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Mahouteki Na Kanojo [English, 224 pictures, it is complete], by Takaoka Motofumi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

The moment I saw that page, I KNEW I had my big preview pic. How could a dark-skinned babe taking the initiative be topped? :D

With that share, I think I have caught up on the flow of hentai releases, good, good ^^ I’m still less available than before, having a certain number of real life things on my plate, but I’ll be damned if I skip on complete tanks or complete stories of over 200 pages :twisted:

Here’s a new complete story by Takaoka Motofumi, about the life of college students in a magic research club, trying to tackle the subject from a scientific perspective when they’re not having sex.

The manga is dealing with various “genres” in an oddly assorted mixed bag. We’ve got happy sex (the large majority), a bit of near-tsundere (almost there, let’s say), of happy sex with almost love (ah, come on, just a bit more!!), of shockingly unpunished (oh well, it’s over, water under the bridge, etc – me: wtf?!?) rape by two scumbags, of mystic ingredients, of tentacles (just one chapter), with occasional hints at scenario developments that end up buried a chapter later.
It’s not absolute kickass material (clearly not lol), but it’s pretty good, still.

Graphically, at least, we’re on solid ground, we can trust Takaoka Motofumi, well-drawn varied sex with very little censorship was provided, featuring almost exclusively vaginal sex, with some oral and a tiny bit of DP. Honest warning, one of the girls is a loli, she’s in two chapters, sorry about that.

We owe this release to Biribiri, Axalon, Anonymous and PureEnergy, thank you! :jap:

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Sis-pai Heaven! [English, 205 pictures], by Kotoba Ai

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

That girl's sweater was the best thing that happened in the manga

Not bad. Hentai lacking soul and hugely relying on stereotypes, true, but done well enough nonetheless.
So, here’s another recently released complete tank, in which each chapter is a different story, although the global recipe doesn’t change, braindead sexy plump sisters don’t mind sex with their dear onii-chans.

The stories aren’t worth mentioning, and as for the art, well… It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. I wasn’t fond of the general plumpness (weird, maybe? I’m fine with it on a MILF, but a girl that has yet to reach her twenties ought to look more healthy, to me), and the collection of stereotypical traits ended up boring me (hooo, twintails again, hooo, unreal tits again, hooo, 50 IQ again… pls), to be frank.
At least, the censorship hardly got in the way.
So, I’d give it a pass, but not a cheerful marching band pass, let’s say ^^

We owe this release to Dynellen and Doujin-Moe, thank you!

I think I can safely say my other Kotoba Ai shares look better, they are: Ecchi Na Tengu No JK Onee-chans, a pack of 2 works (Osake Ni Yotta Souryuu To Hitobanjuu + Atago Onee-san Ga Shite Kureru) and Bitch Na Tengu No Onee-chan To Ikenai Natsuyasumi.

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MESUhame IKIzome [English, 238 pictures], by Karasu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

That can't have been an easy decensoring. Hats off!

There are so many quality full-volume releases lately, we are lucky!
Here’s another, brought to us by The Outside Source again, thank you man :)

The obligatory explanation and warning in case you missed it the previous times: what The Outside Source does is compile.
Look: there’s an artist’s full volume, a tankoubon (a definition is here, if necessary), and one may match its contents with multiple separate releases from the scanlation scene. Some of those releases may have used the tank’s images, some other of those releases may have used earlier versions of the images, either from magazine scans or magazine digital versions.
In the present case, the censorship methods varied a little so it’s clearly not the same sources all the time, but as long as that censorship remained low, I’m cool with it.
It’s possible a full-tank version will exist in the future, of that, I have no idea (but hey one can always hope), in the meanwhile you now have The Outside Source’s cleanly compiled version :)

And after my usual wall of text, must I still summarize MESUhame IKIzome? Each chapter is a single story, and it’s always happy sex, almost always with good mutual feelings (one time or two it must have been love, the other times at least it was consensual let us say ^^). The setups vary a lot, but there’s near-constant, at first the woman is the strong leading type, but many super-orgasms later the tables have been turned on her and she’s a good ahegao girl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Graphically, man, that was awesome. Intense, generous, drawn with skill, and to make it even better 3 chapters were decensored!! :kickass:

Release credits are for The Outside Source (compiling), and (but I can’t promise it’s a complete list), for the scanlations, to Mysael, No4h, Herzer, Axalon, Pantyshot, Viacheslavovich, Ark, Capt. Crunch, MrWayne and CellFT. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Anadol Gohoushi Produce, Anata No Haha Toshite Misugosemasen (“As Your Mother, I Cannot Accept This”), Hana Wa Tenji Te Saki Midare, Miurizuma, Miurijima ~ Akume Hisho Maki, Wild Therapy, Onaho Keeper, and Kango Shidou Onegai Shimasu.

