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Kaerimichi The Road Home [English, Uncensored, 189 pictures], by Taichi Yamada

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uncensored hardcore free zip hentai manga

Here’s another VERY hardcore translated hentai manga – as the preview picture might have given you the impression, I hope :D It contains bits of incest, of “mutual love sex”, of hentai rape… The drawings are extremely hardcore, they’re the most detailed female genitals drawings I saw since 2007 – and, a funny detail, the artist seems to make a fixation on erect clitorises ^^;;

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Suzumiya Haruhi hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : Haruhi no Marumaru 2, by Candyman

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english fullcolor suzumiya haruhi zip hentai doujin After my usual big hentai manga uploads, sharing a color Haruhi hentai doujin felt so refreshing I’m making it again, here is another full color Suzumiya Haruhi doujin for you guys – a longer one, this time :lol:

Some groupsex this time, the drawings less realistic but more various positions, and a worthless scenario without much of a surprise (the Suzumiya Haruhi anime didn’t make any sense anyway, just look at the order of the episodes, that were deliberately diffused in an almost random order *_*  …)

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Suzumiya Haruhi hentai doujin [English, Full Color, Uncensored] : Haruhi Drawing Lots

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suzumiya fullcolor uncensored hentai doujin

Time for a change from my big complete hentai mangas ! This time, here is a very nice and short Suzumiya Haruhi translated hentai doujin .

The drawings are nice and uncensored, it is fullcolor, I only regret this isn’t longer !

I share it for another reason : I can’t remember the artist’s name ! >_< I know this is familiar but I don’t recall the name, rha ! Thanks if you recognize it and tell me ;)

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Big pack of translated hentai doujinshi by the artist Human Light Film [English, hardcore, domination]

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human light film english translated hentai doujin free zip I already shared english translated works by Human Light Film (here and there), but never found time to share more by this artist. Finally I took the time to make it in a BIG post, all the other works that I hadn’t shared yet smile

Watch out, this is extreme hentai, there are no cute feelings, no mutual love, just hardcore sex scenes, forced sex (mostly hentai rape in which the women still appreciate it somehow, fortunately, but not only…), female domination… sperm shower… You’re warned, read it at your own risk…

(I share much more stuff by this artist, Cf The list of Human Light Film’s works)

I share 5 new english doujinshi by Human Light Film : Hitomi Xtreme (DOA), Ashe (FF12), Tifa (FF7 Advent Children, the real translation, not the parodic rewrite), Human High-light Film Gamma (FFX), and Reiko (Rumble Rose.)

free zip english hentai human light film

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Virgin White Book [English, Shota, some incest, 207 pages], by Juan Gotoh

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shota free zip english translated hardcore manga

Virgin White Book is a long and quality shota hentai manga, almost totally uncensored (very small darker dot).

It has very nice drawings, however, since it contains incest, don’t even ask me if there is a decent scenario, thanks ;)

I’m not a fan of shota (aka shotacon, young boys as heroes), but when it is very well drawn and contains adult women that are very sexy, I can accept to share it… and that’s for the best if it helps getting rid of the many request I receive, OK, message clearly passed ? :twisted:

(For MORE of this, Cf. The list of ALL Juan Gotoh’s works on Hentairules)

english shota

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Dawn of the Silver Dragon Volume 3 [English, 197 pictures], by Mukai Masayoshi

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A shit scenario, but decent art.

Here we are, the 3rd volume of Dawn Of The Silver Dragon has been released, my thanks to Zeroskie for kindly informing me in a comment :)

Once again, this is the same mix of a dense political plot with many very hardcore sex scenes.
The drawings are exceptional, almost no censorship (there could almost be a game “try to find the thin black line”), very well made and realistic.
The circumstances are less to my liking, too much raping :( (Even if the female heroin has been turned into a voluntary slut enjoying sex and asking for it.) Last note, thank-you-my-god, almost zero tentacles, phiew !

Here are the links to the complete series:
volume 1 (now retouched) – volume 2volume 3volume 4 (now in tank scans)

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Boing Boing Teacher volume 1 COMPLETE [English, 199 pages], by Hidemaru

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horny teacher fucked by other teacher free hentai manga Boing Boing Teacher doesn’t have an incredible erotic intensity with hundreds of totally uncensored hardcore scenes, true. However, oh boy, this is so great to have a complete hentai manga with a real scenario (not made of independant chapters), so very funny, with a great male hero full of problems and obsessions he assumes without the slightest bit of shame :lol:I could become addicted ^^It was ages I wanted to share Boing Boing teacher and always forgot, so now that the volume 1 is at last completely translated and the first chapter of volume 2 has just been released, that’s the good time, I feel ;)

The male hero sees no problem telling his students (he’s a teacher) he maintains a complete detailed porn flicks collection and jerks off five times a day, the school nurse desperately searches virgins, the female heroin is totally naive and candid but likes dick, her twin sister is the male hero’s favorite porn actress, the female students see no harm either in being addicted to porn vids… And these are just examples, I tell you, read it !! :lol:

This could almost be the hentai version of High School Kimengumi :D

Boing Boing Sensei Shortcuts :
Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5
Boing Boing Onsen shortcuts :
Volume 1 – Volume 2Volume 3

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