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Redirection page : Miray Ozaki’s (尾崎未来) works on HentaiRules

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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Miray Ozaki that I share on HentaiRules.

Miray Ozaki is also known as Ozaki Mirai (尾崎未濥), RYO, Okuda Tamiko (奥田民孿) and REDRUM. She’s also in the Beat-Pop, Sailor Q2/Panic Attack In Sailor Q2, Chara Chara and Perfect Crime circles. She has many pen names indeed! She draws young teens who always accept sex with pleasure, who are exciting by the slightest stimulation (and who obviously don’t need foreplay, come on, we’re talking about hentai stuff), and these teens are incredibly beautiful… The faces of an angel with the soul of a were slut ! Add to that very hardcore action, with great anal scenes, and funny pages here and there, you’ve got a wonderful artist in the end :D

                              y&m1 01   y&m2 01c   y&m3 01b  y&m4 01  y&m5 01  y&mswv 01      

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COMPLETE Polorinken Works

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Note : if you have something else by Polorinken, please let me know !! I’ll be totally interested !

Here’s another great mangaka that ought to be shared and known, Polorinken. His specialty is parodies (“doujinshi” ) of Sentimental Graffity, an old popular dating game. He draws the heroines of the game better than the original ones, and in sexual intercourse, while the game would barely show them kissing. Ain’t that lovely :p

Uploading all of it was tiresome… I hope you like it, to compensate for the time spent gathering and uploading :)
Update : this is actually an old post revisited, with a new doujin added (“God Only Knows”), and dead links were corrected. I know some of the picture galleries are still broken, be patient please ;)

(Total of the files : around 500 jpegs)

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Chichinoe Plus [superb hentai color artbook], by Inoue Takuya

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takuya inoue hentai color

This is Chichinoe Plus, by Inoue Takuya. This artist specializes himself in color works showing astounding cuties with gigantic tits. Some people love lolicon (“lolita complex”), as for me I couldn’t care less about young teens : I totally prefer BB style, and regarding this Inoue Takuya is great :D
70% of the manga is color illustrations like the one above, the rest is an “action” hentai scene in which girls aren’t only teasing but also having real sex. I also appreciate the fact that color drawings do’nt need translation as long as there is no dialogs at all ;)

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No Mercy & Empty [English], by Inoue Kyoushirou

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After Overflow, here comes another work by Inou Kyoushirou, composed of an english chapter and a complete original manga : No Mercy is the complete book, Empty is the translated chapter. Both are available in zipped downloads, of course.

The style is always very sadistic, women are just tools for male pleasure in this manga, be warned, that’s not tender love that is displayed.

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Discussion place for the reuploading team, september 2011

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Everything’s happening in the comments :)

If you stumble upon this page by accident, just discard it please, it’s a discussion place, nothing more, here be no porn.

1st rule : you do not talk about the fight club.

2nd rule : you do not post here private info, like the zips storage place, your login and password, etc – use some common sense :)

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