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Final Fantasy Advent Children hentai doujin [English, Parodious L33t rewrite], Tifa, by Human Light Film

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Final Fantasy Advent Children English Hentai Af first I felt murderous : who DARED make a rewrite of a great hentai doujin, pretending it was a translation, while in fact the dialogues had been freely replaced with ZOMG and other l33t talk as you can read it on geeks boards or on 4chan ??But on second thought, well, 95% of the scenarios of hentai doujinshi suck anyway, so why not imagine an alternative that might be more original and funny ?

(I share much more stuff by this artist, Cf The list of Human Light Film’s works)

This doujin is TOTALLY funny when you read it under that angle, to read l33t talk spoken by Tifa while she’s being ganged, sometimes totally unrelated to the action, or see characters with a very austere face and a terrible fate (in the real FFAC scenario) erupting “desu desu desu desu DESU DESU DESU”… Lol :P

4chan hentai lol

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Naruto hentai doujin [English], Nyan Nyan Tsukanan, by Nishimo & Doruta

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This Naruto hentai doujin is composed of two stories, each with their drawer. The first one shows Tsunade, the great-breasted blonde heroine, probably a short while after her fight with Orochimaru, sexually using Naruto to pump some of his chakra to replenish her own batteries. The second story refers to Tsunade being called “the legendary sucker” in the english version of the manga, actually meaning she sucks at gambling games, showing her pay game debts with her own body (never have I seen Tsunade better gangbanged & double fucked).

Fore MORE, don’t miss The updated list of my Mangana shares :)

naruto hentai naruto hentai

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Pack of 5 works by Nisemidi Doronokai : Nakaba 1&2 [English], + Insei Iro Iro 1 & 2 [English, Incest], + Kiss X 300 [CG]

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full color english hentai

After the Code Geass Hentai Calendar 2007, and after the School Rumble hentai pack uploaded long ago, here’s another small pack of works by Nisemidi Doronokai. 4 english-translated mangas and one of his CG sets. I hope you appreciate full color hentai pictures, anal sex and great tits, because that’s the menu ;)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Nisemidi Doronokai’s works on Hentairules)

nisemidi doronokai zip nisemidi doronokai zip

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School Girl [English, Anal, Rough, bits of incest], by Zuki

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english anal hentai manga

Wow. Just wow. That’s one of the greatest english translated oral, anal, double penetration and schoolgirls hentai mangas I read so far. That’s rough sex, but never forced, the girl always enjoys & wanted it, and is never brutalized. Well, bondage doesn’t count as long as it is willingly practiced, just like being ass-taken by surprise by a class friend who was supposed to only tape a lesbian scene, isn’t it ? :D
The manga was submitted by an anomymous visitor of hentairules, all my thanks to him :) If YOU TOO you have great stuff, you’re welcome to share links in a comment, I only reserve myself the right to post it on hentairules if I find it just too much awesome ;)

By Zuki, I also share Bind [English, Bondage] and Harem X Harem [English, still on-going translation, that link is not pointing to the final complete version]

english anal hentai english anal hentai english anal hentai english anal hentai

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Red Hot Chili Pepper [English, Tentacles], Sailor Moon hentai doujin by Black Dog

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(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

And here is Red Hot Chili Pepper [English], by Black Dog, another Sailor Moon hentai doujin. Honestly, I won’t pretend that one is my favorite, I don’t like tentacles, I think a Sailor Moon heroine is much better with a good dick inside her than a disgusting tentacle :-/ The artist himself, in a postscript, says he didn’t like drawing tentacles :D
But well, first that’s still a Black Dog translated hentai doujin, second, I know there are some tentacles lovers reading hentairules, and their tastes deserve respect too, and third, Sailor Mars taking experiencing assfuck is still appreciable ;)


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Dragon Ball Z, C18 Anal hentai video

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Here’s a small video without pretention but good nonetheless, showing C18, from Dragon Ball Z, having anal sex. The video is inside a flash-format swf file, just drag and drop it into your browser to view it. Some players like the media player classic, with the cood codecs in addition, might be able to play it like another video file, that I do not know.
Two other small videos of C18 are present in the zip.

UPDATE : the links are dead, and dead for good. I gave up on fixing them, they die too fast every time, it’s a problem with hentai vids :-/

I also lost the file anyway, so unless someone posts it, I won’t be able to fix this anyway :(

Bypass the limitations of depositfiles, Rapidshare and Megaupload

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A kind user, Soymon, has shared links (in a comment to that english anal hentai manga that I recomment to read :D ) to 3 firefox addons supposed to allow bypassing some or all of the limitations thta depositfiles, rapidshare and megaupload impose on downloaders.

I have premium accounts and honestly I’m a bit lazy, so I’ll skip the testing myself. But I give the links here, folks, so if that works flawslessly please confirm it :)
Thousands of users would benefit from it, so I do hope it works ^^

These are greasemonkey scripts (an addon for firefox to allow the processing of webpages differently from the normal way, following for this the instructions given by a script), and the scripts are those : Depositfiles – and -Megaupload – and -Rapidshare
Thanks Soymon ! :)

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