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Chitose chapters 1-2 [English], by Yuki Seto

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Perhaps the only picture in which the censorship doesn't make you want to scream

Have my tastes evolved, am I exceedingly glorifying the past, adorning it with a undeserved gold tint, or has Yuki Seto become less of an hentai god?

See, here, this Chitose series. The art is excellent, no two ways around it, but I feel it isn’t godlike anymore. Only, yeah, excellent. And I’m not saying it because of the full whiteout censorship, I doubt the mangaka has a say in this (who would go “omg yay please ruin my work with dumbass censorship”?), the art’s excellent even with that amount of censorship.

And then, the scenario… Yuki Seto’s always been an artist playing on the border between states, between nasty and cool, between fucked up and “normal”, between spooky and stereotypical, has it struck you before? But more than before, with the present share, the border is placed around netorare vibes, not fully, but enough to make the reader feel either ill at ease (Oliver represent) or disappointed (NTR lovers), I think…

Ah, sorry for the ramblings, it’s best you see for yourselves, you got the basic info anyway, excellent art censored to death and ambient netorare vibrations.
Enjoy! And thanks to Elephant Bottle and Kite516/anon! :jap:

(MOAR! Don’t miss The List of Yuki Seto’s Works on HentaiRules!)

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Seika Jogakuin Koutoubu Kounin Sao Oji-san volume 2 [English], by Kurosu Gatari

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That girl was so hot, and her smile, her smile!!

Now, that is SUPER rare: male prostitution. Without the degrading or humiliating part, simply, it’s a man looking around thirty, needing money to repay debts, selling his services to a prestigious school, for elite female students to have strictly private hardcore relief.

In this second volume (the first volume doesn’t exist – yet? – in English), we see the school’s female principal (she’s everything you could imagine, glasses, nylon, looking stern, a huge slut once she takes off her panties) trying the male prostitute to see if he’ll be fit for the job, and then, in the largest part of the volume, our male MC is with a track and field girl.
The girl has a secret kink, to broadcast her sex to a streaming platform with her face barely hidden, and so you’ll have bloomers sex with a tanned muscular girl adressing sexual teasing to her audience :3

My own, personal point of view? HUGE DOPE. True, there’s thick black bar censorship, but everything else was great, from the athletic girl’s body to her super cheeky, proud to be slutty, smile, haaaaa, a new fap fantasy has risen =)

I hope the release will also be to your tastes, my dear filthy perverts ^^ Thanks a lot to CrowKarasu, really! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Furyou Mama No Yudan, Mama Ga Kawari Ni, Alola No Yoru No Sugata 2 and Alola No Yoru No Sugata 3.

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Oshi 🤍 Ego [English], by Hyji

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Footjob amateurs, enjoy. Me, I'll pass ^^

Don’t catch a stern female teacher masturbating alone in the classroom at night, or else you’ll be enrolled as her fuckbuddy, you poor soul who definitely underestimates the lust level of a 30-years old looking woman :lol:

Here’s a nice Hyji release, I hope you’ll enjoy it!
The picture resolution is damnably low (1242 px), but other than that it’s pretty good, I’d say ^^

It’s been released by Mystery Meat Translations, thank you!

By this same artist, I also share Kegare (195 pictures), Low Return (205 pictures, Uncensored), Juicy (197 pictures), Asemizu (“Sweaty Women”) (189 pictures, Uncensored), Cho Danchizuma Keiko (175 pictures, Uncensored), Kinjo Yuuwaku Teruhiko To Okaa-san Hen (parts 1-2-3: Joshou, Zenpen, Kouhen, 153 pictures, complete series), S The Second Story Of Hyji 1-4 (100 pictures), Kinjo Yuuwaku Musuko O Yobai Ni Sasou Haha Hen (85 pictures), Tempting The Husband, Omoiai, Fega, Kazoku Danran, a pack of 2 works (Momoka Gen And Kyouko + Natsuyasumi Mae), Kinjo Yuuwaku Mama Hen parts 1-2, Tsuma Hajike, Top Of The Bitch, and Katekyoto chapters 5-8.

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Itten Kousei [English], by 7zu7 (AKA Nazunaya Honpo)

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Either that new body is very flexible, or we're talking about destroyed articulations here

Gender bender, typically, has two main hentai routes. Either the “WTF am I even reading” comedy route, of which I am, honestly, quite fond, it’s refreshing and gives a sense of renewal. And the “unplanned body change + maxxed sensibility + horny man around initiating things without lots of consent” route that is not rape as this is immediately feeling good and the genderbent MC quickly loves being a woman and a sexual object.

Apologies (or promises, matter of POV, right?) today is the second route. The male MC drinks the wrong drug and is turned, not into a hunk but into a babe, and next thing she knows a deliveryman is dicking her hard, etcetera ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At least, graphically, it’s rather OK, not in my favourite drawing techniques, but it’s well delivered, objectively speaking.
Release credits are for Espeon and Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, 7zu7, circle Nazunaya Honpo, I also share Idol Refle Sex, Yurushite! Souryo-san, Alena-san Juu-sai and Sex Assistant.

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Yukemuri Harem Monogatari [English, 214 pictures], by Tachibana Omina

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RIP that boy's dick - totally worth it

Well… that is great :twisted:
Here is the complete Yukemuri Harem Monogatari manga, 214 pages long, Tachibana Omina’s latest harem story :)

To sum it up, it’s all about providing a female novelist with inspirational materials. She wants to learn firsthand about sex, and to insert real life sex stories into her new novel, and thus, hentai oblige, everyone present at the Inn she’s staying at will be involved, the female employee, the female boss, the female tourists, and the lucky bastard only male employee :woot:

The drawings are fantastic, as always. Plenty of women with godlike hourglass figures, splendid butts, charming smiles, breasts made for paizuri, what a group of lookers, dayum!
However, 80% of the manga contains huge whiteout censorship, only the last 20% are better with a few thin white lines, deal with it.

Honest warning, this release may have tank contents (cover, etcetera), save a final chapter, the rest is made of magazine-releases scans, making it, not a tankoubon, but a compilation. In case that’s not making sense to you, no worries, no shame, we’ve all been beginners in something, just read my glossary entry about tankoubons and magazines :)

Release credits are for Cgrascal, for the 4 first chapters, and, for the final 5th chapter, Supershanko and Raknnkar, from Raknnkar Scans, plus HentaiCore for the tank’s raws. Thank you VERY MUCH, I’m grateful :)

Do you want more harem? Check the list of Tachibana Omina’s shares! ^^

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Hotetta Karada O Hitorijime [English, 221 pictures], by Sabashi Renya

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Sigh. Actual scanlators might give up on the manga because of it :(

The same LOL LET US MERDUR ENGLIS LENGWEDGE kind of guys are back, once again with a tank by Sabashi Renya (╹◡╹

So, once again, HUGE WARNING: the English in this volume is DESPICABLE GARBAGE.
I highly doubt any of the BT&E “scanlators” speak English, and, naturally, while the logical solution would have been to ask help from a proofreader natively speaking English, they didn’t and are apparently going to rely on software programs.
There’s insider information in the comments of this post, if you’re curious.

Just as before, I’ll praise the drawing quality, praise the easygoing uncomplicated scenarii (two big arcs, a female teenager with a younger male teenager, from fuckbuddies to lovers, and two sisters lending each other their boyfriend), mention that, after all, we understand what’s going on at least… But I will strongly recommend you try reading the gallery first, before you consider downloading the manga’s zip archive to your disk. Chances are you’ll be so disgusted you’ll give up, and I will clearly not blame you.

By the same artist, I also share Tottemo Hot Na Chuushinbu (235 pictures), Koi No Tyunyu (231 pictures), Hajirai Body (230 pictures), Hokenshitsu No Sagara Sensei (203 pictures), Mitsudaku Kanojo (215 pictures), Momoiro Triangle 1-4 (107 pictures, new 2016 version), Yoi Shimai Series and Ano Toki No Kanojo.

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Ame No Hi Wa Nyotaika Shite Kimi O Matsu (“When It Rains, I Turn Into a Girl and Wait For You”) [English], by Labui

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The universal answer to "what would you do if you briefly changed sex"

A bit like the Ranma 1/2 main character, this share’s featuring a young man who, of course, when it starts raining, becomes a girl. Make it a violent downpour, he becomes a total babe, and with the lustful instincts as a bonus package.
One thing leading to another, I’ll spare you the details (as always: just read it :D ), good sex follows.

I always feel somehow puzzled and estranged with gender bender, but putting the sheer GB aspect asides, there was nothing problematic: good art (not awesome, but good enough), no complications and worries, nothing to regret, and promises for more good moments in the future, so, eh, all’s fine ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

By the same artist, I also share Junai Memory (194 pictures), Nyotaika Shite Hyoui Sarete Kokuhatsu Suru, Nana-san and Nyotaika Shite Bunny Girl Ni Naru.

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