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I’m not running HentaiRules for money (basically, the earnings of HentaiRules for an average week of march 2008 were making less than one hour of my work), but I appreciate the fact it is making a bit of an extra, it’s got uses, first of all to allow the website to pay for its fees such as hosting, a technician to fix it when it breaks, to buy me beer, and to pay hentai translators for new commissions when I can :)

I give you here the ways I earn some monies, if you’re interested in knowing or if you want to give it a try.

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Zip hosts (the filelockers)

Frankly, the Zip hosts “market” is a TOTAL MESS. Last year, in 2012, when Megaupload was shut down, this was a shock that nobody was expecting, and in the wake of this panic move, the biggest paying Zip hosts either shut down or closed their affiliate programs, like my regretted Filesonic.
This resulted in a “shock in trust” deterring possible leecher-customers from signing up to new Zip hosts (who knows if they’re good, who knows if they’ll last, who knows if there are many files available from this host on the internet).
This also led to a “witch hunt”, with fewer and fewer credit card processors accepting to work with filelockers, choking to death several of them, leaving only very rare and confidential processors, mainly in the russian part of the world. Paypal was first, but most of the other credit card processors also banned cyberlockers.
Filelockers also stopped paying their uploaders through Paypal, because Paypal updated their terms of service in such a way that no file locker would still accept to work with them – the polite way of giving the finger. I’d recommend you either, or (webmoney) as a replacement for getting your money in, cf the “other sponsors” entries below.
That leads me to renewing my advice: don’t even dream of making big money. And I’ll add another advice: take my suggestions below with extreme care, it’s highly possible this will be outdated by the time you read this.
If a filelocker stops paying but doesn’t remove/kill your links, hey, it’s not that bad, your visitors won’t be facing disappointment!

Depositfiles: my biggest moneymaker. Go for “World Tariff”: they hate the Americans and all USA traffic is lost if you don’t take that tariff. They host zipped files, they take remote upload, and give money to the uploaders at the rate of 5$ for 1000 downloads (official rate; the actual rate is way lower than that, but every file host shaves and cheats with statistics just the same ^^), there is no “pay per sale” program. If you’re a big uploader, your downloads generate keys that you may offer to other people so that they may convert their account to premium status (you can convert your own account too), it’s nice:) one of the rare “Old Players” who’s still alive and kicking. Their interface is simpler than depositfiles, and their reward program is simple (paying for downloads and for sales). one of the few “new players” that’s been working for a long time and that’s managed to survive the various trials it encountered during its growth, while several competitors gave up. They’ve been kicked from their web host, kicked from their credit card processor, and yet they always came back! Huge props. Apart from this, they work simply, without complications, paying (not much, but when you drive you shouldn’t drink a second beer anyway ;) ) by sales or by downloads.

Other sponsors

Webmoney and Payza (formerly AlertPay): a bit like paypal, but officially accepting money from adult sources. You can receive money on a Payza/Webmoney account, and then you can send that money to your bank card or your bank account.
Payza has a much simpler interface and works fast for me, but some people report dysfunctions and when the big problem comes, their support is hyper slow. Payza is also known for sometimes changing their terms and conditions and getting temporarily banned as a payment service, until the storm calms down and they’re available again.
Webmoney is a total security whore, SMS confirmations everywhere (and when during two weeks their SMSes were failing to reach my cellphone half of the time – we’re not from the same country, that must be the reason – it was a pain in the rectum), re-logging in with re-SMS-confirming when you open a different part of the site, identify verifications, security stuff, certificates, this is damn annoying, but when you get used to it (if you can…) they work flawlessly too.

Hentaiboss: this company owns 4 hentai sites (centered around big tits, bondage, lesbian and yaoi hentai). Display their banners on your site. When people who clicked the banners sign up, two choices. Choice 1: the user pays just 1$ for a 24-hours trial and you get 25$. Choice 2 (“revshare”):  a lifetime 50% of the 25$ subscribers pay every month (that means 12.5$ per month for you). I’d suggest you choice #1, it’s a sort of mini-donation system, useful since paypal refuses to be used on adult websites.
But don’t be a dick, remind your visitors they have to cancel themselves, or else they’re charged at the end of the trial period.

Juicy Ads: They’re advertisement network, they display banners and you’re paid for the impressions… Until the moment an advertiser decides to purchase the right to display his own visual in your ad space, at a price 50% higher than the usual pay-per-view price. They’re fairly recent (as I write this, I’ve been using them for one month, the vast amount of ad formats is a bit annoying (you waste lots of time testing which one works best), but they pay really well.

From my experience, they’re the best, and they’re humans responding humanly to your emails, with helfpul suggestions, and all.

Ero-Advertising: from my point of view, they don’t pay as well as Juicy Ads, but other webmasters found Ero-Advertising was even better than the two above. I guess it may depend on lots of things, I give you the link in case it’s better for you too!

Exoclick: well, like ero-advertising, if one doesn’t work, try the other, until you find one who’ll pay you another beer at the end of the week ^^ On the rare occasion, an exoclick ad spot will perform super well for a pair of months, before falling back to a “normal” paying rate. Why refuse the bonus money, it’s their problem if their calculation rate goes crazy in the beginning ^^

You may also earn some money by recommending web hosts to wannabe webmasters, you’ll get a nice reward if you send a new customer. Don’t go recommending crappy web hosts, or you would become a douchebag.
Servage, cheap EXCELLENT hosting
: Servage has hosted during 2 years, and has satisfied me in every regard: price, simplicity, technical support, power, speed, accessibility.
Hostgator, even better than Servage! Though, not as simple, but their support is much better. I give more details about servage and Hostgator in the webmasters corner.

Imagetwist: you upload your images to them, and they count the number of people who view them, divide their official earning rate by ten or maybe twenty, and finally give you enough for a beer at the end of the month. That’s still cool, after all, a non-paying image host wouldn’t have worked better anyway :lol:

Other ways

When I created Hentairules that didn’t exist yet, but if you are not only resharing things, but creating things (be it art, translating, decensoring, remixing), then maybe you should give Patreon / Gumroad / Ko-Fi a thought.
With that, people who like what you do can “tip” you and give you money once a month, or once.

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10 years ago

What do you help to do exactly? I kinda have a little bit of trouble of understanding!

10 years ago

The idea I suppose is if a person wishes to create a similar web site, say hosting a collection of photographs, or other media content, these are the methods to earn some money to pay for the site maintenance so one doesn't have to constantly take money out of his own pocket it.

9 years ago

Hi, it would be nice since you been doing this for a while if u were to update your recommendations on top, since it's been 2 years, right? also it would be very helpful if you have any sugestions for us Americans regarding services good for us as it seems like we've been left out by most of them, as of right now as an american we cannot sign up with webmoney, even thought Exoclick is good they want so much personal info now that is ridiculous, they even want you to give them your passport info. WTF?!, lol! but in any case i come in here all the time and check this section once in a while to see if it had been updated,in any case keep up the good work and Good Luck.

6 years ago

you can also use ;)