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Ore To Imouto No Nichijou (“The Daily Lives Of My Sister And Me”) [English], by Kai Hiroyuki

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Who wouldn't

I have an XXL déjà-vu impression, and it’s no accident, I’ve read a crazy number of times stories in which the same “plot” ingredients were used. Good luck finding anything original in this share.
And… you know what? WHO CARES, it’s fine! :D

A comparison. When my longing grows stronger than my sense of guilt (and I promise myself to hit the rowing machine and elliptical bike a lot more afterwards), I simply adore a McDonalds meal, fries, Big Mac and the fish burger. I know in advance how everything will taste, nothing will be a surprise, and it’s perfectly OK, it will be delicious nonetheless. Same with hentai, but you can fap to it. (This is not a challenge, I beg you don’t find me sources about McDonalds sexuality.)

So, yeah, here’s a freshly released Kai Hiroyuki in which a brother and his busty twintails sister have hot sex in secret at home, etcetera ^^
Release credits are for Potato, Shell and Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you for the McHentai menu, and I write it without sarcasm :)

For much more, please see The list of Kai Hiroyuki’s works on HentaiRules

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Onee Ga Ii Twins (“Sister-Is-Best Twins”) [English], by Satsuki Imonet

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That's a damnably good ass, DAYUM!

Well, here’s an easy scenario. Two younger brothers, twins, express their sexual interest to their sister, she asks for a bit of time to train, and 3 months later, they have a 3some with double penetration ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Sure, there was even a light comedy note watching the pointlessly earnest sister prepare her body ^^

Graphically, I may be no fan of double vaginal penetrations (my wee-wee touch another man’s wee-wee? [vomit noises]) (plus, it’s a lost opportunity for anal), but I’ll give you that, the sister is spectacularly hot, her preparations and prep show take a fair number of great pages, and the censorship is not that big, so all in all, it’s quality :twisted:

It’s been released by Fluid_druid, BlueRose and Viacheslavovich, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Toshi Densetsu Bitch – Joshikai (185 pictures), Hamedori No Yatsu (“That POV Sex Thing”, 92 pictures) and a pack of 4 works (OneHole + That Girl Is A Kunoichi + That Is Also A Form Of Love + The One).

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Wagaya No Setsuden Taisaku (“One Family’s Plan To Save Electricity”) [English], by N.O. Chachamaru (AKA Heisei Chachamaru Dou)

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The first time I saw that pic, I was under the impression she was wearing a sweaty shirt ^^;;

What the fuck, this hentai manga doesn’t make sense. Not because a mother and her son are fuckbuddies, that’s hardly worth lifting an eyebrow in hentai. No: because we’re in the peak of a summer heat wave, the A/C is not an option, and they decide to have sex to cool themselves and feel fresher O_o

The story is not worth mentioning, however the art struck me as unique, original, outside of the usual releases material. The woman’s plump and drawn very crudely, with very little censorship, and there was this impression of watching a pencil drawing (something that becomes rarer now that everyone’s using a computer/tablet to draw).

Maybe you’ll like it, thanks a lot to Amoskandy and Hentaieyebr! :jap:

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Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan [English, 502 pictures], by Kojima Miu

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Hard not to love MILFs :3

Five. Hundred. And. Two. Pages.
Packed full of MILF sex, plus a bit of young adult and a tiny bit of teen.
With a complex, rich, interesting scenario.
In which the sex is intense, drawn crudely with only very faint censorship.
… Nice :twisted:

The scenario? A male highschooler’s incestuous life with his sexy MILF of a mother thanks to nymphomycin, a drug that places its user in an hypnotically induced submission state… Well, that’s how it starts, anyway, it certainly doesn’t end there…
You know me, I’d love to write an entire novel and waste your time, but I feel my hands are tied, I must STFU because the scenario is long, evolves, multiple protagonists interact, and don’t even think it is linear as you’re in for a few surprises and changes of perspective ;)
I’ll just say, I’m glad I read Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan, for BOTH the art and the story :)

Just in case: it’s almost entirely happy sex, with rare bits of forced sex, strong domination, and occasional netorare vibes during hallucinations.

