I just discovered something truly stupid

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments
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Let it be known this isn’t a bait for feet pic.

Hey guys. I discovered something so stupid I had to share :D

Yesterday evening, I fell asleep on my couch and, to my surprise, woke up with a sprained ankle. There weren’t any signs at all, I didn’t hurt myself earlier, however I did fall asleep with the legs dangling outside of the couch and my foot in a super weird position. Painful ankle, apparently swollen, yep: fuck me.

Still, I wanted to confirm, not just subjectively, but objectively, that it had swollen. I had something to compare it to: last summer I got a fine-ass fully sprained ankle, with a nearly entirely torn tendon, and the swelling was something else entirely, that left no room for doubt. So, maybe, might I be just imagining things, and turning a small pointless boo-boo into something it wasn’t?

Photo time. Time to compare.
Calling on the spirit of Tarantino, I snapped a series of photos of my feet.

And that’s where I made my stupid discovery.

There’s the “perfect” framing, in which your foot resembles anything… anything except a human foot. It resembles something a poorly trained AI could vomit for a background NPC ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Try it at home: take a horizontal pic of your naked feet, the upper border of the photo starting ten centimeters above your ankle, and the lower border of the photo starting two centimeters above (not below, they mustn’t be visible) your toes.
Alien feet. That was spooky to discover :lol:

And now, I have successfully wasted two minutes of your precious time, hehe. Godspeed, my fellow hentaiers ^_^

Could I ask a quick question, if you guys use Photoshop?

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
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EDIT: problem solved! Thanks a lot for the help!! :beer:

Hey. I have a weird issue with Photoshop, could I ask you guys for some help with it?

I have the impression the quick mask tool has, erm, well… has broken. Either it’s a Mandela effect and I’m remembering wrongly how it should be working, or I’m not mistaken and something is wrong with the way it’s working for me now.

The way I think I remember it, and the way I think it should be working: I open an image, prop up the quick mask, paint the areas I want with my paint brush, exit the quick mask, those areas are selected, the end. Or I would select all before running the quick mask, and the areas I paint would be the only ones not selected.

The way it’s working now… it’s confusing to me, frankly.

I captured a photoshop session, here’s what it looks like, you may want to click to have the video in fullscreen rather than embedded in the post:

I found only one settings panel for the quick mask, and toggling both available options won’t change the issue, I can’t work on an image, just open it and immediately use quick mask to paint areas, I first need to select a smaller part of the image to exclude/include parts into it.

I must ask you: am I becoming mad, or has the quick mask, really, gone bad?

And of course, would you know how to revert it to normal?

Thanks if you can help ^^

EDIT: problem solved! Thanks a lot for the help!! :beer: