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Witchcraft [English, God-level hentai, 215 awesome pictures], by Yamatogawa, has been updated to its UNCENSORED version

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I could fap to this a hundred times and come back for more. THIS IS GENIUS !

Please, chain me to a radiator and talk to me in German. I deserved it. I’m a bad Oliver.
I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I screwed up like that.
I had the uncensored TANK version of Witchcraft on my disk since the distant day of its release, 3 years ago, but I never remembered to update my share of it on Hentairules : until today, the version I was still sharing was the censored version.

Let’s cut the discussion short, I fixed the links, the Witchcraft tankoubon that I’m sharing is, from now on, the uncensored version. Woot !

Witchcraft, Tank version, UNCENSORED, is available HERE !

(I have more details to add, scroll down in my post to see them.)

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Power Play [English, Complete Tankoubon, 243 pages – bonus included -, Uncensored, AMAZINGLY GREAT], by my hentai god : Yamatogawa

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If I were to take part in action like that, I'd accept to die with a smile

Dear pervs, this is with immense pleasure I’m sharing here the COMPLETE AND TANKOUBON VERSION OF POWER PLAY, by the Living Hentai God Yamatogawa =)
Simply, this is JUST AWESOME, I don’t have proper words to praise it as it would deserve :)

Four girls have sex in that manga, and all of them are total cuties. Two of them shine particularly, Sara (cloned from Witchcraftseriously), with her tanned skin, her pink (I can even view it ^^) nipples and pussy, her fair hair, her tsundere nature. And Mina, a magician with a nice blond type, able to cast magic so that you have simultaenously sex with her 8 times, with 8 versions of her wearing different super-sexy outfits. HNG !
We also witness epic moments, slow sex maddeningly surfing on the very verge of ecstasy, parallel sex times 8, the very first true airborne double penetration, and Sara’s superbly cute faces :)

The scenario is very original, never boring, funny (check out this bonus pic !), surprising, and the ending is neat, this is nothing like the “sex demons fantasy novel” I first feared.
Really, this share is perfect :woot:
My GREAT thanks are for YQII and Anti-Aging Anon, who brought us this marvel, to Vaizard, who decensored the manga, and Eta Carinae who decensored the only page Vaizard couldn’t decensor, thank you very, oh so VERY much ! :D

For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The List of All My Shares by Yamatogawa
And of course there’s My Yamatogawa Total Pack =)

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Retouched version of Es To Tonari No Heya [English], + a repack of this with Es No Madobe, by Goo-Paaa

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So sweet =) And FUN ! :D

Sorry, there will be only one share today, I started playing a game, and couldn’t bring myself to stopping playing ^^;;

To make up for this, I did some effort on that one, not just sharing good stuff, but doing my very best to improve it :)

This is a sequel to Es No Madobe, as good as the first :)
(By the same artist, I also share Leather Face.)

There’s this really GOOD release by Red Vodka, Neko Arcueid Brunestud and Phantom Renegade, thank you so much, guys :)
A totally sweet story, about two adults, secretly harbouring deep feelings for each other, with a fantastic note. And, this felt awesome thanks to it, there is great comic relief coming from the “alchemy” between the two characters, the man openly obsessed with panties, and the girl dealing with his weird character in her own way :lol:

I adored the story. Not the scans. Sooo : before / after. I hope that’s some value added for you :)
There were also size gains. From an original 149 MB archive to a 100 MB retouched ver., and I also offer a “resized to standard 1600px” version that fell to 10 MB, ten times less :shock:

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Uncensored version of Girigiri Sisters [English, 227 pictures], by Gunma Kisaragi

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Gunma, I LUV you =)

AWESOME ! Thanks to all the good work of the admin of Z-hentai, Giri Giri Sisters is now FULLY UNCENSORED ! :twisted:

My thanks go to Iznogoud (who found the HQ higher rez version of Giri Giri Sisters, the difference is BIG, see the comparison !), Saha, Fordman and Z-hentai, this is a pure jewel :)

Synthetic summary : Giri Giri Sisters is now fully uncensored. About the picture quality, half of the manga (more precisely the chapters 1-2-3-4 + the final chapter) in higher resolution, with better picture quality.

And graphically… Giri Giri Sisters is a killer (would “a genocider” still carry some sense ?), with fresh verrrry sexual teens having great happy sex, in sexy poses, sexy outfits (uniform and swimsuit fetish YES !), instant-boner faces… I can’t get enough :D
This is pure genious, please get it, you will NOT regret it :3

(I share much more stuff by this genius, Cf The list of Gunma Kisaragi’s works)
Hey, how about dropping to Z-hentai’s place for a few tons of thanks ?

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Momoiro Triangle 1-4 + Extra [English, 107 pictures, new version!], by Sabashi Renya

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Only thing she'd beed is a hairband. Don't know why :D

Here is a nice hentai story that slipped under my radar, so thanks a lot to Seth, who emailed me about it, recommending it with those kind words : «Hope you like them. I’m sure the readers will.» :)

Momoiro Triangle certainly qualifies for the fap’n’go category, it’s an uncomplicated harem story, a boy loves a girl, a second girl was already the lover of the first girl, and the three of them get together without complications. Quality vaginal, oral, paizuri, anal, in duo or threesome. The sex feels good, there is no drama… yeah, “fap’n’go” ^^;;

2016 update: let us bid farewell the previous version, in poor low res 1300 px scans of average quality and with annoying immersion-breaking English choices.
And welcome a new version based on high res (2400 px) scans of great quality, fully reedited to proper English, with an extra chapter in the end! :twisted:
A comparison, no retouching, no resizing, please compare it in full-size, not in fit-to-screen:

The updated release credits go to PROzess-H, CrowKarasu, Flammz, Lord Of Evil and Ser Maggot, thank you very much :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Koi No Tyunyu (231 pictures), Hajirai Body (230 pictures), Tottemo Hot Na Chuushinbu (“A Very Hot Middle”, 235 pictures), Yoi Shimai Series, Mitsudaku Kanojo (215 pictures) and Ano Toki No Kanojo.

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