Cute, Teasing, Sexy and Hardcore Uncensored Hentai Pictures Pack #93 (349 pictures)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

The moment I saw that picture, I absolutely wanted to make it a big preview pic. There's MAGIC at work, it's artful, erotic... wow.

Guess who screwed up and made a pack with 349 pictures, instead of 350 as intended.
Orz ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I hope you’ll enjoy the browsing, and as always, a reverse image search should come in handy whenever you dig a picture and want more by the same artist.

Tell you what, I’m annoyed there weren’t super disturbing pics in that batch. I briefly considered searching for WTF pics and adding them manually, but that would have been cheating, wouldn’t it? :D

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Hinamix [English, the Complete version!, 351 pictures], by Ryoh-zoh

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

That girl is the rule34 of an actual hourglass

Last year, I shared a 75 pictures long “Hinamix volumes 1-2-3”, and then, well, things ended here.
With some delay, I’m glad I can provide a replacement, the COMPLETE Hinamix series, now 351 pages long in total :)

And to sum it up: carefree comedy hentai, INCOMING! ^^

The story begins as the male members of a student council are peeking at panties: that gave the tone away, everybody’s easygoing, and there’s a sense of ambient comedy :)
A girl joins the council, she’s busty, sports a splendid hourglass figure, she’s a total airhead, and she’s the perfect catalyst: the student council members, male and female, will have sex more freely than ever before, in multiple combinations, huhu.

The art was good, but not more than that, the thick censorship bars didn’t help.

In terms of reading pleasure, the overall feeling I subjectively got, that was quite high. I was fond of how easy it was for the characters to enter sex mode, how funny little things could turn out, how the mangaka depicted the cheerful dialogues between the characters. It may not be an unforgettable read, but the mood was lovely :)
I’ll add bonus points for the little gimmick in the end, almost resulting in a 4th wall being broken…

Thanks a lot to EroGPx, Mariannana and Donrandom! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love To Like EZR (202 pictures, an excellent hardcore comedy).

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10,000 Bon No Gomu (“10,000 Rubbers”) [English, 249 pictures], by Kapa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Literally: because fuck you, that's why

I came looking for hentai, and I found gold. Hentai gold :D

Here’s an excellent and long manga, combining
– very well drawn hardcore sex (vaginal, anal, a few paizuri and DPs, the art is rich with life and movement, it’s like each page is oozing out pure energy), with very little censorship, powerful action, and meaty girls
– comedy, regular comic relief moments, original and unique characters, frequently surprising crazy dialogues
– vanilla with adorable loving and plenty of WAFF heart-warming moments :)

Each girl is given her own long chapter, with enough pages for some manner of character development, I frequently found myself smiling like a happy huge idiot ^___^
Enough said. I can’t recommend you enough to read this manga, come on guys, treat yourselves! =)

We owe this release to BSN, thank you so much!! :jap:

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A Yandere Boyfriend’s Sexy Punishment [English, 100 pictures, Uncensored], by Natsuyoshi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Behold! The best panel in the entire volume... Yeah.

When I saw a 100 pages long uncensored volume, I jumped on it without taking too long to think. In hindsight, I’m disappointed.

In terms of scenario, the title is between misleading and unhelpful. We’ve got a normal young woman, her first boyfriend is charming and all… until he isn’t. Turns out he’s obsessed with her, but since he’s extremely good at making her aroused she lets herself be forced to go along and they become lovers.
As time passes, he shows his true colours, he’s controlling, jealous, freaks out for imaginary things, doesn’t trust her, the complete package. But she’s in love with him (me: okay), she forgives him, goes with him through hentai-world therapy (3 minutes conversation on the pillow) to cure his distress and make him normal again, the end.
Inside, I was in REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mode – stupid girl, run the fuck away!!

At least, the drawings are great and the sex is good, right?
Fuck me, not even :lol:

So, well, see for yourselves, but check with the online pictures gallery before hitting the zip download links, to be sure, okay? ^^
And thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

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Chichi Miko! Inran Otome [English, 217 pictures], by Miyashiro Sousuke

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments


A young man visits a shrine and, basically, he eventually ends up as the fortunate head of a harem in which happy feel-good sex in a non mutually exclusive relationship is the satisfying norm ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

He’ll count, as his lovers, a miko, a happy go lucky tanuki goddess, a tsundere kitsune goddess, his briefly tsundere classmate, and lastly, another girl I would very much like to praise (oh god her boobs were the best!!), but that would be spoiler material :3

It’s mostly excellent paizuri and good enough vaginal sex, with almost invisible censorship. The good stuff :D

I hope you’ll enjoy the read, me, I sure did.
Release credits are for Ackeejag, Ziggy and Einhancer from Peineapples R’ Us, for the first half, and Starfox and Biribiri for the second half, thank you very much, guys!

By the same artist, I also share Fechichi (198 pictures), a pack of 2 works (Houmatsu Mugen + Tora Uma Overlight) and Facing The Shadow Of Snow.

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I wanted to ask you guys a 100% newbie question, regarding AI-generated art…

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 22 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Hey everyone.

I’ve seen the rise of AI-generated art becoming more and more “convincing”, sometimes photorealistic, sometimes with adorable manga vibes, sometimes looking like it’s inspired by a precise artist or to the contrary looking unique…

And, damn, that’s impressive. Just one year ago I’d have thrown the same joke as everybody, about the hands, about how the drawings seem hollow and soul-less, but nowadays, seeing as it borrows actual inspiration from actual people, and (huge airquotes) “simply” recombines it, I’m not pessimistic anymore. There will be greatness, eventually.

Which leads me to the question I’m asking myself, as I have very little knowledge of how the whole thing works, save vague general notions. Could I ask for a, well, a clarification, from those of you who are into that?

To be super blunt: is it something that can be done, to feed hundreds of drawings by one precise artist to a piece of AI software, have the software munch out those drawings, and then, bam, it will spit out, on demand, art looking like it’s been drawn by the same artist?

If the answer is “yes”, I’m definitely trying that with Gunma Kisaragi, and asking for all kinds of art, from softcore to hardcore :twisted:

Of course, I suspect it’s far from being so easy.
Maybe a hundred images isn’t enough, and it needs a thousand times more materials. Or maybe the images have to be perfectly cropped for the software to know what to do with it. Or maybe the images require that a human types a precise description of what’s in each image. Or maybe it demands an incredibly powerful PC and the electricity budget of South Africa. Who knows.

But well, here’s for the question. I could totally go for generating art by my favourite artists like that, if it were doable, huhu.
Thanks if those of you who know the stuff can answer! ^___^


A quick temporary answer: thank you very much for your answers already guys!

It gave me some googling to do, I’ll answer later when I have smarter (no, scratch it, less dumb) answers to make!

Cute, Teasing, Sexy and Hardcore Uncensored Hentai Pictures Pack #92 (350 pictures)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

I felt like sharing a new pack of random pictures, so there you go ^^

Honest warning, a few of the pictures are on the WTF side. But I’m hypocritical with that warning, I actually enjoy sharing them, knowing it will strike a few of you and give you some sort of “oh, come on – seriously?!?” expression, even if it’s only for a flickering moment :lol:

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