This long and interesting manga has been released by Fated Circle, thanks a lot!! :jap:

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Lesson X Lesson [English, Uncensored], by Shou Akira

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Did you notice how, in hentai, as soon as the paizuri starts, the dick grows fifteen centimeters longer?

CopyOf, thank you very much for this, has released and decensored a cute chapter-long wincest story, about a young adult girl taking advantage of her male cousin, to their great mutual benefit. It started as a drawing lesson, it ended in securing an artist for job chores and getting a spouse, or almost :lol:

I’ve got little to add, hentai always rules when it’s uncensored, it’s good on the eye, enjoy! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Hoshuu No Ojikan (“Time For Extra Lessons”).

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Ikenie Navy [English], by Sugaishi (AKA Maniac Street)

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A despicable story, but damn does it look good

Holy coooooooooow. I downloaded that one thinking it was a Kantai Collection doujinshi of sorts (the “Navy” misled me, I guess it was for the girl’s sailor uniform that we see at the beginning) and trusting the one random pic I opened that looked absolutely gorgeous.
While, in fact, it’s a dramatic story :shock:

In short, Ikenie Navy is the story of a highschool girl that has become her widowing father’s sex outlet, the guy’s not taking her refusal for an answer and threatens to go after her younger sister if she refuses. During the sex, the girl feels good but is in orgasm denial.
To each his own, if you dig this stuff, help yourselves, it’s right here. And I must reckon the art, even with the horrible censorship (max blur) looked absolutely gorgeous, Sugaishi’s talent is shockingly good even in that dark context :shock:

Still, the best part of this release, these are the credits. This manga was translated and QCed by Bread, proofread by Bacon, redrawn by Lettuce and typeset by Tomato. Hats off lol :lol:

For more Sugaishi / Maniac Street hentai, please see this Redirection page

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Ane Inu (“Sister Dog”) [English, 216 pictures, Edited For Content version], by Murasaki Syu

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Look at her hip bones, wow, is she made of razors?

I am very late in sharing that one, I mistakenly placed it in the folder where I store the shares I already published, I’m sorry about that.

A quick introduction: this may be called a form of rewrite, although I would disagree with that, in my eyes this is more like a form of cleansing, something I can very much respect as long as it is clearly mentioned this isn’t the original, the “official” version. And so: here comes a new “Edited For Content” version, done by Ammi, this time for Ane Inu, Sister Dog, by Murasaki Syu :)

In case you missed it before: I was contacted by a person called Ammi to share the edited versions he creates of some mangas, that have both (1) excellent art but (2) extreme themes that are partly tolerable, partly unbearable.
Ammi edits/removes the worst parts (so: yeah, some pages or panels disappear), according to his own personal tastes, and saves it as a new version.
Additionally, when circumstances allow, Ammi also replaces the scans with better scans, and/or heavily retouches the images (he’s got the skills, hats off).
That’s what “Edited For Content” means :)

I’d recommend you check Ammi’s release notes, but basically, if you want a list:
-1- Ammi strongly retouched the images to correct them, the improvement is massive (this is his preview pic).
2– In addition to the volume 1, that was published as a tankoubon, there were 4 more chapters published in magazines (and scanlated). Ammi added them to the present share – but don’t dream of more, there is no “full” second volume in the form of a tank.
-3- He kept the pages with fisting,
-4- but removed the 16 pages with bestiality.

By the same artist, I’ve seen “Murasaki Syu” and “Murasaki Shu”, I also share Zenra De Chokuritsu Hokou Shokai Genteiban (“Walking Upright Naked”, 214 pictures), the original (non-Edited For Content) Ane Inu (Sister Dog) volume 1 (186 pictures, the original version, not the present Edited For Content one), and Kimi No Inkei O Suitai.

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