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Pack of 331 nice western-style uncensored porn pictures by the artist RenX

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Crude, graphic, no artistic pretentions, straight hardcore, that's the gist, as in this pictures.

It’s not often that the picture packs I share are so distant from the familiar Japanese drawing styles, those images, in the present pack, very, very strongly are US-porn and US-comics styled. Like it or hate it, hey, it’s up to you and your personal tastes :)

Personally, I wasn’t enthusiastic. Some images were OK, but some others were, as odd as it may seem, too weird for me. Maybe I got bad vibes from what I read (and more) about the artist’s dishonest practices, or it’s really a problem of personal tastes, as tattooed, too thin, or fucked-up-in-the-head girls aren’t my thing, I’m not sure.

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Princess Peach In: Thanks Mario, an hilarious parody of Super Mario, by Witchking00

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Just... LOL!


– Princess Peach.

Oh boy. I laughed super hard with that one ^_^
Long story short, Mario has come to save at last Princess Peach, but she took the wait quite… badly. Let’s say she harbours some grudge towards Mario, and, yes, he’s going to have sex with her, but, no, that’s not going to happen the way he hoped ^_____^

The dialogues are very crude, the comedy is overwhelming, Peach is drawn with a huge butt and a crazy rack, it was weird and great, haha ^^
Thanks to whoever is behing the release of that one, it’s a parody I won’t forget ^^

A shameful note, while I’m at it. In Super Mario Baseball, Peach, with her short pink outfit, is super hot. First time I felt like rule 34’ing her. We need adult parodies of Peach in Super Mario Baseball.

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Here comes my Second Frozen Adult Pack! With 23 videos, 91 animated gifs, and 24 still images :)

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Remember my Frozen Adult Pack, dated june 2014 ?
Here’s a second, bigger pack, enjoy, my dear pervs :beer:

As base, I used a  huge pack of contents send by a kind anon (to which I added a few items I grabbed over time), thank you so much, man! ^_^
Those contents: TONS of Frozen porn :twisted:

– Mostly animated gifs, 92 of them. I pruned the gifs for you, because there were originally lots of duplicates or items already present in my previous Frozen Porn Pack.
– Videos: 21 of them, oh fuck YEAH!!
Some of these videos are duplicates to the gifs (I’d say, a third of them), but even then, they’re in much smoother animation quality and greater picture dimensions
– A few still images.
Almost everything is heterosexual sex, there may be a dozen lesbian or futa files in total.

I hope you’ll enjoy this pack, me, I’ll delicately say it suited my tastes, Anna kinda sets a part of me on fire :3

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

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3 Works by Western Artist “Jumusus”

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Free Image Hosting

Hiya Troops, it’s your Favorite Perverted-Cat-In-Heat DeltaOblivion with the 3rd pack I was supposed to share 2 weeks ago; but my internet was acting up and when I was going to report it, some sons of bitches stole 400 feet of telephone wires and to make matters worse, I live in a dead zone, no cell bars whatsoever, a nomophobe’s worse nightmare. And last week was my birthday, so I took a week worth’s vacation. I am 480 in cat years, try figure out my age on that. XD

Anyhoo, back to the shares first up, I said to myself when Oliver made me a guest here on Hentairules that I will only post Japanese Hentai only, but then I find the works of this artist: Jumusus. Honestly I hate western muscle girl artists. All they do is show-off the characters build. Who gives a damn about a show!? Where in holy hell is the sex!? None of them knows what we really want in a muscle girl story except for this guy. Jumusus, Aretxa, to anyone who knows this artist please, I’m practically begging here, show the other artists how a real muscle girl comic is suppose to be by making more of it like these. The title I give myself: “Perverted-Cat-In-Heat” is not just used as an insult and other things, but it also means that I am a Hentai Connoisseur. Those other artists are fakes, phonies and charlatans in my arrogant opinion. These works are truly gold. What am I saying? Calling it gold is not the right word. Platinum! Yes that’s the right word to describe these works. Many, many thanks to Jumusus and I hope we see more of these.

