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12 hentai doujinshi by Digital Accel Works [including english and fullcolor], total 190 MB

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If you like hentai bakunyuu (big tits), hentai milk (occasional lactation), hentai sperm shower, hardcore style (regular double penetrations), long dicks and audacious anime heroines, you are likely to be a fan of DAW, aka Digital Accel Works :)

I only found 1 english-translated work by that artist, and 1 full-color. The others are in japanese, but honestly, who cares about the dialogues when there are no dialogues and just hentai sex scenes ?
3rd September 2007 update : I added a new doujin in the pack, cf bottom of page.

I recognized heroines from Gundam, Soul Calibur, DOA, Valkyrie Profile, Onegai My Melody, Galaxy Angels, the rest is unknown to me. Enjoy :)


(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Digital Accel Works shares)

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One Piece hentai doujin [Japanese], Nami Color, by Crimson Comics

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Nami Color One Piece hentai

For the few that do not know yet Crimson Comics, here’s a perfect summary of what to expect with that nice One Piece hentai fullcolor doujin, showing Nami, a thief, caught and punished. Too bad it’s in japanese, but do you need a translation here ? Huhu.

Crimson Comics (never knew if it was a weird pen name or, more likely, a studio or a group) excels at representing hentai heroines trying to resist their pleasure, while they are held captive or dominated by men that tease every bit of them, and sometimes they end up raped, the famous “hentai rape” where the girl barely manages to hide she totally likes it. Their style evolved more hardcore and more realistic with time, now the sex scenes are way better.

one piece hentai nami one piece hentai nami one piece hentai nami

I share another Crimson Comics hentai doujin, Lala Colour, if you’re interested :o Continue Reading →

Mai Hime Hentai Tentacles doujin [English], Pride, by Perceptron

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I’m not fond of tentacles to be honest (if you ever wonder why they were used in hentai in the first place, check the Glossary, you’ll have a laugh). But so far on only one hentai doujin with tentacles was shared already (this is Endurance Test, and english Naruto hentai doujin), and maybe that was really not enough :D At least for the newcomers to hentai, that’s a fair illustration of that tentacles are like in hentai.

This is a Mai Hime hentai doujin, called Pride, drawn by Perceptron, in which a heroine meets tentacles monsters. Mai Hime’s heroines being idiotic and belonging to one of the most senseless scenarii ever, that’s no big loss the treatment she receives ;)

mai hime hentai tentacles mai hime hentai tentacles

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Dragon Moon X, part 4, by MMG (Dragon Ball XXX Sailor Moon pictures)

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UPDATE : this page has now become obsolete.

I’m now sharing a COMPLETE, TOTAL and FINAL pack of MMG’s works, with higher resolution pictures and really NOTHING missing, it’s “completely complete” if you’ll allow me the expresion.

The MMG pack is available on THAT page, enjoy ! :)

Zelda hentai doujin [Spanish], The Wild Fucker, by Selene Cordeo

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I just LOVE that zelda hentai doujin, in spanish, it’s well-drawn (zeldaaaaaah !!) and totally funny :D Seeing Link brandish a Viagra pot like a new-found treasure or Ganon holding proudly his digital camera because he taped link and Zelda having sex… :D

Update : I was given the link to the homepage of the great artist who drew that, here is her page : , take a visit, and why not, drop a thanks :)

zelda hentai

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