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Good news: Elf Harem Academia, by Mifune Seijirou, has been reedited into new scans with almost zero censorship :)

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Hell yeah, dark elf creampie!!

Please compare this image to this other image. Okay? :D

Here’s the good news, our kind editor Ammi has reedited Elf Harem Academia onto a better scan source, and now the censorship is almost entirely gone ^_^
(Shall I bore you with the tankoubon/magazines difference? Because that’s how the horrible black painting was replaced with almost invisible thin white lines, with Ammi porting the English scanlation onto the graphically superior version, thank you Ammi!! ^^)

For the new version of Elf Harem Academia, please simply follow that link :)

Sponsored post – HENTAI CLICKER: The Hot New Game From Kinkoid Studio!

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A short intro by Oliver: fourth sequel to this, where you’ll find an explanation. Short version, I like those guys’ work enough, a studio with fellow countrymen, woot ^^

If you love visual novels, insatiable kinky girls and manga, you are probably familiar with one of the best adult games in the genre: Hentai Heroes. Now the Kinkoid studio continues delivering fun and kinky hentai games. Are you ready to meet more Haremverse girls? You better be, because this 2019 hottest hit is Hentai Clicker. The new casual game features some of the beloved and kinky Haremverse babes and new gorgeous girls from the manga world!

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Good news: Poppin Cherry, by Miito Shido, a 213 pages long hot (but WTF) tank, has been decensored :)

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Mind-fuckery, truly, but very hot mind-fuckery :3

DaddyDoggie has decensored another complete tankoubon, woot! :woot:

And so, Poppin Cherry joins the ranks of the decensored happy few, enjoy :)
That manga gave me an outstanding “my brain is full of fuck” impression, there’s plenty of good, plenty of WTF, plenty of ew, but if you only care for the drawings, they’re crazy intense, it’s got to count :D

The censorship was relatively moderate, and now, it’s fully gone. A downside is that, at some point, DaddyDoggie reduced the images resolution, we went from around 2500 px, to around 1750 px, deal with it.

Enough said. You will find Poppin’ Cherry, now decensored, HERE, enjoy! :)
And thanks to DaddyDoggie, of course =)

The best vanilla of 2019: Courting Etranger, by Homunculus. Check it out at Fakku :)

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I missed that volume’s publication this summer, and I’m blissfully catching up: guys, may I recommend to you Homunculus’ Courting Etranger?

So much vanilla, so much talent, from godlike traits to deeply touching story lines…. haaa, that’s like drugs, but conveyed through comics. Indisputably, in my eyes, the best vanilla hentai manga I’ve read in 2019 :)

That’s not something I can or will to share on Hentairules, it’s a Fakku print. Get it from them, in my biased point of view, if you must buy ONE manga this year, it’s got to be that one, Courting Etranger :)
(and, no, I’m not paid or anything, lol, I just don’t want you to miss on the read ^^)

It’s not an internet problem. It’s a human problem: imbecility takes many forms ¬_¬

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Hey guys.

Just a pointless rant, without any conclusion anyway… just, well, something I had to get out of my system. I’m feeling better to write it out, at least…

I can’t truly get this out of my mind, it’s both stupid, and so sadly typically human. Like we’re never making any progress.

Have you heard about the silly Sakimichan crusade? The artist lewded a teenage female character, turning her into both a babe and an adult, explaining she had drawn an older version of her. Sankakucomplex has coverage of it with screenshots, Twitter has the original tweet (but I suspect some of the most embarrassing reactions are or will be deleted eventually.)

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Good news, Royal Koyanagi’s “Fundamentals Of Demonology” have been translated again, this time in perfect English, with good typesetting and all :)

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Jebus hentai christ, who wouldn't want to be inside that dark skinned MILF

Sweet, sweet and highly fapworthy news! A manga that was formerly only available in horrible English and with zero typesetting has been scanlated by a team doing a professional work!
I’m talking about Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku, by Royal Koyanagi :)

Here’s a comparison picture: the previous version (did you notice in the bottom-right? ^^) VS the new version.

There’s tons of sex, a well written story line that begs to multiple sequels, Royal Koyanagi’s unique, fantastic art style… I strongly encourage you guys to replace the old version I shared with this new one :D

For the new version of Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku, follow that link!

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