Free Image HostingFree Image HostingFree Image HostingThe Goddess of Strength and Fertility Picture Gallery

A Passionate Lovestory about Justice, Loyalty and Strength Picture Gallery

Making My Sister Feel Better Picture Gallery

8.15 MB, 52 Pictures

Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Sunstone chapters 1-4 (Complete) and 5 (Ongoing)

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The absolute best western comic I know, for both the lesbian and bondage sides of it. An absolute recommendation from me.

There used to be a time I thought bondage was uncool. Hentai and comics made me change my mind, it actually deserves great respect and it’s pretty darn cool in itself.
First things first, my thanks are for ParacetJunkie, who reminded me of the Sunstone Series, that I had only known at its very beginning three years ago.
And of course, huge praise to Shiniez, the artist who draws Sunstone!!
Shiniez has a lively DeviantArt page with lots of bonuses, and he also sells printed copies of his books, the volume Three’s preorder period just started BTW…

Sunstone is “sensible” BDSM , we follow two women who are into bondage, and the bunch of people around them. They are “human” persons, not caricatural or oversimplified for cartoon reasons. They have weaknesses, strengths, aspirations, it’s easy to partially identify with them, to love them, and there are several moments when I laughed. Bondage is seen “intellectually”, as a relationship of trust, where the control comes from top and bottom… that is so interesting!
Look, if I recommend a BDSM work, chances are you can more or less know what not to expect : I think this is REALLY worth discovering :)

As for the drawings : RHAYUMMOAR ! :twisted: Just a warning, this isn’t hardcore, it should be categorized as “ecchi”, there are no visible genitalia – but I wouldn’t care about that last detail, in the present situation. The art is among the most splendid pieces of drawn western comic I ever saw.

If you liked this, then – should you still not know these – I’ll VERY strongly recommend you Maka Maka (for the lesbian side, this is the GREATEST lesbian work I EVER read) and, on the BDSM side, Nana To Kaoru and Escape Creator.

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Pack of Adult comics by the artist Melkor (Also Known As Romulo Mancin)

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An amazing artist. And now... Well, I'll need some privacy *cough* :D

First, thanks to Xavier, who sent me this pack and suggested I shared it!
Second, the link to the artist’s official site!
I found in the end, Romulo Mancin, AKA Melkor, has an active website, from which you can purchase a membership to get access to everything he’s drawing. Seems like the works Xavier sent me are only a fraction of Melkor’s production, so there’s more if you accept to reward the artist: comics, single images, various themes… Melkor, in his former website, was also taking commissions, I wonder if that’s still a possibility.

Third, the porn :D These are western-style comics with a manga inspiration here and there, it’s uncensored to boot, and drawn with splendid talent. Hardcore as fuck, oral, vaginal, anal, easy sex, and sometimes fantasy inspirations from anime (Tenchi Muyo! :D ) or video games (Final Fantasy IV! My beloved Rydia!! :shock: :woot: ), or with also well-found comedy tricks (like in The Pie Conundrum…)
I hope you’ll enjoy it, and give Melkor’s website a chance maybe :)

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Euro-Pornoland France

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I want to share this with you guys ;)
The memory came back as I was reading the glorious Oideyo Mizuryu Kei Land : there was this French comic I bought in 1996, called Putain De Télé by the cartoonists Stan & Vince, and in there, there was already a sexual theme park!

That park had been “invented” by, I give you, WALT DISNEY HIMSELF! UNCLE WALT!! Brought back from the dead, by a desperate Disney CEO needing fresh ideas to get his company out of the red! :D

I took the liberty of photographing four pages from my comic book, and, very quickly, very dirtily, I edited and translated them to English. (Don’t judge it like a scanlation, I really did no effort about typesetting, placing, proofreading or anything. Even if I wanted, it would have looked like crap. Actually, I only have one regret, writing “Watch!” instead of “Behold!”.)
Take a look at them, huhu, you’ll see Mizuryu Kei has been burnt, somebody else had invented the concept 18 years ago :twisted:

(The images are left from left to right, this time)

Or in gallery here.

Stan & Vince have published many more works, and Putain De Télé (“Fucking TV”) can be found online here for instance, reading it again was a pleasure ^_^

Or click this dropdown list to choose a precise page: