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Seifuku Shijou Shugi – Fuyu (“Uniforms Supremacy – Winter”) [English, 227 pictures], by Takuma Harazaki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments


–Update: Uniform Supremacy’s now gotten a Summer version! ;)

An entire volume dedicated to schoolgirls in uniforms.
Dayum. Dayum. DAYUM!! :twisted:

Each chapter is a different story with different characters wearing different clothes, only one chapter isn’t fully consensual (a weird yandere female MC O_o), the girls are the ones initiating sex, you’ve got mostly vaginal sex plus a bit of anal and two DP scenes, with quite tolerable amounts of censorship. To sum it up ^^

Two things struck me as most enjoyable here:
– The girls aren’t shy or ashamed, they know what they fantasize about, what they’re going to love, and how they’re going to score the boy(s) of their choice. I love it so much more than the stereotypical “ashamed but horny” boring trope!
– The mangaka’s fetish for uniforms. Each aspect of the uniforms was carefully designed and drawn with love. Each girl had a different, unique and “convincing” uniform. Respect.

I hope you’ll love the read, guys, and I’ll express my deepest gratitude to Blitz and RyuugaTL :)

For more works by this artist, please see My Takuma Harazaki Redirection Page

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Natsu No Yari Naoshi – Inaka To Hanare To Bijin Shimai (“Starting Over Again In The Summer – A Detached Cottage In The Country With Beautiful Sisters”), volumes 1-2-3 [English, 290 pictures], by Asakawa (circle Suiren No Yado)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 12 comments

Blessed be those hentai characters who never run out of sperm

It’s all about how you spin it.
A story canvas can be fully stereotypical (a male MC who left his two female childhood friends behind, now coming back as an adult) and still allow to deliver perfectly fine hentai. Embroider the story canvas with a combination of vanilla and overcoming a sense of self-sacrifice, adorn it with some of the most powerful and visually striking action I’ve seen in a long time, and voilà, you’ve got some fine-ass totally worth it hentai :D

Personally, I was impressed by the art, with ballistic, almost tectonic action (there was powerful smacking and swinging), by the way the mangaka skilfully represented entranced faces (the “nothing else matters for the next 12 hours” kind of face, you see the idea?), and how the two women resembled neolithic idols in all their hourglass glory.
Still, I must warn you, the censorship is murder. I had to focus on the faces and hourglass aspects to avoid looking too closely at the censored genitalia, TBH ^^;;

Release credits are for Brolen, with NU2, NSFWSB and MILF Supremacy, and Shiromaru#5048. Thank you very much! :jap:

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Ureshii Kyuujitsu (“Milfy Holiday”) [English, 164 pictures], by Fujisawa Tatsurou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Ancient Asian wisdom

How about, for a change, MILFs? Here’s a manga solely dedicated to women between 30 and 50, by a rule of thumb.
Basically, all along those 164 pictures, MILFs are getting dicked by young men, be they the young man next door, their son, their cousin, or just a vague relation. Save a few annoying short exceptions, it’s mutually consensual happy sex, without a single complication in sight.

To be frank I feel the manga was sub-par when it came to art quality, I would grade the visual aspect as “mediocre” at best, but that’s purely subjective. But, hey, I’ve seen worse, still :lol:

Release credits are for Crook, Tempi, ManBearSuccubus and Anon, from Culture Commissions, thank you for this!
And I hope a good enough number of you guys will enjoy the read :)

By the same artist, I also share Kaa-san Asa Made Daku Yo (171 pictures) and Urete… Hoshii (161 pictures.)

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Jouba Joshi Ni Kijouraretai Tsu! (“Cowgirl’s Riding-Position Makes Me Cum”) volumes 1-8 [English, Uncensored, 600 pictures], by Yuuki HB

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

The anatomy is mostly correct, let us not complain ;)

I never shared Korean webtoons on hentairules, even there are hentai versions of them. Their composition, lengthy vertical sliding, is something I really don’t like. Matter of tastes, etc.

But here comes Jouba Joshi Ni Kijouraretai Tsu!, that is a webtoon, and not a webtoon :shock:
Originally, it was published as one, but a kind soul re-arranged the contents to make them look like your typical hentai manga. Which is damn nice, thank you!!

So, what have we got here? A 600 pictures long story, still in progress, in which a male highschooler inadvertently builds his own harem of highschool girls and weirdos. Everybody’s an airhead to some extent in the story, nothing’s taken really seriously, but among those teenagers, three of them aren’t only driven by lust, there’s also a love triangle in brewing :3
Adding to this the frequent comedy skits, to my surprise, it was a more than decent read :)

Graphically, that was also pretty decent, some panels contained excellent bits (especially if you’re a fan of flushed faces and great tits). It’s essentially vaginal sex and 69 time, in full colour.
Technically, it deserves to be called “decensored”, but I must warn you, the decensoring was made quite crudely, there’ll be details missing.

