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Pack of 5 full-color parodies of My Hero Academia [English, 134 pictures], by the ero-artist Juna Juna Juice

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No way, did I really choose a pic in which the genitalia are too small to realize they're horribly censored? Oh gosh. Must be an accident.

I found out yesterday about Juna Juna Juice with something called “Boku No Harem Academia EP 3”, and guessing there was more, I searched around, and found four other translated volumes, so here they are, repacked together, let’s think of them as a bit full-colour doujinshi, a bit CG sets :)
Namely, this pack contains:
Boku No Harem Academia Bakugou Mama To No Natsuyasumi Zenpen
Boku No Harem Academia Chapter 1
Boku No Harem Academia Chapter 2
Boku No Harem Academia Chapter 3
Boku No Harem Academia Gaiden Bakugou Mama To Purikura Date

Their topic: we’re in My Hero Academia, and the male hero, Deku, isn’t actually quirkless, but his quirk is so shameful he prefers not to admit its existence: he can accidentally drive a woman uncontrollably horny ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
In Boku No Harem Academia 1, shota deko accidentally has sex with his mother because of that, in the volume 2 as well as in the two Bakugou Mama, Mitsuki-san, Bakugou’s hot MILF mom takes over, and finally, in Boku No Harem Academia 3, Ochako’s highly expected turn comes and this time it’s official, Deku’s got a girlfriend ^^

Thanks to Almond and whoever else released those volumes! :)

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Shishite Netorare [English, Full color, 55 pictures], by Taniguchi Daisuke

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Ah, the joys of bathos humour. It's thanks to hentai that I discovered it.

I shouldn’t laugh, the artist tried very hard to write a story based on blackmail and netorare, ending with a despairing note. But there’s no helping it, the mangaka tried just hard enough with just the necessary (and very relative) amount of talent: it’s simply ridiculous, we slipped into bathos humour ^_____^

Ahem, so: Shishite Netorare is about the ghost of a married man who watches his widow become the sex slave of his former boss for dumb resons. Naturally, the boss is a hundred times more skilled than him, his wife gives in to ecstasy, etcetera, blablabla… and wait till you read the ending, huhuhu.
At least, the colour art was original and rather creative in the depiction of sex. Censored as fuck, as expected from CG colour hentai, sure, but good enough, still :)

Thanks to Desudesu and the kind person who commissioned him for this release! :jap:

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Pack of 333 adult pictures, by the ero-artist Cian Yo (or Cianyo)

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You may breathe: this isn't bowsette

I’m sharing here a pack of pictures I found, created by a skilled ero-artist called Cian-Yo, or Cianyo, or 千呦 :)
There’s a a certain aesthetic sense, and tons of talent, geared towards drawing ecchi or actually hentai shots of popular heroines from Overwatch, LoL or a few other iconic sources too. It’s splendid eye candy, I’m confident you should enjoy browsing them, at the very least ^^

A few relevant links if you want, the artist’s Patreon, Pixiv (I noticed at first glance a few pics not in the pack I share, deal with it lol), Facebook (wait, how can you have a Facebook page for porn?!?” I thought even linking to it meant instaban?!?) or DA.

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Sei no Daishikyou to Koware Yasui Otome [atrocious English, Uncensored] + Bonuses, an hentai doujinshi parodying the Goblin Slayer series followed by a series of CG pictures, by Ginhaha

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–Update: good news, if you want there is now a version in PROPER English.
It doesn’t contain the full-colour CG image sets and animations, but, damn, it’s good not to want to die because you read something awful ;)
That said, in my eyes, the English was so bad, here, that it’s a kind of thing to experience once in a lifetime, it’s a unique form of fun, so I’m not deleting this post, read it at your own risk! :twisted:

I’m having a purely sadistic pleasure here. When you read this doujinshi, your eyes are going to bleed. Your brain will want to melt and seep through your nostrils. You may want to prepare yourselves to resist the urge to punch through your screen.
You see, the English is a – tro – cious.
A fine piece of shit, lol :lol:

And yet, the drawings are fucking good, it’s a Goblin Slayer doujinshi, a series that’s been gaining lots of traction recently even though I never bothered (yet) to try to read or watch it. Here, it’s focused on a blindfolded religious (?) woman, with a sweet voluptuous body, having great sex.
After this, there is a series of CG pictures plus a few animated shots. They’re censored (a lot) but they still have a certain charm, and come as a welcome bonus, I guess, if you liked the woman in the grayscale doujinshi part :)

A side note, there were six gifs as I found the pack, but I took the liberty to convert them into mp4 animations (with the website EzGif). The difference: very slightly warmer colours (a faint shift)… and it reduced the total size by 53 MB in the process, six files gone from 58 MB to 5 MB :D

Well, there you have it. Atrocious cancer-grade criminally bad English, but very good art, and now I’ll leave you to trying to gouge out your eyeballs with a rusty grapefruit spoon :twisted:

Oh, yeah, also: the artist has a Patreon, under the ぎんハハ / Ginhaha names, and check his Pixiv for more lewds :)

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Dennou Sekai ni Torawarete ~ Onna Avatar de Seihoushi Jugyou, Uketemasu [English, Full color], by Reitou Mikan

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Not even facepalm worthy. Just a huge sigh.

The year is 2099. Mankind now possess perfectly realistic virtual simulations, and a genius just brought this technique to its culmination: time can be “compressed”, you can experience years of virtual life in the scope of a few real-world hours.
Infinite knowledge is at hand! The potential progress in science, humanities, phisosophy, is limitless!

The device is used to mindbreak students, male and female, into believing they’re cum dumps, and then resell them on the black market. That’s all.

Putting aside my slight exasperation, you’ve got a decent full-color CG-like set of pictures. Censored as fuck, as predictable, naturally, but it’s good-looking in general and the story has at least an original canvas, it’s got to count :roll:

Thanks to Anon and Desudesu for this one! :jap:

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Pack of 161 hentai pictures, by the ero-artist Nishi Tokuno

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There are many pictures I was tempted to choose as top of this post. But I chose this one because, once resized to max allowed width, it had an eight of 666 px ^^;;

It started with a weirdly funny series of three pictures found on the internet (I link them in the post below), the weirdest cover I saw so far of the Red Riding Hood tale. Some Google Images searches later, I had a name:Nishi Tokuno, and a pack of 161 pictures :D
So, there you go! ^^

Update: I was forgetting, I was told you should search for “[Service Heaven, Turtle.Fish.Paint (Karei)] Dounen Hakai ~Ookina Akazukin & Chiisaki Ookami~” if you wanted more by the same artist :)

We’ve got plenty of women from probably fictional fantasy universes, or from popular video games and anime. There’s a very pleasant touch to the art (plus, I’m a fan of tanned and/or brown skin, which you’ll get in great numbers), however to be frank I have to warn you, there aren’t many pics with actual sex or genitalia (at least, they’re uncensored!) and the images are in too small resolution, overall.
Here’s to hoping it may suit your tastes :)

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Saimin Appli ver. 666 + Saimin Appli Ver. 666 ~ Manatsu No Beach De Mizugi Bijo O Gochisousama [English, 329 pictures], a pack of 2 CG pictures sets, by Black Smile

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Tanned gyaru: unsurprisingly, the best girl in the two whole sets =)

I gathered here two complete CG pictures sets:
– Saimin Appli ver. 666
– Saimin Appli Ver. 666 ~ Manatsu No Beach De Mizugi Bijo O Gochisousama

They are about an adult man (not even a fugly disgusting old fart, for a change) who finds an hypnosis app for his smartphone, and puts it to predictable, if not good, and frequent use :D
The drawings, for the CG hentai sector, are rather good I felt. But of course, it’s censored as hell and there are only actually a few images with minor changes: this IS a CG hentai, so no false promises, okay? ;) (also, honest warning, there is a loli, pp. 92-103, sorry.)
NaxusNL is behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Namassuka! Yariman Days volumes 1-2 (“Namassuka! Slut Days”, 410 pictures).

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