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Zutto Zutto Suki Datta, by Minazuki Juuzoh

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–Updated, june 2017: man, it sure feels weird, to open a post I wrote ten years ago, to tell that, today, I’m sharing at long last a new version of it, one that has been fully translated into English ^___^

Still, yeah, that’s the thing. Zutto Zutto Suki Datta is now available HERE in English. Enjoy, my friends, enjoy ^_^

Big pack of hentai mangas by James Hotate

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Teens with very intense lust in the eyes, on the face, crude drawings, something really unique in the style, that’s what I love with James Hotate. The drawings aren’t exactly realistic, but it is very rare to see girls express such a level of desire with just an expression of the face of a position of the body even with their clothes on… James Hotate has made plenty of works, here’s an almost random choice among my collection. I hope you enjoy them, I even took the time to add megaupload mirrors, that makes a total of 6 complete hentai mangas !

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Kikkake Wa Maru Maru [English, hilarious], by Kikkawa Kabao

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Really, I start liking a lot stories by Kikkawa Kabao, FINALLY we’ve got an artist for who the translation really brings a bonus ! Maybe the last time I felt so happy to have a translation was with Sei So Tsui Dan Sha and Nerusen, by Shiwasu No Okina.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Kikkawa Kabao’s works on hentairules)

In this story, Kikkake Wa Maru Maru [English], by Kikkawa Kabao, no incest, just a girl who’s furious because she doesn’t excite her boyfriend as much as his hentai videogames. And when she tries to imitate the “videogame braindead girl” attitude, of course, she fails :D

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Itoshiko (“Dear Child”) [English, Incest], by Naoki Tachibana

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Another cute incest story, english-translated, this is Itoshiko (“Dear Child”), by Naoki Tachibana. Not much to say here, except that when you have hardware problems and random computer freezes, it’s great to have on hand a 3MB large-only hentai manga, less risks to reboot before you’re done :D

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Agnes Cleans House [English, Sister-Incest], by Millefeuille

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Here’s a fine English short story by a great artist called Millefeuille, translated in english, watch out this is not an actual translation but a rewrite, about sister-incest. The artist has made maaaaaaaaaaany other works, if the fancy takes me I will upload them some day :)

Note: This was a rewrite, it’s been removed because of that. You can get the REAL translation here.

For MORE Millefeuille Goodness, Cf. the list of his Works !

Michael Keikaku 1 [English, Maids] + Buchoyori Aiwo Komete 1-2-3, by Distance

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Here’s another fine old-school english-translated hentai manga, called Michael Keikaku, drawn by Distance. When I write “old school”, I don’t mean it sucks, I mean it is drawn with care and talent, and there is almost a real scenario. I appreciate that :)

In the same page as Michael Keikaku, I also share the 3 other volumes of Buchoyori Aiwo Komete (“BAK”), also drawn by Distance.

–2016 update: Michael Keikaku is now available in super resolution and in an uncensored version! To get it, please follow that link :)
This means the present share only contains the Japanese links for Buchoyori Aiwo Komete.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Distance’s works on Hentairules)

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