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Update announcement regarding 3 works by Shinozuka Yuuji

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The most erotic part was the blindfold falling to the ground

So, yeah, I’m extra late in making that update, apologies and all ;)

– I replaced the censored full-color version of Delivery Sex with its decensored version.
Get it here.

– I replaced the censored grayscale version of Delivery Sex with its decensored version.
In addition, this grayscale version received an addition, a four-pages short bonus, called Sanae-san’s Summer Vacation.
Get it here.

– I made a brand new share, for One Time Gal Zenpen, its full-color Uncensored version.
Before today, I was only sharing a censored grayscale version of One Time Gal Zenpen and Kouhen (here). Now, the decensored colorized version comes as an alternative addition.
If I accidentally failed to throw you into a pit of confusion (my own superpower), that still leaves, indeed, the second half of the One Time Gal series, “Kouhen”, only existing in its censored grayscale version.

I believe all those updates were released by Ochoh, thank you very much :jap:

The decensored version of Koukuu Bokan Houshou Desu, by Takayama Chihiro, has been reedited in a MUCH better digital version :)

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An invitation a man wants to accept

Would you remember Koukuu Bokan Houshou Desu, that I shared 4 months ago? Decensored by J.B.Random, upon a commission by Ibuyfineart?
Here’s the good news: a new version, based on much better digital scans, is now available. Once again thanks to JBR and Ibuyfineart :)

The differences would be brand new typesetting, and a much better image quality: no more blurry lines, perfect surfaces no more damaged by the artefacts stemming from paper printing printing. It’s still in high res, only now it looks even better, basically :D
Look, a comparison, you’d better click the images to view them in full-size (not resized to fit to screen) in your web browser:
the previous version VS the new version :twisted:
(On those, look at the blush lines, or the woman’s hair, notice the blurry lines are now sharp…)

The new version of Koukuu Bokan Houshou Desu is available HERE :)
Once again, thanks a LOT to Ibuyfineart and J.B. Random! ^_^

A mea culpa, and various unrelated notes

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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, please chain me to a radiator, stick a MAGA cap on my head and yell at me in German, I made a mistake in my last Alice No Takarabako share, Naomi Kaede Wa Majime De Sukebe.
I wrote the female heroine was one of the Souma family members, but, nope, she wasn’t. Next thing, I thought – and wrote – she was the class prez we see in Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land #4. But I was wrong again, the mangaka explained in a postcript page I didn’t read she was just a lookalike.
I offer you my humble apologies for providing you with false information, and express my thanks to Kurzwaltz Messer and Kayna for bearing with my screwups and posting corrections in the comments :jap:


Next thing, no relation, but I should have mentioned it, Last Summer, by Kuro No Miki, had a small update a day after I shared it, 3 updated pages for small details, it’s explained in the post.


Oh, the gigatorrent? I’m still on it, I’m extremely busy with offline things this month, worry not, it will come.

Well, erm, I’m done.

But you know what, because why the hell not, I’ll share this youtube video music, one of my greatest musical discoveries of 2018, Mana, by Equilibrium, a 16 minutes long instrumental jewel, halfway between prog rock and metal.¬† As with any decent prog rock instrumental, there are several movements, each of them worthy, in my opinion at least, for the rest, it’s up to you ^^

Dawn Of The Silver Dragon volume 4, by Mukai Masayoshi, is now in its TANK version, and I also updated the links to volumes 1-2-3

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At long last, this is over, fucking good riddance

A kind person called Bientaimon has ported to tankoubon scans Dawn Of The Silver Dragon 4. Thanks for this!
The differences would be:
– Larger and/or better images. Before today, the English volume 4 used magazine scans, that were either low res (as low as 1200 px, now it’s 1600 px, but TBH some magazine scans were in superior resolution such as 1800 px or 2000 px) and/or in poor quality (blurry, weird colours, less detailed, etc.)
– More contents, we went from 196 pictures to, now, 254 pictures. Basically, more sex, simply.

I’m still not a fan of this series, the scenario sucks big hairy unclean HIV-positive monkey balls. But, eh, a tank’s a tank.
I also fixed, when they were broken, the gallery or zip links for the volumes 1-3. Oh, and I retouched the pics of the volume 1, in 2008 I could tolerate shitty scans, but 11 years later I’ve learnt to batch retouch them to make them look okay in a jiffy.

Enjoy, if you’re a fan of mindbreak, domination, rape, pathetic evil keikakus… or simply excellent art with hardly any censorship.

The links:
volume 1 (now retouched) – volume 2volume 3volume 4 (now in tank scans)

Erm, this is embarrassing, but could I ask you for help with my future gigatorrent?

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Hello guys, here’s an embarrassing plea for help…

As you know, I prepare a huge torrent with all my past shares in January, but I have made a series of mistakes, and I would need help to get back some data that isn’t present anymore on my disks, to add it to my torrent.
Here’s the 2006-2017 gigatorrent link :)

This concerns the hentai audios that were previously in my gigatorrent. At the moment, I don’t have them anymore on any of my disks (again: I screwed up; I have no excuses, I’m not even going to try to find alibis.)


Final EDIT: all’s good now. THANK YOU very much for those who put the audios back in seed, I finally got the last audio rar file that was still incomplete, you guys rule :kickass:

Merry new year 2019 to all you perverts :)

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I’ll just hope you guys had an easier year 2018 than me, and wish you all a fucking GREAT year 2019, may it bear great fruit, and be worth living :D

It’s weird somehow, maybe? Hentai should be just yet another form of porn, and yet it feels – no, it is – like an extended family, a stress relief, a way to bring smiles back into my life and earnestly hopefully into other people’s lives too. Long story short, thank you guys for being part of this highly enjoyable ride, doesn’t matter if you’re a scanlator, a reader, a blog commenter, a customer (y’know, Fakku, 2-D Market and all), being around it all and around you all is totally worth it.
Cheers to you, and to 2019!! :)

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