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Excellent news: Yu~waku Everyday, an excellent 217 pages long tank, by Gemu555, is now DECENSORED! \o/

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In that case I'll pick the tighter one with no impregnation risks and superior doggystyle power, thank you very much

Oh, NICE! A very good complete tank, that I shared in 2015, has been decensored!! :shock: :woot:
A fine job done by TeddyBear, thank you very much :jap:

This is Temptation Everyday, Yu~waku Everyday, by Gemu555. Tons of excellent enthusiastic action, comedy ingredients, plenty of womanmeat and even love!! ^____^

Let’s not waste time: To get Yu~Waku Every Day, simply follow that link! :)

Great news: Enkou Ojisan, by Shiwasu No Okina, 281 pages, is now UNCENSORED, and in high res!! ^_^

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I humbly apologize, I managed to let this slip under my radar, the release of the decensored version of Enkou Ojisan.
So, erm, well, yeah, here’s for the one-week-old news, this hentai piece of art, source of joy and frenetic faps, is now available without those annoying censorship bars :twisted:

And not just that: the image resolution jumped from a paltry 1500 px to much better 2313 px (maybe at a cost, I felt the images were a tad blurry, but hopefully that’s just me.)

The decensoring work has been done by a good person called Calaberito, thank you! :jap:

To get the now decensored Enkou Ojisan, simply follow that link! :)

My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK has been updated :)

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Shiwasu No Okina ABSOLUTELY rules ! o_O

Just to let you know, I have updated my Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK, once again it contains everything I share on Hentairules by Shiwasu No Okina :)

This time, the update is made of
– a great update to Enkou Ojisan, now it’s high res and decensored!!
– a new release, Sunohara-sou De Chichichichi Mitai Nano
– an old share I had forgotten to add to the complete pack, Shaimusurakugaki
– and small cleanups, the removal of two chapter-long shares become obsolete as they also belong in full volumes (Camii Dock and The Day Before The Saint Cherry Blossom Festival), and the removal of a duplicate (don’t ask me why, I had two versions of Live Broadcast Tsumugi Mariko in this pack.)

I still didn’t include a new short series starting, called “Back To The Shining“. For the moment it’s not even a chapter long if you look at the page count, so, eh, maybe we can wait a bit more, it would be SO frustrating.

A friendly push for

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A quick intro by Oliver, after this, these won’t be my lines:
Call me chauvinistic if you will, but I’ve got a soft spot for companies from my little country launching themselves at the internet’s throat and proudly delivering English contents on the market :kickass:
I’ve been contacted a few months ago by the guys behind Eroges, and I’ve finally agreed to have a post of them appear on Hentairules, in which they’d try to convince you to play their stuff. Yeah, they’re paying me for it (I’ll have 1.5 oil refills in my car for what I’m getting, guess, lol ^^), it’s not like I’m trying to hide it :)

Hentai lovers please accept this invitation to check out!, hentai games successfully brings together, on one website, many free-to-play and hentai games. At Eroges you will be able to play, for free, games like Gods of Hentai which is a free-to-play hentai MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games). also has plenty of hentai visual novels like Oppai Café, drawn by Noa Ichikawa, or the latest title, futanari Detective Masochist.

One thing that sets apart is that you can read the text in both French and English (sometimes in other languages too), and most of them are completely uncensored.

You will also see rare deals on Nukige – ero games – with several Japanese companies like Ume Soft, Ammolite or Appetite. has big plans and hopes to expand its catalog with new exclusive titles by this summer to offer you the highest quality content with as much diversity as possible.

If you are a fan of hentai, you will love !

Listed below are some of the latest available free-to-play games:

Booty Calls MMORPG Gods of Hentai Hentai Heroes Naughty Empire free to play now has over one million registered players which means that you will always have plenty of like-minded people wanting to play your favorite games with you. Although the games are free to play, some motivated players step it up a notch by buying the optional Erogolds, the platform’s virtual money, to make their characters more powerful. Please do consider this when you are playing…

We can’t recommend enough that you check out Gods of Hentai and the story of the Hentaiheroes, of course it is totally uncensored and available in either English or French.

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Just in case…

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I was reminded of this manga thanks to a comment I saw in the blog admin, and you know what, I’m going to post about it ;)

So, dear folks, if you haven’t read Believe Machine yet, a masterpiece by Ozaken that I shared six years ago, please, treat yourselves.

The manga is beautiful, moving, even if a minuscule bit, we’re not exactly the same after we’ve finished reading it.
(Down to Earth advice, if you want to rub one out on it, don’t wait for the final chapter.)

Ah, I was forgetting. An update: Muneshiro’s Taiiku Kyoushi Wa Netori Jouzu has been updated with a new version

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Props to Hive-san and CellTF, Taiiku Kyoushi Wa Netori Jouzu, by Muneshiro, has been replaced by a new version :)

Hive only wrote this update covered typos and stuff without further details, and expressed gratitude to CellTF for his help with quality checking. I didn’t spot those typos when I read the manga, but I noticed better levels and minor details changed, look here: before / after.
I added my own almost invisible retouching: img > img > img > img.

Good news, another nice share has been decensored: Mamatomo Aki No Shinbokukai (“The Mother Club’s Fall Casual Meetup”), by Nishi Iori :)

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Glory to all hot MILFs, GLORY! :D

Here’s an update to my liking, one of the best MILF hentai mangas of those last months, Mamatomo Aki No Shinbokukai, has been decensored :)
To get its new uncensored version, simply follow that link ;)

The decensoring was made by Varkatzas666, I gladly give the links again, for his English decensoring blog and his Spanish sharing blog, thank you very much! ^_^

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