow, he got a golden ticket.

1 year ago

My recommendations: works of Hiero and Danimaru, my hentai gods (recently I commented on Hieros work hehe). Vanilla stuff in AWESOME art galore (I mean, ppl usually say that ntr artists are the best art-wise but srsly, Hiero and Danimaru make that a false statement doing vanilla!). If there’s sth not on HR, you should check Oliver because their stuff is wholesome (actually just checking and for example “Kono Koi Ni Kiduite + Kouhai” which you posted has a 3rd part already, and if you didn’t post sth from Danimaru you can bet its golden! Vanilla! Stuff!). I like Yahiro Pochi too – s/he does vanilla stuff or vanilla oriented stuff (like, you know, rl stuff when ppl broke up and find happiness again without showing bad stuff.. and if theres cheating like in one story its because bf is a scumbag and fmc is loved by mc, and mc just pushed her into ending that bad relationship.. no ntr mind you, vanilla still!). Also searched artist Suruga Kuroitsu and one vanilla work is omitted which is truly good: Suruga Kuroitsu] Machigatte Koi (Lovely and realistic!). Unless I missed it but typed artists name and that work doesn’t show here. Other works which I couldn’t find on HR, vanilla stuff with gyarus mostly (similar boat like with the current release I say, sorry if I didn’t catch it on HR because put wrong name or artist):Satsuki Mikazu] Hybrid GxG (gyaru + glasses!)
Uko] Cherry Hunting (hilarious)
Igedoaha] Pomeranian to Lemon Sour | Pomeranian and Lemon Sour and sequel Jackal to Lemon Sour | Jackal and Lemon Sour (My Girl, My Boy) (lovely stuff)Bon Ho)] Galko wa Bus de Zecchouchuu | The Gyaru Girl is Cumming on the Bus (also lovely)
Mogiki Hayami] Heibon na Daigakusei no Boku desu ga, Mafia no Onna Boss ni Hageshiku Aisareteimasu | I’m Just an Ordinary College Student, but a Mafia Boss Lady Is Violently in Love with Me! (funny!)

1 year ago
Reply to  matigaara

Also, recently found this list of wholesome stuff:
Its updated by users of reddit with vanilla works (or more precisely ‘wholesome’ – its always sth good, usually vanilla, but it may also have a bitter ending or sad due to the plot but its a place NOT for NTR). Theres plenty of stuff on HR but maybe theres sth which you didn’t read who knows? Mind you, western and furry stuff is also there but its easy to ignore/skip :)