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Parade chapter 4, + chapters 1-2-3-4 in another zip file [English, 65 pictures], by Amatarou

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The best bunny girl EVER :D

Oh boy, I LOVE that picture on the left, that’s the best bunny girl I EVER saw, even better than Moe Kirara’s one in Ran Man :twisted:
(since I commissioned Kusanyagi 3 months ago for Ran Man, there’s a chance you may see Ran Man in English some day, who knows ¬_¬ :roll: )

Here’s a new chapter of Parade, English translated, by my dear Amatarou, once again a very funny and very well drawn work :D

Really, if you can, read it, that’s a wonderful reading time ahead for you !

A side note, I also reuploaded the previous chapter of Parade, some pictures were missing in the first version of Parade #3. I share two zips, one with just chapter 4, one with chapters 1-2-3-4, and the repacked version contains the “new” chapter 3, with the missing pictures.
Happy leeching ! ;)

(For much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Amatarou’s works)

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Patriot [English, Re-scan in much higher resolution & quality, 176 pictures], by Mashumaro Jyuuabori

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Very, really very hardcore manga

Thanks to Bubbadg, from Rapture, you guys can enjoy a new version of Patriot, by Mashumaro Jyuuabori. There was another version before, but its quality was very low. More precisely, this is a re-scan, in higher resolution, with a MUCH better image quality.

To sum it up : if you love lovey-dovey kawaii mangas, skip that one :o

Patriot is certainly the most hardcore hentai manga Mashumaro Jyuuabori has made, you’re going to see massive cocks, double penetrations, anal, lots of incest (but not only that), lots of group sex, a bit of futa… Hardcore, I told you :D Scenario-wise, Patriot is disappointing, it’s made of short stories of unbalanced quality, sometimes brilliant, sometimes full of shit, to speak frankly (especially around the end of the manga ¬_¬). See for yourselves ! :o

(I share more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Mashumaro Jyuuabori’s works…)

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Tekapita [English, 171 pictures], by Kishinosato Satoshi

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Bunny girls and various sorts of hentai scenes...

Thanks to Prozak (no laughing, please :D ) for sending me a link to this new complete hentai manga, called Tekapika :)

The manga is made of various stories unrelated with each other with, maybe, one common point, it features women who considered themselves boring or having an uninteresting life, until they discovered that sex would make their life more thrilling and more lively, so to say…

I have mixed feelings about this manga, honestly. Some stories are very good, some others become rapidly boring or idiotic (yeah, “women are pigs”, yeah… ¬_¬), and the same goes for the graphical quality, ranging from excellent to “barely better than a draft”.
Make yourself your opinion, I’d say :o

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Encouraging Eco-Heating [English], by Naomi Nekomataya

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Cute and nice love and sex story

I feel it was a long time I didn’t share something new by Naomi Nekomataya, yay ! ^_^

Encouraging Eco-Heating is a short, cute and nice hentai story, with lots of cute and warm feelings, and – that’s the mangaka’s specialty – a heroine having that kind of angelic face that would give any normal male a hard-on in a few seconds :twisted:
The ending too was full with waff, I loved it :D

(I share much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Naomi Nekomataya’s works…)


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Yuuwaku No Tobira chapter 5, + chapters 1-2-3-4-5 in another zip file [English, 128 pictures], by Fuuga

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schoolgirls are cool

The more I read stuff by Fuuga, the more I like it :D

Yuuwaku No Tobira continues, the two heroines getting a good sex session, and the scenario progressing well (at last !).
I share two zips, one with the latest chapter 5, another with chapters 1-5 together, enjoy :)


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