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Thanks to a cool guy named “Toohip” I now know the name and origin of a manga I recently posted (“powapowa” in the origin), and I also found that I had already uploaded another english chapter of the same manga by the same artist (“the tears of love and love juice”). Toohip also explained me who released it, hentai-enishi, and who translated it, AGL.
The information has been added to the two posts.

If I should make an entry page for Hentairules…

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(Remember to view the updated list of all Black Dog’s works on Hentairules)

I sometimes wondered, what if I had to make an entry page for Hentairules ?

You know, the kind of page where you are told that you can only enter if you are over 18 years old, and if yes, CLICK HERE to enter ?

Well, I finally found the picture that would have been perfect for the “ENTER HERE” stage. I would have mapped the jpeg so that you need to precisely click the right spot in order to be able to enter !


(from Gold Experience, by Black Dog)

That would have been fitting, don’t you think ? :D

Why I Like Black Dog

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Here’s a small talk, just to share my feeling that Black Dog is an awesome mangaka and deserves to be fully discovered. I hope to convince you to discover Black Dog if you don’t know him yet :)

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL Black Dog’s Works on HentaiRules)

He’s one of my five most favorite mangakas, really ! If you’ve seen his japanese works without ever reading a translation of his works, you’ve seen half of his talent. I share some of his works here on hentairules, I’ll share more in the future, use the search field (keyword “black dog”) to see it.

(you can see here The List to My Black Dog Collection, if you’re curious)

First, of course, he’s drawing awesomely hardcore pictures. I hate to say it, but many hentai drawers give me the impression they haven’t yet had sex, or else I don’t understand how they can draw so un-realistically. Black Dog knows how to be realistic, oh yeah.

He’s got something special when drawing oral sex, unlike many mangakas, he’s not only content with showing us girls totally swallowing a long rod, he can focus on other details, even more agreable than “big mouthfuls” when the girl knows how to do it nice.

Doggy style is also very well made, with girls keeping a candid look… That candid look will be always present, even when the girls can’t hide she likes what’s happening.

black dog

After too much waiting, finally he started drawing anal style too…

black dog black dog

Group sex is awesome, he knows how to show many girls together, few drawers can do it well…

black dog

And last but not least, he’s one of those few FUNNY drawers. Sometimes the characters will talk to you, telling, in fact “don’t worry, the talk is over, the fuck will begin”. Or he’ll draw for the pleasure funny scenes, or represent the heroines in Super-Deformed style…

black dog

When I think of it, I can think of nobody else but Black Dog, in fact, to have all those talents :)

Glossary and explanation of the words

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Update : I moved everything on THAT other page of Hentairules :)

Depositfiles (zip downloads) help and explanations

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I use 4 hosting services for my zip files : rapidshare, megaupload, easy-share and depositfiles. Rapidshare works fairly well, and if you can change IP (lucky bastard, I’ve got a persistent IP that changes once per year), an IP change will kill the long wait between two downloads from them. Megaupload and easy-share sometimes load a blank page when you want to start the download : try again and it will work. Easy-Share sometimes downloads a 1 kb file : try the download again (“shit happens”). The big piece is depositfiles, though !

There has been people having problems with my zipped download links, hosted at depositfiles, so I have gathered here some explanation links, written by me :

– depositfiles (like all free hosts) will try to make you believe you have to pay or install a toolbar. False : you can download without paying, without installing a toolbar. Read the whole explanation on why depositfiles is doing it

– what if the mirrors are dead and, for the main (first) link, his own link, depositfiles demands a payment ? That started happening recently, when their download link (not the mirrors, THEIR link) is replaced with a payment page.) There is a way to download the file without paying or installing anything. Read the whole explanation

– there is a tool to resume broken depositfiles downloads, very handy for people with slow or bad connexions, Read the whole explanation

– depositfiles and the mirrors : depositfiles offers now, if his own links are not available, mirrors at rapidshare, megaupload, mytempdir and moolad. So that means I don’t need to mirror my files anymore, I feel !

Because I’m honest, I also inform you that I have chosen depositfiles and not other hosts because, with equal quality, they give me a bit of money. In february, that paid me and my wife and kid a restaurant at the end of the month, for instance (“tagliatelli salmonata”, yummy). You can also use depositfiles like that, read more if you’re interested.

Problems with the .zip downloads ?

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(This page is a part of the “explanations about depositfile and zip downloads” group of pages.)

There are sometimes people saying my zip and avi download links don’t work, or believing they are paying links.

I have depositfiles as a host, but every free file hosting service will use the same tricks. Learn those tricks to avoid them, and understand what they mean, the explanation comes.

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