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Oh! Imoto [English, some incest, 204 pictures, Uncensored], by Haru Wamusato

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A sister like that... why can't it happen for real ? T__T

Boy, that manga made me happy :P A great fuckfest and highly funny stories :D  The scenario is for 30% a funny sister-incest story, the rest is good independent stories, and there’s always a nice sense of humor.
Graphically : Rha Lovely ! :twisted: – Great bouncing tits, small lovely round tits, candid shy faces turning into proudly horny faces, sex in pairs or in threesome, in bed or barely hidden in public places, there’s for all tastes, and it’s always well-made  :)

2014 edit, 7 years after this post was published ( :D ) : the manga is now UNCENSORED, thanks to Zee from Z-Hentai, and to Doppelganger :)

For MORE, cf. The Updated List of Haru Wamusato’s Works ! :D

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To Heart 2 hentai doujin pack [English, 83 pictures] : Ranjyuku volumes 1-2-3, by Kohakutei

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kohakutei free hentai doujin in english with zip link

A short while ago, I shared 2 english-translated works by Kohakutei, one of them being Ranjyuku 1… I didn’t suspect, at that time, that there would be 2 other volumes to add after Ranjyuku 1 :D

So, well, in a single zip file, here are the 3 volumes of the Ranjyuku, in english, a To Heart 2 hentai parody by Kohakutei :o

The heroine is supposed to be a housewife who already has a teenage daughter, but she looks younger than that. That’s a blazing hot sex-hungry heroine, especially hot when “disguised” as a school girl wearing a uniform – and, at last, there’s some anal, this time :twisted:

–Update: woops, the page is now obsolete!

Please check for Ranjyuku volumes 1-5 instead :)

Not my habit : a musical recommendation :)

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With only one year spacing out delay (*cough*), I finally noticed a new Daft Punk CD had been on sale, Alive 2007.
Bought it. Listened to it. Almost felt better than sex.

If there’s even a slight chance you guys appreciate that sort of music, if you haven’t listened to that CD yet : try it, that’s extasy for the ears. Just. Try. It :D

Escape Creator by Inoue Yoshihisa [English, Bondage, 200 pages]

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free hentai bondage english translated manga Give me a hand, I can’t tie up my wrists” – That’s the first dialogue I read, with the first picture I randomly opened after downloading this manga. That was enough to reassure me : even if this is a bondage manga, this isn’t a sick story where madmen torture unwilling women :DEscape Creator is, surprisingly, a good bondage hentai manga, I could swear the artist drawing it already practiced it himself ! It’s full with detailed information about different bondage techniques (tortoise binding, diamond shaped bondage, the effects of the various kinds of ropes, the various knot techniques…), with nice funny sequences.Of course the girls endure pain, but they are all true masochists and they enjoy it, while the Bondage Master (the capitals are deserved !) makes sure they never feel too much pain or risk to be harmed in the process.

After reading this, because there is a real scenario running along the chapters (you’ll understand in the end !), I still can’t tell I love bondage, but now I can understand and respect the people who love or practice it :)

Update, the chapter 3 of this manga is now in its uncensored version !

By the same artist, I also share Nawashi [English, 215 pictures], Pony-On, and I’m certain you’d appreciate to read Ojii-San Is A Shounen Detective, a non-hentai hilarious and well-drawn manga !

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Bleach hentai doujin [English] : Cute Person, by Todd Special

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Come on buddy ! Get hard ! Get hard !” – The conclusion of this doujin is plain hilarious ^_^

bleach free hentai doujin in english with yoruichi Here’s a well-drawn Bleach english hentai doujin, drawn by Todd Special, showing the wonderful black heroine Yoruichi. She has “normal” sex (I’d have loved bits of anal and a bit more of titfuck, maybe, but I can’t complain), and for once, this doujin has an interesting story.Not incredibly interesting, but, how to say it… the storyline adds spice to the sex scenes, so to say :o

(For MORE, cf. The list of ALL the shares by Todd Special on Hentairules)

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