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Ikenai Ko Demo Suki De Ite Kuremasu Ka (“Do You Really Like Such A Naughty Girl Like Me?”) [English], by Ennorei

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Glasses, braids, horns, ah YISS!!

An oni girl and a human boy fall in love at first sight in the train, and once they’re both highschool students a few months later, they become a couple. It’s a cute start, a come-and-go between revealing you have lust, being relieved you’re accepted for who you are and you’re still loved, revealing you have extraordinary lust, once again being relieved you’re accepted for who you are and you’re still loved.

In addition to the vanilla menu, DAYUM the art is sweet. Imagine a girl with huge boobs, glasses, nylon thighhighs and a small braid, blushing adorably, this is a weapon of mass penis destruction (unless you use lubricants, naturally ;) ), not to mention there’s only very little censorship: small translucid bars ^_^

Enjoy! And many thanks to Burnmydread, Fevant, GBM and Hentaihead, from Loligasm Scans :)

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Maid No Oshigoto (“Maid’s Work”) [English], by Alexi Laiho

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Sometimes, it is good to disrespect the rules of perspective

The female heroine in this share (a maid, deflowering her master) strongly reminded me of Setsuko, the passionate character invented by Aoki Kanji (you can read her compilation here). It’s not that she’s unfeeling, it’s just that she’s a complete full-body poker-face, and her actual state of mind is unreadable ^^

Mind you, that’s also where the comparison with Setsuko’s vanilla series ends, here, the maid is flustered by her master’s inexperience and teenage dick, it feels good but not good enough to really let loose, she’s still mostly acting out of duty.

I hope this non-teen maid release may please you, thanks a lot to -TT-, Marien (Uzuki), Dynellen, Hoigoigoi and Salar! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Jinsei Yokosuberi, Arekishi Raiho and Lexi Laiho, I also share The Isolation Game and Hagu Ona.

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Boku Dake No Yuuyami (“Only My Twilight”) [English, 205 pictures], by Igumox

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Normal people complain about Japan because of loli being open and all. Internet dwellerse complain about Japan because of mosaic censorship.

– The good news: here is a complete manga. The tankoubon is called Boku Dake No Yuuyami, by Igumox.
– The bad news: this is actually a compilation, some chapters were scanlated using the tankoubon’s scans, some other chapters were made using magazine scans (you’ll recognize them at their smaller image resolution.)
– Combo time, good and bad news at once: it won’t matter much whether it’s made with magazine or tank scans, because the tank itself has abominable blur-mosaics censorship T___T
So, I may warn you that 4 or 5 chapters are made from magazine scans, you’ll still have super shitty censorship, the only difference being the image resolution T___T

Putting that aside, this is a solid manga, full of interesting chapters. The story lines will vary wildly, from vanilla to femdom, the only common denominator would be that women aren’t passive characters here, they initiate and lead the action, and have a naughty tendency to tease boys. That teasing side may develop into a simple personality trait (vanilla route), a refusal to be honest and confess liking (halfway route) or a sadistic femdom side (domination route).

The drawings are intense, generous, original, the girls have beautiful entranced faces (and sometimes thick eyebrows :twisted: ), I think this should make a quite fine read :)
Here’s to hoping one day we have a fully “made with tank scans” version, until then, enjoy! :)

Release credits are for a fair number of people, plus some anons, namely: Samwais, Palaxius, Cadenza and Korosenai, from Team Koinaka, Red Vodka and Yuki, from XCX Scans, Red Vodka, Z6595 and Altereggo, from Little White Butterflies, LustyLady00, DaffyD Ap Morgen and BlackRussian, from the Lusty Lady Project, and Deviant, Youngfolk, Altereggo and Phantom Renegade, and finally Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Muramata-san No HimitsuSobaya No Haru-san and Atashi No Kachi.

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Honey Cats [English], by Miray Ozaki

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I didn't know that volume existed at all, what a good surprise ^_^

That’s an original idea here, the mangaka took some of his regular girls, turned them into nekomimi, and paired them with male partners taken from other series than their own.
I recognized the Naka-chan we have in You And Me Make Love, there’s of course Ai Sugimoto, but who’s the third girl, Ayumu? No idea ^^

But anyway, there’s pretty much zero scenario here, let’s simply say this is nekomimi hentai with Miray Ozaki’s girls, it looks fine, there’s only minuscule thin bar censorship, and this is it, enjoy! :D
Thanks to Herzer and N04h for this release! :jap:

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules!

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Houkago Love Mode 11 [English], by Miray Ozaki

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Woops, I accidentally cropped the image just above the horrible blob of black censorship bars, woopsie :3

One day, all those Houkago Love Mode chapters will be re-gathered into a tankoubon once it’s published/scanned/something, and all my Houkago Love Mode past shares will be rendered obsolete.
But until that day, we can enjoy those sweet 20 pictures, in which, once again, Yuu Sawatari makes out with a random stranger after random circumstances wouldn’t allow her to get her boyfriend’s dick ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

We owe that one to N04h and Herzer, thank you! :jap:

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules!

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Tsubaki Democracy [English], by Takatsu

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O, come back, days of olde, with this ridiculously small amount of censorship!

This is a spin-off from Sakura Democracy, but only a loosely related one, Tsubaki Democracy’s female MC is a female acquaintance of one of the main characters in Sakura Democracy.

Long story short, in this share, two youngsters make the best of an arranged marriage imposed on them, confirming their sexual compatibility is great, which is already a fine start :3 (They may or may not confess during the action, that will be for you to discover.)
The drawings are nice, there’s almost no censorship, and, what more to add, it’s a nice tsundere scene, I guess? ^^

Enjoy! And thanks to BSN! :jap:

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules

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M Kei Reijou [English], by Kanden Shoujo Chuuihou

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See what I mean, about the crazy censorship?

Here’s a nice, simple share, about a clearly masochistic highschool girl learning gymnastics with her coach, but at some point they became lovers and now things end with shibari (rope binding, just in case the mention is necessary) and great sex ^^
I’ll highlight this is an entirely consensual and almost vanilla relationship, they care for each other and, well, it’s simply they have a similar interest in terms of “physical activity” ;)

On the plus side, the girl is a cutie, with a cute flushed face and an adorable hourglass figure. But on the “fucking ew” side, I regret I must mention the censorship is brutal, dozens and dozens of thick black bars, argh. Well, your call, anyway =)

Release credits are for Angry Food, ZoE, CrowKarasu and dar4545, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Miyuki Rei and Kanden Shoujo Chuuihou, I also share Nagato’s Special Repairs (uncensored version), Shoujo Kyouka and Hebigami No Miko.

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