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Wise Ass 1-2-3 [English, Anal, 54 pictures], by Tomo Tenbu

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free hentai anal english manga

Here’s a nice hentai manga, about the rivalry between a girl and a boy at school, and about the challenges they send to each other. Guess who wins, and what kind of punishment await the loser :roll: That doesn’t mean rape or domination, it just means the scenario is very funny and good :)

The drawings are yummy ! If you love anal hentai, if you love girls that have nice hips and tits, with long hair, you’re going to enjoy this manga as much as I did :P

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Girl [English, 88 pictures, some futa], by Okawari

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free hentai manga with hardcore hentai, double penetration and futanari

Some great hentai mangas don’t need a long description : Girl, by Okawari, English-translated, has an interesting scenario and great hardcore various sex scenes. For the rest, just read it :D

UPDATE : these are just the first chapters of the Girl Manga. Six months after this release, I made a new post, sharing the COMPLETE english-translated Girl manga, it is available HERE.

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Saraba Ochinchin [English, errr… unusual], by Raymon

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free hentai sex change zip downloadable

Here’s a nice story that contains very cute and well-drawn sex, with many details and a great level of precision, with some : heterosexual sex, lesbian, futanari, transgender-ing and very cute fullcolor pages.

The scenario is interesting, this time I’m not going to bitch that this is just an alibi for more boring sex scenes :P
You will find it weird at some point, certainly, but I promise it is fun to read till the end, really !

By Raymon, I also share Mrs No-Bra Sister [English], take a look !

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Taboo District [English, some incest, 174 pictures], by Yuuki

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free hentai manga in english with schoolgirls and incest

OK, let’ ask it straight-forwardly : do you like schoolgirls ? Do you like old-school drawing style ? Do you like uncensored drawings ? Do you like it when there’s some incest ? If you replied “yes” once, then I think you’ll like this hentai manga :o Just one “bleh” note : don’t even bother asking if there’s a scenario.

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Cheers Volume 1 [English, Cheerleaders, 193 pictures], by Charlie Nishinaka

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fuck those cheerleaders in this nice free hentai manga ^_^ This time this is it, the complete (all 9 chapters) english-translated volume 1 of the Cheers series, by Charlie Nishinaka :)
– don’t even ask me when the 3 other volumes will be available, I have no idea ^^Even if I’d have loved the pictures to be less censored, that’s a very nice old-school hentai manga, with a funny scenario, and very horny and very nice cheerleaders :D

Memo : Cheers Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5Vol. 6Vol. 7  Vol. 8 Vol. 9
(don’t make a confusion with Cheerism, by Ed, a total masterpiece in comparison)

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Lucky Star hentai doujin [English] : Man In The Mirror, by Black Dog

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free hentai schoolgirl first time train sex

As a huge Black Dog fan, I couldn’t resist, I paid to have another of his works translated :D My sincere thanks to Saha who made, as always, a great job !
Man in the Mirror, a Lucky Star doujin, returns to Black Dog’s best classics : a schoolgirl having sex in the train with molesters, the girl failing to hide she completely loves it. Bonus, I really enjoyed the “training” idea : each day the girl returns to that train, she’s introduced to new teasing and sex ways :twisted: Take a look, it’s great dope !

(Remember to view The updated list of all Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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