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Acme, by Celluloid Acme & Chiba Toshirou

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This manga is the very essence of Celluloid Acme’s hentai talent, a-we-some ! There’s all that I love : great tits, hardcore with anal and doubles, very fine and neat drawings, girls with tatoos (you know, those tatoos painted just above the girl’s ass, that seems to move by themselves, when you watch them “on certain occasions and from the proper view angle” *cough*), a little bit of bondage (not much, fortunately).

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

Here comes Acme, by Celluloid Acme and Chiba Toshirou, a 174 pictures jewel :)

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Hentai CG : Moonlight Lady

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After the hentai movie Moonlight Lady, I decided to share the Moonlight Lady hentai CG set. The pictures are even more beautiful than in the movie ! Young teens, maids, bossy women, priestessses, small or huge breasts, lingerie and sexy lace or black leather, all sorts of hentai are represented, it’s one of my favorite :)

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Hentai Movie : New Midnight Sleazy Train [English subs, Uncensored]

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This is the continuation of the original Midnight Sleazy Train hentai movies. The story takes place a few years after the previous story, the main common point being the midnight special train where perverted girls have sex with all the passengers. And what girls, models, teens, beauties !! The graphics were revamped in a more popular graphical style (I prefer the original style, but i’m a minority in this regard), just look at the screenshots :) If you like sex in the train, you could also look at THAT link

New Midnight Sleazy Train English Uncensored Hentai Movie

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Lol, just LOL !

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hentai LOL funny picture

That picture is just too funny :D
Honestly I don’t manage to find other great funny hentai pictures. If you have some, why don’t you share them, upload them somewhere (like and share the URL in a comment :)

Edit : I found another one like that, with music !

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