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Redirection page: the works by Fue on Hentairules

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That blowjob picture. I'll nevet get bored of that one. RHA !

Here is the list of all the works by Fue (circle Ronpaia) that I share on Hentairules :)

Fue’s got plenty of talent, his girls are always meaty and lovely, but what makes the mangaka unique among his (her?) peers is the oral action. I’d say NOBODY draws better deepthroat action, and with Fue, there’s plenty of that :twisted:

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.

            Episode 1

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Good news: Shoujo Seiiki, “Girls Sanctuary” (208 pictures), is finally COMPLETELY translated :)

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Feast on this guys, this is the only real pussy you'll get in this lesbian manga ^^;;

Five years ago, I shared an incomplete version of Shoujo Seiiki, missing its 4th chapter.
And finally, that last part was translated, from now on, Girls Sanctuary is complete, it’s a 208 pages long pretty cute (although the images are too small in my eyes, by 2019 standards) yuri hentai manga, with sweet vanilla moments :)

I went the lazy way and simply updated the links in the original post.
So, to get the finally completed manga, simply follow that link! :)

Hitoduma Inran Sousenkyo, by Ozaki Akira, is now available in a new version, in high resolution, and with a lot less censorship :)

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Much better already, in that version.

I have some good news for you, a new version of Hitoduma Inran Sousenkyo has been released, with two great improvements, regarding censorship and image resolution.

In the previous version of Hitoduma Inran Sousenkyo
– the images were eiter 1200 or 1523-1525 pixels high
– Half a chapter had black censorship bars, everything else was made with gigantic maximum whiteout censorship leaving nothing for the eye at all

In the present new reedited version,
– the images are all in high resolution, 2455 px
– the censorship is “only” made of thick black bars. I don’t say that’s awesome in itself, but this is a net improvement.
For a comparison, here’s an example, a same picture from the old version and from the new version.

The reedit was performed by Ongokakashi and Baha815, using scans provided by Jo.To, thank you very much for all the work it’s been! :jap:

Long story short, for the new version, simply follow that link! ^_^

Good news: Sensei Ni Dashitee (“It Ejaculates In The Teacher”), Jammings’s 217 pages long manga, has been decensored! :)

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Enjoy your fap!

I’m quite busy with work and stuff, I could only prepare one share today. Bear with me, things are getting calmer after today ^^

Here, this is yet another complete manga, released a fair number of years ago, that has been decensored by DaddyDoggie: Jamming’s Sensei Ni Dashitee. At the time of its censored release, back in 2010, it came under its poetic English title, It Ejaculates In The Teacher.
The drawings are a festival of quality hardcore action, tons of intense vaginal sex (and, what, two pages of anal lol good luck finding it ;) ), the girls are on the meaty side with fantastic breasts, most of them are teachers between their twenties and thirties.

I’m glad that one joined the ranks of the uncensored horde, it’s a great addition, thanks DaddyDoggie! :D

Sensei Ni Dashitee, now decensored, is available HERE, enjoy! :)

Darjeeling To Koi O Shimashita [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Chacharan

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Still adorable.

In this Girls Und Panzer doujinshi, Pekoe brings Darjeeling a lost kid, maybe an early teenager, and while Pekoe searches for the missing parents, Darjeeling will help him forget about his worries.
… Yeah.

If it weren’t for the shotacon trope, I would have had no issues with the doujinshi: very little censorship (thin white bars), a smiling cute girl with beautiful breasts, it’s enough to enjoy a manga.
Well, it’s your call, as always!
Thanks to Herreis, Satoshi and Dabor, from Hennojin! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Darjeeling To Maho To No Koi Yakusoku and Darjeeling To No Renai Moyou.

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Kouen Bokujou Milk Party (“Public Farm Milk Party”) [English], by Takorina Gahaku

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If we put the girl and the 3 boys together, we may reach an IQ of 100. Not in averages, in addition of the individual values.

A healthy highschool girl has a rare condition: her huge breasts are spontaneously lactating even though she’s not pregnant. Fortunately, there are the neighbourhood kids who help her out and, bonus, group bang her like professionals on the first try ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Don’t fret the small details, huhu. There’s very little censorship (only thin semi-transparent bars, sometimes none at all), the art is pretty good, if it weren’t for the shota theme all is fine with this release :)

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also shareOnee-chan No Nikubenki (“Onee-chan, the Slut”).

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