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Guys, I’d welcome advice with a weird sound issue. Thanks if you’ve got five minutes to read :)

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My mood when I can't fix hardware problems

Hey guys. Could I trouble you with a request for help, with a technical issue that’s troubling me?

Listen to that.

Around 3 weeks ago, I noticed my USB microphone now had a soft buzzing sound in the background, that wouldn’t go away. Long story short, everything else below that line is that I can’t understand WHY there’s this bug; read on, there’s a mystery to solve :D

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A friendly push, 2D-Market have had their first full tank, Chii-chan’s Development Diary :)

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The kind of thing you fap to with bad self-esteem

I don’t know if you heard of 2D-Market, they’re one of the publishers on the English market, like Fakku or Project-H they translate and publish uncensored hentai mangas. I think they only offer them digitally, but I may be wrong on that topic, I’m not sure.

Until now, they were specialized in short volumes, doujinshi basically.
But today, they have their first tank out, a full volume, 169 pages, made of the Chii-chan’s Development Diary, you may have heard of it. 169 pages, fine art, and a story type that will definitely cater to some tastes *cough*

They’ve published it here, on their website.

Well, that was the thing, I felt like mentioning it, in case you may be interested, it is nice, a publisher’s first full volume, I think ^^

Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku [English, 202 pictures], by Maruta, is now UNCENSORED, in TANK SCANS (and retouched, little bonus ^^)

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Natural girls have a unique charm. They're not porn. They must be real, somewhere, and plenty of times...

A day with a decensored tank is a good day :D
Here, thanks to DaddyDoggie, Maruta’s Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku manga is now available, in fully decensored tank scans, enjoy, my dear pervs, enjoy! ^_^

TBH I’m not fully sure, has DaddyDoggie decensored it? Or has he ported the English version into the decensored scans that existed for the French, and maybe Japanese versions?
No clue. Don’t care. If it weren’t from DaddyDoggie we’d still have it in its censored ugly magazine scans version, so it’s all good =)

Little personal bonus, I noticed the non-decensored pictures were looking average, their surfaces were grey and not black, and were quite spotty with defects; I corrected that. In the end of the volume, I placed a before/after image.

I replaced the censored version with the new decensored version,
you can get it HERE!

Kinyou Sankan [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sailor Moon series, by Black Dog

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I'm a huge fan of slanted eyes in hentai

Oh, it had already been 2 years since I last shared a Black Dog volume. Apologies for that, but between the censorship and the loli, I didn’t feel quite motivated to share more.
Until now, this volume’s got enough of what I love, so I’m good with it =)

Long story short, in this release, an opponent makes Sailor Venus extremely horny before he’s defeated, and next thing we know, Venus needs the help of 3 human teenagers to vent off her urges, next is the usual Black Dog ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Look, I don’t promise you a porn jewel, I feel this volume is below Black Dog’s average quality. How to say… it’s good, but not the quality that made me become a fan of Black Dog, that made the artist stand apart from the rest of the hentai production.
It’s still got the fundamentals, the art style, the blushing, the proud breasts, the horny Sailor girl… At at least the censorship is tolerable on most of the panels, it’s been a lot worse lately!

We owe this release to FF7/Lance, thank you! :jap:

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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A man needs a name

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… I tried for several minutes to find a non-embarrassing way to ask, but to hell with it, I need your help sourcing a JAV actress, period :D

I’ve found on a certain porn treasure trove called Planetsuzy a video (links: here, and there, that second link comes with a streaming possibility; it’s not my upload so if the links die, not my problem) and really, really loved the girl starring in it. Not moaning as much as usual (my biggest “yikes” with JAV productions), not enough in the bust department, an adorable face, good body movement, a splendid maid outfit… I’d like more of her :twisted:

I didn’t find who she was, though. So, fellow porn lovers, please, if you know who she is (and even better, have links to other uncensored movies with her), I humbly ask you, do share the information :)

Shame on me, my April’s fools day prank has been a failure

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For this April’s fools day, I’ve pulled a prank, and I was finding myself evil, slightly witty and, all things considered, doing an OK job at the very least.
Or that was my impression.

Apparently, it’s been totally unnoticed, save one or two persons T_______T

Basically, that year, it’s you guys who pranked me, by making me feel bad about a badly brought joke, sob. Et tu, hentaier.


Here’s the gist: I commissioned my good old Desudesu for the scanlation of Jimiko To Ichinichijuu Sex volumes 1 and 3, but I asked for two versions:
– a normal version,
– and a version entirely in Comic Sans, without antialiasing on the fonts, with broken speech bubbles placement, no redrawing, no? backgrounds cleaning.
In which I added myself a fuckton of spelling mistakes, typing mistakes, with my final touch, the UHHNGGNGYEH!!! cries of orgasm.

I thought I would bring out cries of horror, complaints I shouldn’t even have brought this shit out to the internet. But no, the zip download figures were sky-high, so apparently a ton of people downloaded it without a second thought :shock:

Conclusion? I should have made it look even MORE horrible :twisted:


Anyway. I’m sorry the prank was too lightweight and failed to shock and horrify everyone. The proper version, the REAL scanlation commissioned from Desudesu, will be coming shortly :)

A twitter thread that will probably interest you, on censorship and hentai sales

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I’m making a post about it before I forget to mention it on Hentairules, may I encourage you to read this EXTREMELY interesting twitter thread written (in English) by a Japanese publisher, On Takahashi, from Irodori Comics?

It covers censorship in Japan, and explains why it’s growing stronger over time, in a socio-economic context that’s becoming more and more hostile with each year. I was greatly underestimating the preposterous scale of censorship, the pressure that weighs on everybody’s shoulders.

It ends on a note that took me by surprise, explaining that going after the localized English versions supports the artists…
Not just financially, that much ought to be obvious, we may pirate tons of contents, but that’s no reason not to buy good shit when we can, isn’t it?… But also in regards to the acceptance of censorship, as they’re glad to bring their REAL work they created, before it was disfigured, to an audience who loves it, without censorship imposed by moral bigots.

That was not just interesting, that was enlightening. Read it guys :D


Last thing. We’re all stuck at home, some of us can’t work anymore, and the same goes for the artists. No more convention to sell their books for the foreseeable future for them, many less customers visiting the brick and mortar shops in which their works are published.

If you were hesitating to buy digital versions of their works, now’s a pretty good time for that. You could go for the Fakku books, the 2D-Market doujinshi, the Project-H editions, if you prefer to have them in English. Or hit the Patreons of the artists you love. Whatever works. I’m not saying where I spend my money, I’m always that paranoid bloke who doesn’t want his name exposed, but I’m doing my part ^^
Well, you get the idea, now’s a pretty good time to think of those Japanese guys bringing the world the best form of pornography there has ever been.

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