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Erm, this is embarrassing, but could I ask you for help with my future gigatorrent?

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Hello guys, here’s an embarrassing plea for help…

As you know, I prepare a huge torrent with all my past shares in January, but I have made a series of mistakes, and I would need help to get back some data that isn’t present anymore on my disks, to add it to my torrent.
Here’s the 2006-2017 gigatorrent link :)

This concerns the hentai audios that were previously in my gigatorrent. At the moment, I don’t have them anymore on any of my disks (again: I screwed up; I have no excuses, I’m not even going to try to find alibis.)


Final EDIT: all’s good now. THANK YOU very much for those who put the audios back in seed, I finally got the last audio rar file that was still incomplete, you guys rule :kickass:

Just in case…

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I was reminded of this manga thanks to a comment I saw in the blog admin, and you know what, I’m going to post about it ;)

So, dear folks, if you haven’t read Believe Machine yet, a masterpiece by Ozaken that I shared six years ago, please, treat yourselves.

The manga is beautiful, moving, even if a minuscule bit, we’re not exactly the same after we’ve finished reading it.
(Down to Earth advice, if you want to rub one out on it, don’t wait for the final chapter.)

Redirection Page: The works by Oryou (circle P:P) on HentaiRules

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A young teen, creampied from behind, still with her stockings

Here’s the page where I placed the list of all my Oryou shares :)

Oryou’s got a knack for combining ambient cuteness (the girls are on the petite side, with still candid faces, despite having ripe enough bodies – usually large breasts as I love them :twisted: – and a refreshing open hornyness) and quality hardcore drawing skills, I know I’ll enjoy reading whatever is scanlated by that eromangaka :)

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


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Ah, I was forgetting. An update: Muneshiro’s Taiiku Kyoushi Wa Netori Jouzu has been updated with a new version

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Props to Hive-san and CellTF, Taiiku Kyoushi Wa Netori Jouzu, by Muneshiro, has been replaced by a new version :)

Hive only wrote this update covered typos and stuff without further details, and expressed gratitude to CellTF for his help with quality checking. I didn’t spot those typos when I read the manga, but I noticed better levels and minor details changed, look here: before / after.
I added my own almost invisible retouching: img > img > img > img.

Witchcraft [English, God-level hentai, 215 awesome pictures], by Yamatogawa, has been updated to its UNCENSORED version

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I could fap to this a hundred times and come back for more. THIS IS GENIUS !

Please, chain me to a radiator and talk to me in German. I deserved it. I’m a bad Oliver.
I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I screwed up like that.
I had the uncensored TANK version of Witchcraft on my disk since the distant day of its release, 3 years ago, but I never remembered to update my share of it on Hentairules : until today, the version I was still sharing was the censored version.

Let’s cut the discussion short, I fixed the links, the Witchcraft tankoubon that I’m sharing is, from now on, the uncensored version. Woot !

Witchcraft, Tank version, UNCENSORED, is available HERE !

(I have more details to add, scroll down in my post to see them.)

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Retouched version of Es To Tonari No Heya [English], + a repack of this with Es No Madobe, by Goo-Paaa

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So sweet =) And FUN ! :D

Sorry, there will be only one share today, I started playing a game, and couldn’t bring myself to stopping playing ^^;;

To make up for this, I did some effort on that one, not just sharing good stuff, but doing my very best to improve it :)

This is a sequel to Es No Madobe, as good as the first :)
(By the same artist, I also share Leather Face.)

There’s this really GOOD release by Red Vodka, Neko Arcueid Brunestud and Phantom Renegade, thank you so much, guys :)
A totally sweet story, about two adults, secretly harbouring deep feelings for each other, with a fantastic note. And, this felt awesome thanks to it, there is great comic relief coming from the “alchemy” between the two characters, the man openly obsessed with panties, and the girl dealing with his weird character in her own way :lol:

I adored the story. Not the scans. Sooo : before / after. I hope that’s some value added for you :)
There were also size gains. From an original 149 MB archive to a 100 MB retouched ver., and I also offer a “resized to standard 1600px” version that fell to 10 MB, ten times less :shock:

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