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Hounyuu Hyakkei [English], by Moe Kirara

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(Remember to view the updated list of all moe kirara’s works on Hentairules)

This is a hentai manga by Moe Kirara, the title is Hounyuu Kakkei. And the wonderful thing is THIS IS AN ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION !
Finally, we can all enjoy the amazing depth of hentai storylines *cough*

Big tits all around, wonderful lustful faces, I never get bored of Moe Kirara ^_^

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The Tears of Love And Love Juice [English], by Itou Ei

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Another English-translated short work here (released by hentai-enishi and translated by AGL), the two chapters of a larger manga. When the release group completes it I’ll post the rest of the chapters ! The title isn’t very poetic, isn’t it ? :p

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Midnight Panther [english], by Yuu Asagiri

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Yuu Asagiri, the mangaka, draws a lot like Clamp. (You must know Clamp, come on… Clover ? Card Captor Sakura ? Magic Knight Rayearth ?) Except that Clamp never has drawn her heroines getting fucked ;)

This is classical drawing, though explicit, the mankaka has taken his time to make it nice, with a clear distinct line.
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Sailor Moon doujin, Yo Yo Ma [Japanese AND English], by Black Dog

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UPDATE : from now on, you will find a BETTER VERSION of Yo-Yo-Ma, re-scanned and in high resolution, inside the compilation called The Grateful Dead :)

May Not Miss Pervert Fall In Love [ENGLISH, 205 pictures], by Saki Urara

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Here comes another nice English manga, in English : May Not Miss Pervert Fall In Love, by Saki Urara

(By Saki Urara, I also share Hatsukoi wa Uragiranai, check it out !)

Half of the manga is about the hard-to-build and hard-to-maintain love between a normal guy, student, and a completely perverted girl of the same age. Normally, if a cute girl jumps at your cock, you’d be pleased, wouldn’t you ? Not with that kind of girl, she’s too extreme :D For instance, to give you an idea, she declares her love to a boy she has never spoken to in a very spcial way : unzipping his flyer and masturbating him in a crowded train, not caring if people would see it :lol: And in way, that’s touching : this must be REALLY hard for a complete pervert woman to start a normal relation with a man and convince him she’s a girl worth loving and living with :o
The other part of the manga is made of great short stories.

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