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Temptation 1-3 [English], by Hiroyuki Utatane

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This one is a verry old hentai manga, but yet it’s a quality one, this is Temptation [English], by Hiroyuki Utatane. Stories with a real scenario,interesting, fine old-school fine hentai drawings.

The manga is divided in three chapters. Let’s be simple and ease your life, everything is in one gallery, and one zip file.

By Hiroyuki Utatane, I also share the HQ re-scan of Countdown Sex Bombs [English, 179 pictures]

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A Bright Family Planning [English, Incest], by Kikkawa Kabao

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That was the funniest hentai story I read since three weeks, this hentai manga ^_^

(Remember to view the updated list of all Kikkawa Kabao’s works on hentairules)

Basically, thie story is about a father-asking-himself-too-many-questions-about-his-kid’s-welfare (just like me, in fact) who realizes his son and sister have incest sex, peeps on them and is confronted with very essential questions (for god’s sake, I don’t want to ever be in a situation like him when my kid grows up :D). The story being narrated from his point of view, that’s very funny, really :)

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Big pack by Celluloid Acme : Black Lagoon, Naruto, Jubei-Chan, Ghost In The Shell, 6 doujins, mostly in English :)

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Celluloid Acme is one of the greatest artists I know. Under his first pen names (Runners High and Nas-On-Ch) he’s drawn the Demongeot and Druggers High series.
His style has much evolved, becoming what’s now those astounding fleshy anime characters, their white skin almost blinding us… *drools* *cough* – OK, just download it, I can’t describe those drawings and keep my sanity.

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

I share six of them, picked among my collection : “Ghost In The Shell, Celluloid Acme [English]”, “Jubei-Chan, Limited Edition Final [English]”, “Naruto, Harlem Jets [English]”, “Naruto, Loop Loop [english]”, “Black Lagoon, Spit Fire”, and “Naruto, Issues”.

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Naruto hentai doujin, Narupo [English], by Phantomcross

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Here’s another great Naruto hentai doujin, released by Doujin-World, this is Narupo [English]. I knew that I was bound to post stuff by Phantomcross sooner or later, that’s a great hentai artist !

By Phantom Cross, I also share Night Before Festival [English]

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No Make Girl [English, 100 pictures], part of Sonna Koto Naiyou, by Hiroshi Itaba

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hiroshi itaba no make girl english hentai

Here’s one great hentai manga, this is No Make Girl, by Hiroshi Itaba, english-translated. Actually, the translators named that No Make Girl, but that is the first half of the japanese manga called “Sonna Koto Naiyou”.

Big breasts, anal, uncensored, a bit of sister incest, tall thin girls daring to do the first step, big eyes (aka “beloved old-school manga”), a hero as charismatic as a door-knob, this is the successful mix of ingredients for a great english hentai manga :)

For more, please Cf. the list of ALL my Itaba Hiroshi shares :)

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