List of All The Shares / Sorting tips / Advanced searching tricks

There are too many posts to generate a one-page list of everything (today as I update this page, the 10th of March 2020, there are 13855 posts on My server, when asked to load a list of ALL the posts, simply responds with the Apache equivalent of “go fuck yourself, dude, are you insane?“.
Instead, here are year-based lists, and bonus tips and hacks ;)

List of ALL the posts of :

Refining results to just one month, for instance:

Advanced sorting and Advanced Search : you can combine sorting and searching criteria and show just what you need!
Shake your neurons, let go of your genitalia for a minute (perv!), and have fun =)

See these self-explanatory examples :)

A practical example, you only want to find complete hentai mangas, having anal sex, and with a vanilla story line. For this, in the list of all the Categories – in the upper right column, below the Twitter birdy -, you click on Complete English Mangas. Then you click in the URL bar and you add, in the end, “?s=anal”, and, to have both anal and vanilla, you add after this “+vanilla”, it would give you: (you can get the category-full-name from the category’s link in the sidebar – hover your mouse pointer above it or click it – and copy what comes after, and if you don’t add the final ?s=hilarious, you’re simply showing all posts belonging simultaneously to the complete mangas and the uncensored hentai categories.) (a “blog-like” display of the results, all the posts from 2009 featuring the keyword “Saigado”) (different in display from the above, an “archives-like” display of the results, without images and descriptions, with only post titles) (this is the only way to display all the posts belonging to a given category for a given year. And, boy, that one is tricky, it’s using the database’s category numbers, in alphabetical order, instead of the official category names. Here they are: 3 = animated gifs, 4 = big manga packs, 23 = complete English mangas, 5 = computer graphics, 6 = doujinshi, 7 = English-translated, 8 = great artists, 1291 = hentai audio, 1471 = hentai games, 9 = incest, 18 = just talking, 21 = lemons, 11 = movies, 19 = occidental style, 13 = original mangas, 14 = other languages, 27 = polls, 105604 = redirection pages, 24 = uncensored and 20 = unsorted pictures) (an example in which you combine filtering date: may 2014, category: complete mangas, and search keyword: funny) (here you refine by tag-name, and by category-name afterwards)
(showing the most popular posts, the ones getting the highest and most numerous votes. You can combine it with other filtering criteria.) (With that syntax, “” followed by a list of the names of the tags separated by “+” symbols, you can get a list of the posts belonging to the tags you want. Fair warning, it’s only in the middle of 2014 that I started adding the tags myself and gave up on the previous system in which people would submit or remove tags themselves, that led to lots of worthy tags being removed for stupid reasons, and lots of stupid irrelevant tags added to the posts. So, well, the tags are not a perfect system for old stuff, sorry I have to tell you this. (demonstration that you can filter posts by tags AND add a search query to them, with the addition in the end of ?s=”keyword”)

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10 years ago

are there a torrent x all the mangas?

10 years ago

How do you search for a perticular style, ie yaoi?

10 years ago
Reply to  Richard

You can't unless Oliver mentioned it in the blog post or someone tagged it as such (you can't search for tags and they're usually all wrong).

There isn't any yaoi here, anyway.

9 years ago

where do I get linda project's works in english?

9 years ago


9 years ago

Is it possible/will it ever be possible to look at the shares via the ratings, as in highest ranked to lowset?

8 years ago

Oliver, what happened to your incredible list of recommendations that was at the bottom of the page?

8 years ago

I tough the same the same the last year (February 2014) but in reality there are not so great new mangakas on the net, maybe 1 or 2 like Isao (i don't remember isao on the list)
Anyway, the idea was MUST READ and on that way the list still works.

Please send it to my name on Google

8 years ago

Meta Tags are very useful and extremely necessary. I realize there are lots of specific tags, but it only takes a few seconds to add them and it makes finding the right manga so much easier when you have no memory for titles.
For example: Exhibitionism, it has subsets and should not be confused with other similar things like Nudism. Body Painting as a trope falls within this, but is a very specific sub-genre. It lost over 60 GB of Hentai, and rebuilding my collection without being able to remember titles is time consuming.

7 years ago

Hi Oliver, I was wondering if it was possible for a search to include both categories and tags.

I can get close to a rating sorted for Uncensored-Hentai & Anal with
but it’s not quite the same. Regardless, wonderful site and thanks for this amazing resource.

7 years ago

is the there a new megatorrent for your work or for fakku contents?

6 years ago

When I was searching for good material and then found myself on this site I kind of thought it would be more specific in finding the material…like Example

[ Sexual Preference: ]
Straight/ NL
LGBT Themes
-Lesbian/ GL
-Gay/ BL
-Transgender/ Trap /Reverse Trap

[ Style of Story: ]
Light Novel/ Web Novel

[ More Story or More Intercourse: ]
Softcore/ Nudity/ Ecchi/ Borderline H
Hardcore/ Explicit Sex

[ How many Characters are involved: ]
Reverse Harem
Love triangle
Multiple Person Sex Story

[ The Stories Current Status: ]
4Koma/ One Shot/ short

[ Genre: ]
*Comedy Shorts
*Historical/ Traditional Literature/ TL
*School Life/ Lolli/ Under 18
*Sci Fi
*Slice of Life/ over 18
*Cult- Werewolves/ Vampires/ Zombies
-Based on a Fairy Tale
-Based on a Religious Text
-Based on a Card Game
-Based on a Light Novel
-Based on a Novel
-Based on a Mobile Game
-Based on a Video Game
-Based on a Movie
-Based on an Anime
-Based on a TV Series
-Based on a Comic
-Based on a Manga
-Based on a Webcomic
-Based on Multiple Fictional Characters

[ Tags: ]
BBW/ Big Beautiful Women/ Fat
Bestiality/ Beastiality
Black Hair
Blonde Hair
Brunette Hair/ Brown Hair
Body Sharing
Body Swapping
Drug use
Dark Skin
Double Penetration
GangBang/ orgy
Gender Bender
Neko/ Cat parts on a girl
Person in a Strange World
Post Apocalyptic
Red Hair
Time Travel
Unrealistic Large Breasts

But honestly it was just faster to go to another website… Wish your website the best though

Oliver (AKA the Admin)
Reply to  AJRR

I don’t have the time for this :D

I would recommend you check sites like e-hentai/exhentai for this ultimate crazy tagging. It’s not my cup of tea, but to each his/her own, it’s one of the qualities of the internet :)