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Guilty Gear hentai doujin [English, a bit of futanari], Chaos Step, by Celluloid Acme

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celluloid acme guilty gears translated hentai doujin with free zip

I just realized I had this one lingering in a corner of my hard disks, it’s an old translation (well, I think, it is old) of a hentai doujin by Celluloid Acme, previously called Runners High.

The doujin is about Guilty Gear, and as all other GG hentai doujinshi, it contains bits of futanari (“why the fuck does Guilty Gear = dickgirls”, I know, don’t ask me, I have no idea >_>). Honestly I won’t call that doujin a jewel, but for Celluloid Acme fans, it won’t be bad either :o

(Remember to view the updated list of all Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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Dawn of The Silver Dragon Volume 2 [English], by Mukai Masayoshi

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complete female domination english translated hentai manga My sincere thanks to Pandakwee, a cool hentairules visitor, who left a comment to inform us the volume #2 had been released :) I don’t know why I had believed it was a Tadanohito release (instead of a Saha release, bless him) and obviously, when I checked, I didn’t see a volume #2 in there :roll:

More females dominated in this volume, more groupsex, more anal, more tentacles (ew, man, ew !), more orientated toward the blonde main heroine… Enjoy the 183 new pages :)

Memo : Volume 1 – Volume 3Volume 4

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Horny Apartment [English, 188 pictures], by Yoshifumi Yamamoto

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bakunyuu english translated complete hentai manga with free zip

I wonder if there isn’t a specific word for that kind of hentai mangas, when the male hero is a no-good young student, naive, good-hearted, small, weak, cute and a little bit girlish, but he has a massive cock and all the girls want to have sex with him even if that doesn’t make sense. I know there is a word : unfair :D

Anyway, here’s Horny Apartment, a long (188 pages) english translated hentai manga, with all kinds of girls, a slight bit of anal, a real amusing scenario going through the whole manga, and tons of bakunyuu and creampies. Bon Appetit ! ^^;

(Remember to view The updated list of Yamamoto Yoshifumi’s works on Hentairules)

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Dawn of The Silver Dragon Volume 1 [English], by Mukai Masayoshi

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Dawn of the Silver Dragon, english translated free zip complete hentai manga Do you want to see a princess sent to jail and abused ? Or a noble blond woman having very hardcore groupsex with non-nobles and thoroughly enjoying it ? If yes, you can read any of Mukai Masayoshi’s hentai mangas, you don’t even need to understand japanese or to be lucky enough to find an english translation like this one :lol:Mind you, this is the best manga I ever saw by this artist, there is almost zero sex scenes where the girl isn’t enjoying it deeply, believe me that’s a huge progress :-/ Anyway, I hope you enjoy this long (172 pictures) translated hentai manga :)

Memo : Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4

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Azasuke Wind Collection Vol. 10 (hentai fullcolor pictures of bleach, DOA, FFXI and other anime and mangas)

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azasuke wind collection volume 10

Here is the 10th volume of Azasuke Wind Collection, a pack of great hentai color pictures inspired by popular anime and mangas, such as Bleach (Rangiku and Yoruichi forever :P ), FFXI, DOA…

I still regret as much as usual the slight “blur” censorship, but the pictures remain of great quality :)
As of usual, you have the complete pictures gallery and the various zip mirrors (at easy-share, depositfiles, megarotic) : happy leeching :D

And if you want more, remember, I also share Azasuke Wind Collections 1->9

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