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Shitei Koukan (“Fucking Sisters In Succession”) [English, 195 pictures], by Shimotsuki Juugo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

The start of an adventure of discovery. Who am I kidding :D

Yummy! ^^
This share has a definive Tuna Empire vibe, the events and action are absurd, only a handful of brain cells are involved, but it’s all fun and games, so why not enjoy and stop bothering ourselves with pointless questions :lol:

I still owe you guys a summary, though. The manga is made of a main story arc, and two middle-size stories.
The main arc: 2 middle schoolers (I was on the edge, here, tag it as shota or not) don’t dare to try to have sex with their sisters, incest is bad. So they’ve got this 300 IQ idea, they’ll trade sisters for their first time. Eventually, wincest becomes the new sexy anyway, however the sisters are competitive and strive to get better, which will involve various feats and a massive pool orgy, as their strong sex drive is contagious ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
And in the second half, there are 2 unrelated stories of average length, about a librarian and a competitive skater and her suit that triggered wrong memories.

Graphically speaking, it’s got its up and downs, but mostly ups. I’m a huge fan of cheeky smiles and twintails, of huge breasts, of anal sex, so I’ve had my fill, in addition the censorship was almost always low.
Well, enough written, I hope you’ll like it! ^___^

I’m not sure how Dynellen and Doujins work together on this, but anyway, release credits are for Doujin-Moe and Dynellen, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Inniku Hanten.

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Haha Wa Buzama Ni Koshi O Furu ~ Gogo No Seibo-Tachi [English, 189 pictures], by Sink

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

The best part in sharing this manga is right now: I'm finally fucking done with it. Worst 15 minutes of the day.

After reading a manga like that, I feel like rincing my brain with disinfectant and shoving a 3000 watts UV light up my butthole for final safety: just to be sure I won’t have to read it again. Urgh, I feel unclean.

In this manga’s universe, nobody is clean, pure, everybody’s come corrupted from the start. Normal-looking characters will suddenly make weird faces with scary eyes (examples available on pages 11 and 100) and a lost expression, offering themselves for degrading sex, etcetera.

And so, in the manga’s main arc (almost two thirds of the pages) we watch a two MILF sisters, one with a son and daughter, the other with just a son, and basically corruption runs triumphant, women bask in self laughing and yearn for more sexual abuse to drown themselves in pleasure, blah, blah, blah.
I mean, if you like that stuff, it’s totally OK with me. But in my eyes, it stank to death.

Thanks to Dynellen and Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Chief’s Job.

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MaMAmama! [English, 249 pictures], by Matsumoto Drill Kenkyuujo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Holy hell, the art was awesome!!

Oh boy. What an amazing, gigantic, awesome clusterfuck :D

MaMAmama! rides the typical trope, a demon king has been reincarnated/sealed inside a young human, his sexual powers are rising, and a mix of demonic and angelic girls gravitate around him. But it’s a successful ride…
But that’s where the cliché ends, Matsumoto Drill Kenkyuujo poured mad imagination all along :twisted:

We’ll go through plenty of funny, creative, enthusiastically WTF moments, allegiances change, at times I found myself moved without seeing it coming, and the ending… Ah, what a fine, huge, weird mess! :lol:

And in terms of art? THAT WAS AWESOME!!! :kickass:
There was barely any censorship, very intense vaginal and anal sex, in duos, threesomes or groups, enthusiastic pumping action, the girls were all meaty and busty… I had my fill, and I trust you too you will.

We owe this bountiful release to Shota Lover and Akira from Otokonoko Scans, thank you so much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Alignment You! You! (201 pictures, an hentai UFO!), Kuronamisan Nimo Pokapoka Shite Moraitai and Houkago OO Time.

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Pakopako Bitch ~Megamori! Mashimashi! Dosukebe Niku~ [English, 188 pictures], by Ando HiroYuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

Fear not, that was the only appearance of a crotch tattoo

It’s not the first nor the last compilation TheOutsideSource is gifting us, it’s nice, right? Once again, thanks man ^^

The idea here is: chapters that were initially scanlated separately, using magazine or tank scans (it varies), are finally gathered together to “re-make” a tank by an artist. In the present case, Hiroyuki Ando’s Pakopako Bitch ~Megamori! Mashimashi! Dosukebe Niku~ :)

Each chapter is a different “story”, with airquotes around the word, as there’s no scenario at all, these are basic canvases and bam! the sex begins. Uncomplicated happy brainless sex all the way, with teens, young adults, MILFs, sisters, stepsisters, random girls, a bit of everything =)

Graphically, oh man, it’s pleasantly excessive. I could mention giant boobs, cum showers (it’s not just the wet and sloppy style, it’s literally dicks magically working like a sperm hose, instant bukkake on tons of pages), juicy erotic lips, seriously plump female bodies, bubble butts (providing unreal assjobs), cheeky female smiles… But then I must also mention the “not so great” elements, like the weird undulating dicks (is the mangaka a woman? it’s like the principle behind an erection evades the mangaka’s mind), and the too strong censorship made of multiple thick bars.
All in all, I think it’s original and worth it, if you can bear with the excessive style. Your call! ^^

For MORE, see The list of Andou Hiroyuki’s works on Hentairules

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