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Azumanga Daioh doujin, Azumanga Drifting Classroom [English], by Kimigabuchi

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azumanga daioh english translated hentai

A nice english-translated doujin about Azumanga Daioh, Azumanga Drifting Classroom, by Kimigabuchi. Nice as long as you only read the sex scenes, that are of true quality.

The scenario, alas, is totally WEIRD, filled with gore violence, alas, so read it at your own risk. That is Kimigabuchi’s style, the scenario often looks bad :/

(remember to view the updated list of all Kimigabuchi’s works on hentairules)

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Evangelion doujin pack [English, 166 pictures] : Rei 1-5, by Mogudan

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Mogudan's style remains beautiful, impossible to deny it

Here comes the Rei series, an Evangelion doujinshi serie, entirely english-translated :)

This serie marks a transition point between the old Mogudan drawing style (thin teens with natural tits and bodies) and the recent Mogudan drawing style (even less scenario than before, giant tits and extra large hips).

Assuming you actually didn’t care at all about such petty remarks, I’ll just say this is in full-color, nicely hardcore, and really, really, really well drawn :)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Mogudan’s works on Hentairules)

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Kyouen + Mousou Manpaku + Noumitsu, by Moe Kirara

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(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL Moe Kirara’s Works on HentaiRules)

I uploaded 3 more complete hentai mangas by Moe Kirara, because I really love that drawer ! And also as a thanks to a cool guy who uploaded titles I missed by that mangaka and missed some others. Their titles are : Kyouen, Noumitsu, and Mousou Manpaku !

If you’re curious, open here the updated list of my Moe Kirara mangas, or search what other works by Moe Kirara I’m sharing on HentaiRules.

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Delusion Diary [English, 207 Pictures, Complete], by Tsukino Jyogi

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One of the most influencial hentai mangas of 2007, for many reasons...

Here’s a cool English-translated hentai manga by Tsukino Jyogi, called Delusion Diary.

The good points : the story isn’t so bad, there is a scenario (this is so rare with hentai mangas, personally I prefer a LOT when there’s a scenario, instead of just simple fuck scenes piled up), and the fuck scenes are just GREAT ! Girls cumming all around, begging for anal sex, wonderfully drawn, 5/5 in my opinion :D

However, I have problems when the drawings are almost lolicon-style, or when the girls are dominated too much. So, well, see for yourselves :o

(Remember to view The Updated List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Lust [English], by Tenjiku Ronin

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This is Lust, by Tenjiku Ronin, the whole nine chapters. I regret that all my other comic books by that artist are in japanese, that’s the only one in my possession that’s translated into english.
Very hardcore hentai manga, enticing stories, deep and complex, and god! those chicks DO show lust, they do all kinds of sex along the pages, including anal (oh yeah, plenty of that), domination, incest, cat-girls.

By the same artist, Tenjiku Ronin, I also share the highly controversial La Bête Obscène [English, 142 pictures]

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