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I’m back, at last !

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You may have noticed I didn’t post anything for four days ? The reason is : I was invited on a marriage. So, for a while, I was invited in a “thermal town” (honestly I don’t know what’s the name for it in english, a town with hot water sources and luxurious hotels and sightseeing places all around), all fees offered by the bride’s family (very rich, my cousin had made the right choice :D ), leisuring and doing nothing but having fun and eating great food.

The best moment was the priest’s homely (er, not sure it’s the right word, you know, the priest’s speech during the religious wedding) : the priest resembled Rowan Atkinson in Four Marriages and a Funeral – and made the same kind of speech ! Awesome ! Comparing marital life to playing golf, quoting Bismark (yeah, “the” Bismark from Prussia), saying accidentally the wrong words instead of the right religious words, forgetting to ask the future weds to exchange the rings… Everyone in the audience was coughing very hard to hide laughter, until the bride herself starting laughing out loud and missed falling off her chair. Ownage :D
*cough* – Well, even the best things must end, and i’m back. I’ll post new things very soon, I hope you like them as well as the previous ones, and if you do, please, share and publicize the link to as broadly as you can ;)

Lol, just LOL !

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hentai LOL funny picture

That picture is just too funny :D
Honestly I don’t manage to find other great funny hentai pictures. If you have some, why don’t you share them, upload them somewhere (like and share the URL in a comment :)

Edit : I found another one like that, with music !

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