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Pandora’s Animated Gifs

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Maybe you already know Pandora, AKA Pandora’s Box ? An occidental-style artist specialized in younger men having sex with women, or women belonging to their families (incest is his favorite taste).
I have uploaded already that work by him.

A good way of discovering his style is this gallery of animated gifs he has made. You’ll see his works inspired from Dragon Ball, or from occidental cartoons (for instance The Flintstones), or also original creations. There are 56 pictures in total, downloadable in zip or picture per picture :)

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Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi [English, 154 pictures] : Submission Sailor Stars, by Black Dog

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Black Dog definitely rules :D

(I share MUCH more stuff, see The List of ALL Black Dog’s Shares on HentaiRules)

Here is Love Submission, a complete English hentai manga by Black Dog, showing the heroic and terribly sexy adventures of the Sailor Moon girls :twisted: It comes as an epic conclusion of the first round of doujinshi by Black Dog featuring the Sailor Senshi VS “evil perverted youma” (just before this manga, the evill youma in chief captured Usagi, the chief Sailor Senshi, and pumped off her power – guess how). The manga manages to have both a decent scenario, and absolutely fucking GOOD sex scenes :D One by one or in group combos, vaginal or oral or anal or with a titfucks, each hentai scene is excellent.
That’s one of my all time favorite mangas, I hope you’ll enjoy it :)


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English Mahou Sensei negima doujin by Kimigabuchi : Negimaru 1-4

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A funny english-translated doujin, as subject the series Mahou Sensei Negima, in 4 volumes, called Negimaru, drawn by Kimigabuchi
That’s a surprise for a hentai doujin, there is a real scenario, not just the usual “hey how about a fuck – yeah sure – hooo haa feels good”. The fourth volume might be a bit of a shock, actually. I didn’t watch the manga (drawn by Ken Akamatsu, the marketing genius who also drew Love Hina), so I cannot tell how close it might be to the real story. If someone can tell me…

(remember to view the updated list of all Kimigabuchi’s works on hentairules)

Subject : teens, all kinds of sex (oral, normal, anal, doubles, rape)
Thanks to the great Doujin-World translation group, if you want much more of their work you can also support them and encourage them ? Think about it. Continue Reading →

Genesys Hentai Color Girls

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Years ago, I heard about “genesys”, discovered it was a hentai computer graphics pictures collection mainly centered around girls from fighting videogames (Street Fighter, DOA, Fatal Fury, and a bit of Nadesico, Darkstalkers, Battle Athletes Victory and You’re Under Arrest), mainly drawn by Arikawa. I gathered pictures for a long while on various sources and websites, then I found an html-structured version with almost all of my files, I added my files mimicking the original html structure, and… I forgot about Genesys :D – Until last week, when I found it on a hard disk /swt
They’re nice pictures, so here they come :)

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Pretty Neighbour [English], Yotsuba To doujin by Shouji

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Pretty Neighbour : a nice story translated in english, the story of 3 sisters living next to the house of a bachelor.Should I draw you the picture ?
The plot is rather flat, but there is still one, better than nothing. And it is very well drawn, and it is in english :)
The translation was made by Unangbangkay, for the benefit of 4chan, the artist is called Shouji.

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