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Petit Roid 3 [English], Volumes 1-2-3, by Tomohiro Kouda

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After 3 other hentai mangas by Tomohiro Kouda, here are his ultra-popular Petit Roid 3 volumes, complete, translated in English. I suppose most of you already have it, but if you don’t have it yet, believe me, that’s worth it, this is quality hentai !

(Remember to view the updated list of all Tomohiro Kouda’s works on Hentairules)

Great drawings, totally hardcore, many girls (3 girls, then five girls, then six, and finally a whole lot of girls, it gets only better with each page, there are young, mature, active or luxurious, maids, students, of all sorts), and the scenario ROCKS, very funny.

Update : I reuploaded the 3 mangas together in a single Zip file, to make things simpler and faster for everyone.
That was an opportunity to add Petit Roid Extra 1 and Extra 2.

petit roid english hentai zip petit roid english hentai zip petit roid english hentai zip
petit roid english hentai zip petit roid english hentai zip petit roid english hentai zip

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Mai Hime Hentai Tentacles doujin [English], Pride, by Perceptron

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I’m not fond of tentacles to be honest (if you ever wonder why they were used in hentai in the first place, check the Glossary, you’ll have a laugh). But so far on only one hentai doujin with tentacles was shared already (this is Endurance Test, and english Naruto hentai doujin), and maybe that was really not enough :D At least for the newcomers to hentai, that’s a fair illustration of that tentacles are like in hentai.

This is a Mai Hime hentai doujin, called Pride, drawn by Perceptron, in which a heroine meets tentacles monsters. Mai Hime’s heroines being idiotic and belonging to one of the most senseless scenarii ever, that’s no big loss the treatment she receives ;)

mai hime hentai tentacles mai hime hentai tentacles

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Hana’s Holidays chapters 1 and 2, English, by Saigado Comics

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(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Saigado’s shares on hentairules)

Ever heard of Tonigobe ? Lurker at ABPEA (great hentai newsgroup, i was known as “Sabin” on ABPEA, until I stopped uploading in there six months ago), occasional translator for one and a half years ? I just found he released the two first chapters of Hana’s Holidays, a great hentai manga by Saigado Comics showing the sexual adventures of a hot exhibitionist office lady, and he made that with the quality of work of a great professional, thanks dude :)

(if you’re curious, he also translated Yarase, by Isutoshi)

When I have more time, I’ll share all that I have of Hana’s Holidays, there are much more than two chapters after this. For now, I’ll share (zip link and gallery) the two first english-translated chapters.

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Streaming added for the Moonlight Lady 1-5 hentai movies

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After the Moonlight Lady 5 english hentai episodes, and after the Moonlight Lady CG Hentai Pictures Set, I chose to add streaming versions. They’re great to make yourself an idea, and the ones with a full account at the host (megarotic) will have an additional download link given on the page that appears when they click twice on the movie window while it’s playing.

I give here streaming links for the 5 hentai movies, and on the “real” movies page, and, there are both the streaming links and the links to download it to your hard disk.

(if you don’t see the other movies, click on the “view complete post” link)
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Kassen [English], by Kopikura (AKA Kino Hitoshi)

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Kino hitoshi hentai manga zip

After Aijou Hyougen, here’s another great manga by Kopikura, also known as Kino Hitoshi. This is : Kassen [English], by Kopikura. Yes, this one is translated into English ! The scenario is interesting and worth reading, the hentai drawings are great (very hardcore, throbbing dicks, soaked pussies, plenty of sound effects, faces showing lust to the highest extent, various sexual positions), there are ten pages of incest (among 241 pages of various great hentai pictures). One of Kopikura’s best hentai mangas I’ve read.

(Remember to check The list of my shares by Kopikura)

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