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I”s doujin [English] : Iori, by Gunma Kisaragi

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gunma kisaragi english hentai

When you want to see a fantastic schoolgirl fuck, with her uniform or bathing suit on, ask Gunma Kisaragi :lol:

Here’s the english translation for Iori, an I”s hentai doujin. I’m a fan of Masakatzu Katsura, but I even prefer Gunma’s versions, Katsura shows Iori’s butt and downblouse, Gunma shows her deepthroating, making a titfuck and taken doggystyle or riding on top :twisted:

(Remember to view the updated list of all Gunma Kisaragi works on Hentairules)

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Working Official Disqualification [English], by Studio Katsudon

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Studio Katsudon English Zip Hentai

This is the first hentai doujin by Studio Katsudon that I upload, but this won’t be the last, fat chance ^^

Studio Katsudon’s works are always full with lively hot girls, thoroughly enjoying sex and often cheerfully taking the lead, like in the current doujin, in which a kind boy is fucked – he enjoys it, mind you – by various girls of his crew, including 2 catgirls (another Katsudon specialty).

(Remember to view The updated list of Studio Katsudon’s works on Hentairules

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Hentai Movie : Hardcore Hospital Episodes 1&2 [English subs, Uncensored, normal, streaming, 3GP for cellphone and mp4 for ipod/zune/PSP versions]

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Nurses are cool. Nurses are sexy. I love hentai nurses, in case you haven’t noticed yet :lol: After Naughty Nurses, here comes another cool hentai movie taking place in a hospital, with great tifucks, anal sex and various uncensored scenes with english subtitles : Hardcore Hospital 1 & 2. There are streaming versions to make yourself an opinion, next there’s the “real” downloadable version in full quality, next there are the 3GP versions (for cellphone) and mp4 versions (for Ipod, PSP and Zune).

Update : you’re not going to love me for this, but ALL the links are dead, all of them, even the picture previews. And I’m bloody fed up with reuploading hentai movies when their links will die within the week. I give up on sharing hentai movies, I just leave the links when they’re still working.
More info here.

Flintstones doujin [English, Fullcolor, Anal and Double Penetrations], The Fucknstones, by Nill

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Flintstones Full Color Anal Hentai With Zip Link

OK that’s not hentai, but oh-my-god that’s the best EVER flintstones parody I could see. Wilma and Betty in fullcolor, anal, double penetrated, and with humour on top !

You MUST check that one :o

flintstones hentai

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Kan – Commit Adultery [English, Incest], by Dakouin Saburou

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English Incest Free Zip Hentai Manga Here’s a great hentai manga I appreciated very much untranslated, and appreciated even more the day I found an english version :twisted:

There’s not only incest stories in there, there are also non-incest gangbangs, for instance, it’s a pack of single chapters over 188 excellent pages… I really like the art, the anal scenes, and the huge variety of the girl types, including tall tanned girls, a rarity – alas !

Short update : Kan was NOT the name of the mangaka. It belonged to the title. Thanks to Afro Thunda for the precision !

By the same artist, I also share Kyoukan [English]

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Fate Hallow Ataraxia hentai doujin [English], Delusions Of Grandeur, by Bakuretsu Fusen

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Fate Stay Night English Color Hentai

I’m back to uploading, at last ! (if you don’t know why I write this, read this older post)

Here’s a cool Fate Hollow Ataraxia english hentai doujin, great color pages.

All I know about Fate Stay Night and Hollow Ataraxia comes from hentai doujinshi (basically : sexy hentai whores want to be made pregnant by the first cock they can grab)… I suspect the real story might be a little bit more complicated ;)

But wait! There’s more! Check it out, The list of Bakuretsu Fusen’s works!

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