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Here comes my Second Frozen Adult Pack! With 23 videos, 91 animated gifs, and 24 still images :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 11 comments

Remember my Frozen Adult Pack, dated june 2014 ?
Here’s a second, bigger pack, enjoy, my dear pervs :beer:

As base, I used a  huge pack of contents send by a kind anon (to which I added a few items I grabbed over time), thank you so much, man! ^_^
Those contents: TONS of Frozen porn :twisted:

– Mostly animated gifs, 92 of them. I pruned the gifs for you, because there were originally lots of duplicates or items already present in my previous Frozen Porn Pack.
– Videos: 21 of them, oh fuck YEAH!!
Some of these videos are duplicates to the gifs (I’d say, a third of them), but even then, they’re in much smoother animation quality and greater picture dimensions
– A few still images.
Almost everything is heterosexual sex, there may be a dozen lesbian or futa files in total.

I hope you’ll enjoy this pack, me, I’ll delicately say it suited my tastes, Anna kinda sets a part of me on fire :3

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Hentai Animation : Case Volume 5, The Animation

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Glasses : check. Big breasts : sex. Gym clothes : check. *Heavy breathing*

Here is a nice little thingy, about a brune teen with big breasts and glasses, in bloomers, having good sex (missionary, woman on top, paizuri, doggystyle) in the gym storage room with a random boy.
Call this a flash game (it is not, but it looks like one), an hentai animation for browsers, or a pack of animated gifs, it’s up to you :)

You’ve got two choices :
1 – You open the start.html file offered with the archive, and then you click on “ERO LOOP”, and all you must do is click the green “play” button to move from an animation to another
2 – You open the archive, and then move to the \data\img\800\ directory ( /data/img/800/ if you’re on Max/Nux) where the .gif animations are stored, and then you do whatever the fap you want with these porn animated gifs 8)
Enjoy ! :)

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Pack of two 3D Animated Hentai Motion Comics, by the hentai group Slave (artist Ebina Souichi)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 29 comments

Animated 3D hentai motion comics... Yeah, it exists ;)

We owe this share to a kind visitor called Michael, who recommended this one to me, and again, and who pinged me yet again after I had forgotten about it despite initial enthusiasm : thank you Michael ! ^^

This is something I had not see yet. I had see some 3D hentai still pictures. Some 3D hentai videos. Some motion comics.
But… a mix of the three ? A motion comic, in which the pictures are huge animated gifs, of 3D drawings ?!? O_o
And yet, that’s it.

With the art, some bits are creepy, some other bits are awesome, and in my eyes, the awesome wins by a landslide. OK I couldn’t fap to this, but I bow down to the talent and work it must have been, and it’s nice eye-candy :shock:

I gathered 2 works by the group Slave, with Ebina Souichi as main artist :
– Love Resort Comic Style, Momoka Chapter (it’s also got an official website, if you want to support the artist)
– Pony Tail Sensation
Based on happy white bikini sex with mutual liking, in duo (Love Resort) or in gangbang (Ponytail.)

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RG Babes, 644 pictures, a quite good series of 3D Uncensored CG hentai pictures

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 19 comments

I'd fuck her. Right here, right now. If only she were real ^^;;

Here is a weird and excellent pack of 3D hentai pictures, fully uncensored to boot, and made with GREAT talent, they’re probably the best 3D hentai CG I have ever seen.
My three great critics against 3D hentai pictures are : the soul-less eyes, the unnatural mirror-like surfaces, the wrong body proportions. With this pack, for those 3 topics, I must almost shut my trap, this was really well done. The girls had often enough an actual human-like expression on their faces, their skin almost looked as natural as video games girls look in video games and, although still simplified in terms of body volumes and proportions, it was possible to imagine the girls were real with very little effort.
Coming from me, regarding a 3D hentai set of images, take that as extreme praise ;)

Now, for the contents, this is mostly video game heroines (Bayonetta, Final Fantasy, Dead Or Alive, Resident Evil, for the games I recognized), naked or half-naked, in arousing pauses. There are a few penises, a few dildos, occasional lesbian action.
A part of this pack is seriously fucked up, let’s say it would amount to 20% of the pictures, displaying tentacles, biomechanical or monster rape and forced sex (sigh.) Also, there are 25 additional animated GIFs (but they suck, them, badly animated and for most of the, the worst of the “ugly tentacle shit” arcs)

It seems these images originate from 3DBabes @ DeviantArt, if their creator reads these lines, CONGRATULATIONS ! :)
I hope you may find this pack to your taste, and THANKS to their creator :)

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