Here’s to you guys having a good time reading it!
And thanks to whoever’s involved in this release! :jap:

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Hitozuma Mitsu To Niku [English, 206 pictures], by Tsukino Jyogi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Technically, that IS burning a hell lot of calories

Oh man, it had been a while since I last shared a Tsukino Jyogi manga! True, I skipped the previous big release by that artist I could have done, the story bored me to death and made me sick, ugh. This volume, fortunately, is much better :)

Hitozuma Mitsu To Niku is a volume entirely focused on married women between 30 and 40 finding dick when their husbands have given up on providing it, the manga can be divided in 2 halves.
The first one is a big story arc about married women having fun time in their private club, first they do their cardio in leotard gym outfits straight out of a Tsukasa Hojo manga, then they fuck the trainers who were hand-picked for their schlong size.
The second half is shorter unrelated stories, still with the same trope.

It’s 100% consensual sex, with the women thoroughly enjoying that men do their best do make them submit. They remain in control, I won’t judge or call it domination or stuff like that.
Graphically, oh boy. Even with the rather numerous censorship bars, the art is GREAT, the women make astounding faces, there’s just this weird “cervix penetration” kink the mangaka carries ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I can’t quite put a word on it, but I still wanted to mention it, it’s something I’m particularly fond of, when a mangaka “notices” this. Here, even though some of the sex is pretty powerful, female ecstasy is treated as a standalone process, not something that happens automatically when the man comes, and ends as soon as the male ejaculation is over. Look at page 28 for instance. I know, it’s just a small detail, but, somehow, it really makes a difference in my eyes, making a mangaka’s works more interesting to read…

I know Ruruscans is to thank for the release of the first part, but no idea for the other chapters and the tank reedit, would someone know, please?

(Remember to view The Updated List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Pack of 2 tanks by the artist Kawana [English, 404 pictures]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

from the second volume, in which women like it most of the time

Do you want to kill 90% of the mangas of this niche? Have the girls wear welding pants (thick, resistant, hard to take off) with metal belts, instead of miniskirts with slim panties. There, no way to surprise-rape them anymore. We could even make it an anti-isekai series: “I Was Hanged From A Tree For Raping A JK But I Came Back To Life In A World Where Women Wear Welding Pants And I Can’t Do Anything To Them Anymore:lol:

Ahem, sorry, I digress. I gathered here two tanks by the mangaka Kawana:
Injya Kikou ~ Ijou Ai Ni Midare Kuruu Otome (themes: a weird ancient cult with a twisted keikaku, evil spirit possession, highschool girl rape and mindbreak, a weird happy ending.)
Shokushu Chikan Densha (invisible autonomous chikan tentacles, a cursed bloodline, a weird happy ending. In this one, although there’s rape, in majority, women like the sex.)

I’m not a fan, far from it, but I figured those 2 volumes don’t entirely suck within their specific niche. The art’s average, the story’s weird but there *is* a story… Who knows, if you’re into that niche stuff, maybe you’ll find it to your tastes ^^ (Otherwise: don’t hurt yourselves trying to read it lol, move on.)

Release credits are for Kaigen, Potato, Vilis, Tester and Eclipsoul, thank you!

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Kochira Momoiro Company Volume 3 [English, 216 pictures], + a repack with the 3 Kochira Momoiro Company volumes (649 pictures) in another Zip file, by Ozaki Akira

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

I'm slightly saddened there wasn't a single pick with either dick or pussy in all 3 volumes, eh

Aaaand here’s one that I was gonna forget about until the universe’s heat death, were it not for the message a kind twitter user sent me about it: Kochira Momoiro Company has had its 3rd and final volume out! ^__^
Across those 3 volumes, we watch two women running an odd jobs agency, while they, and the various people orbiting around them, all have sex on many an occasion, while helping out various (weird) people.

We have the Ozaki Akira fundamentals, the 24/7 smiles whatever happens or almost, the brains-free non-commital sex, the casual lewd touching and talking that is perfectly normal in this version of the hentai world, the full whiteout censorship. They are combined with this series’ own idiosyncrasies, such as the always unpredictable comedy and amusing characters (I loved that quote: “She looks so happy even her forehead is gleaming!“), and, alas, the rather poor image quality.

All in all, I personally liked it, more than the average Ozaki Akira volume: I don’t read them for the seggs anyway, it’s more like a +/- balance between the comedy bonus points and the creepy assault malus points :lol:
I won’t claim it’s an absolute masterpiece, see for yourselves :)

Release credits, for all 3 volumes, are for Ozakifan, thank you once again, dude, you rock! :D

Fore more, don’t miss The list of Ozaki Akira’s works on Hentairules!

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