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Virgin Na Kankei 1&2 [English], by Takumi Kobayashi

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Do you know Takumi Kobayashi ?

He is an awesome mangaka, his style reminds me of Kosuke Fujishima, the author of the You’re Under Arrest and Ah My Goddess series.
The difference being that Kobayashi draws erotic and pornographic works… :p

I have uploaded the volumes 1 and 2, they were translated in English by the excellent translation group Solaris-Svu. The rest is still in japanese… and on my hard disks ;)

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Hounyuu Hyakkei [English], by Moe Kirara

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(Remember to view the updated list of all moe kirara’s works on Hentairules)

This is a hentai manga by Moe Kirara, the title is Hounyuu Kakkei. And the wonderful thing is THIS IS AN ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION !
Finally, we can all enjoy the amazing depth of hentai storylines *cough*

Big tits all around, wonderful lustful faces, I never get bored of Moe Kirara ^_^

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The Tears of Love And Love Juice [English], by Itou Ei

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Another English-translated short work here (released by hentai-enishi and translated by AGL), the two chapters of a larger manga. When the release group completes it I’ll post the rest of the chapters ! The title isn’t very poetic, isn’t it ? :p

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Midnight Panther [english], by Yuu Asagiri

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Yuu Asagiri, the mangaka, draws a lot like Clamp. (You must know Clamp, come on… Clover ? Card Captor Sakura ? Magic Knight Rayearth ?) Except that Clamp never has drawn her heroines getting fucked ;)

This is classical drawing, though explicit, the mankaka has taken his time to make it nice, with a clear distinct line.
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Sailor Moon doujin, Yo Yo Ma [Japanese AND English], by Black Dog

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UPDATE : from now on, you will find a BETTER VERSION of Yo-Yo-Ma, re-scanned and in high resolution, inside the compilation called The Grateful Dead :)

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