Could I ask a quick question, if you guys use Photoshop?

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
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EDIT: problem solved! Thanks a lot for the help!! :beer:

Hey. I have a weird issue with Photoshop, could I ask you guys for some help with it?

I have the impression the quick mask tool has, erm, well… has broken. Either it’s a Mandela effect and I’m remembering wrongly how it should be working, or I’m not mistaken and something is wrong with the way it’s working for me now.

The way I think I remember it, and the way I think it should be working: I open an image, prop up the quick mask, paint the areas I want with my paint brush, exit the quick mask, those areas are selected, the end. Or I would select all before running the quick mask, and the areas I paint would be the only ones not selected.

The way it’s working now… it’s confusing to me, frankly.

I captured a photoshop session, here’s what it looks like, you may want to click to have the video in fullscreen rather than embedded in the post:

I found only one settings panel for the quick mask, and toggling both available options won’t change the issue, I can’t work on an image, just open it and immediately use quick mask to paint areas, I first need to select a smaller part of the image to exclude/include parts into it.

I must ask you: am I becoming mad, or has the quick mask, really, gone bad?

And of course, would you know how to revert it to normal?

Thanks if you can help ^^

EDIT: problem solved! Thanks a lot for the help!! :beer:

Late, but still: happy 16th birthday, Hentairules! ^___^

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 29 comments
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I find it hard to believe, and yet, yeah, Hentairules has reached its 16th birthday. I created that blog on a 17th of December, 2006, a billion and sixteen years ago. Happy birthday, Hentairules! :D
You may now think of whatever sickly joke about stuff a 16 year old can do, that would have been more problematic at a younger age, I probably thought them all already :3

My goals haven’t changed much, sharing my love of hentai with fellow degenerates, acting kinda like a curator if I feelĀ  like it, shitposting on twitter, venting about whatever stupid stuff I had in mind, after all, between hentai lovers, there’s bound to be weird tolerance, right ;)

Sixteen years dealing with weird people like you reading this post, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, it’s precious to me, thank you for having been, and being there, guys :) Hugs and all!

Still… Shiiiit it’s been a long year for me.

Family almost exploding by accident or by mental breakdown a pair of times, finding myself a temporary foster parent, work earning less than before but I’m 1000% into imposter syndrome and feel horrible whenever I send a resume…
And any time I look at a calendar I wonder how many hours of sleep I could squeeze in all that mess – not enough.
Hentai, my best mental crutch after my wife and kids, has suffered greatly, there just aren’t enough hours in a day and, when there are, I have less privacy than before and I can’t do my stuff whenever I wanted (private anecdote, that also means less faps, IR