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Chichinoe Plus [superb hentai color artbook], by Inoue Takuya

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takuya inoue hentai color

This is Chichinoe Plus, by Inoue Takuya. This artist specializes himself in color works showing astounding cuties with gigantic tits. Some people love lolicon (“lolita complex”), as for me I couldn’t care less about young teens : I totally prefer BB style, and regarding this Inoue Takuya is great :D
70% of the manga is color illustrations like the one above, the rest is an “action” hentai scene in which girls aren’t only teasing but also having real sex. I also appreciate the fact that color drawings do’nt need translation as long as there is no dialogs at all ;)

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No Mercy & Empty [English], by Inoue Kyoushirou

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After Overflow, here comes another work by Inou Kyoushirou, composed of an english chapter and a complete original manga : No Mercy is the complete book, Empty is the translated chapter. Both are available in zipped downloads, of course.

The style is always very sadistic, women are just tools for male pleasure in this manga, be warned, that’s not tender love that is displayed.

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Discussion place for the reuploading team, september 2011

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Everything’s happening in the comments :)

If you stumble upon this page by accident, just discard it please, it’s a discussion place, nothing more, here be no porn.

1st rule : you do not talk about the fight club.

2nd rule : you do not post here private info, like the zips storage place, your login and password, etc – use some common sense :)

Okano Hajime Pack of English mangas

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After I shared Dangerous Neighbour yesterday, I learned the name of the artist who had drawn this (Okano Hajime), I also learned there were other translated works by that mangaka… And I was given links to two of his works ! Cool =) I share those two works, with an additional third english-translated chapter I found elsewhere, enjoy, and thanks to the people who shared those links with me :) I add Dangerous Neighbour to this page too, this way all his files will be gathered in a single page.

I really appreciate the fact this artist can make a female face express lust to the highest extent, at this point where a girl loses all inhibitions and forgets about any rules on earth, and Okano Hajime also shows nicely that state of “complicity” a face can represent when the girl has made up her mind to have sex and already enjoys it in advance… Words are hard to find to describe it, just read the mangas, OK ?

That makes 4 english-translated chapters, and I add the complete original manga :)
Click the “read more” link if you want to see the other works in my possession by that artist, I will share them someday.

Okano Hajime Dangerous Neighbour

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Dangerous Neighbour [English], by Okano Hajime

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(Don’t torture your mind, what you are seeing is a foot)

Update : Thanks to the great info given in the comments, I was able to create a much larger pack of mangas by this artist, they are available on that page. Thanks guys who helped :)

Here’s a funny english-translated hentai story called Dangerous Neighbour. Alas, I do not know who has translated and released it : thanks a LOT if you can help me with that :)

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