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Hentai movies, Body Transfer Episodes 1&2 [English subs, Uncensored]

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I don’t know if that movie is recent or not, but a story with schoolgirls whose hair have all kinds of colors, that looked so much old school I liked it a lot :lol:
The scenario is crappy as required from a hentai video (IMHO of course) : an ancient artefact studied by an archeological research club in a japanese school activates itself and makes its member exchange bodies, which of course excites everyone to discover a new body and experiment sex with it and with other partners.
As of usual : streaming versions, two different zip links.

SAD UPDATE : You really aren’t going to appreciate it, but ALL the links in this post are dead, I removed them. And I know that if I reupload everything, ten days later, all the links will be dead again. I give up on sharing that movie, I’m sorry but there’s no way out of that problem for me. More info…

Ai Yori Aoshi hentai doujin [English]: Secret File 5 Next 5, by Studio Wallaby

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Ai yori Aoshi english hentai

Don’t trust names when it contains “studio”. That studio can contain various artists with very different styles and talent !

Take Studio Wallaby, who has made my beloved Fuwafuwarin serie, and who made, years later, the current doujin. Saigado Comics too is made of various artists inside but it’s a different case, they are geniuses ;)

Here’s a decent Ai Yori Aoshi english hentai doujin, to summarize :D Ai Yori Aoshi is a romantic anime with an respectable level of fan-service that I liked a lot.

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Leave It To Sis [English, Incest, Big Tits], by Jamming

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english sister incest hentai And here is another great translation made by the great Coff666, whenever I see his name I know it will be a hardsex english hentai manga with great breasts, in other words, that’s as if the zip file was saying “download me please, quick !” :DEnjoy Leave It To Sis [English], a great sister incest english hentai manga, with in the last pages a prelude to Kamyla (the sexual adventures of big breasted police women), also by Jamming.

For MORE, cf. The list of ALL Jamming’s Works on Hentairules :)

english incest hentai english incest hentai english incest hentai

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My Sweet Drunker [English],Bleach doujin, by Todd Special

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bleach english hentai

Here’s a good english translated Bleach hentai doujin. The black feline ninja, Yoruichi, comes back totally drunk, in a horny mood, and is laid down, period – good period :twisted:

Thanks to Edutron and Wavemotiongun for pointing to me that the artist behind it was Todd Special, who also drew Yukemuri Nyan Nyan Jiken and Cute Person (both in english version) ! I wouldn’t have recognized the style, fortunately, they did.

(For MORE, cf. The list of ALL the shares by Todd Special on Hentairules)

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Pack of hentai mangas by Nanno Koto (contains color, old-school, anal, young, and great drawings)

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hentai genius Nanno Koto

You may remember that 3 weeks ago I had uploaded the english incest hentai manga called “Should I Do It”, and asked if anyone knew what was the artist’s name, because I had forgotten it ? – Well, I finally remembered, the mangaka is Nanno Koto. And finally remembering it made me so satisfied I decided to upload a big pack of other hentai works by Nanno Koto. That artist is alwo publishing works as “Studio Pal”.

Here is a selection of 7 hentai mangas by Nanno Koto, with a small commentary to explain the specialities of each book, I hope you enjoy them :)

nanno koto hentai nanno koto hentai nanno koto hentai

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Nice And Wet [English, Incest], by Juan Gotoh

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english incest hentai

Yet another english incest hentai manga uploaded by request, in exchange I was given a download link I wanted :twisted:

If you like threesome incest hentai, that’s a cool story for you, end of the summary :d

Come on, we’re talking about incest hentai, did you expect a scenario ? ;)

shota english

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The Pollinic Girls Attack [COMPLETE original version] + Rein to Gyu Pon Qyun [Full Color], by Keito Koume

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Just one post ago, I shared the translated hentai story Thank You Pollinic Girls, by Keito Aoume, a very nice full color hentai story, with just one little flaw : it was only 7 pages long :roll:
Fortunately, thanks to the very kind visitors who left comments with download links, CakeIsALie, Vaelen and lil l0l, other great stuff by the same artist became available, the full complete original version of Pollinic Girls, and another full color short hentai manga by Keito Aoume, Rein to Gyu Pon Qyun. Thanks guys :D

color hentai color hentai

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