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Valentine Gift [English, Incest], by Itosugi Masahiro

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Edit : I incorrectly named the archive, with Mosuge instead of Itosugi, sorry about that !

Here’s another incest story, translated in english. Yeah, I know, that isn’t much variety, but I’m not the drawer not the translator here, me too I’d love to offer you links to hentai stories of great interest and well-drawn, translated in english. Me too. Until then, I hope you enjoy Valentine Gift, by Mosuge Masahiro.
At least in this story there’s some interest when you look at the way the mother offers her son his valentine gift, THAT is a cool idea I had never seen before, and I also appreciate the fact the “hero” isn’t the usual hopeless loser (AKA “the Shinji syndrome” <_<) that we see in the common hentai mangas :)

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Milk Mama in english

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I shared the japanese version of Milk Mama, by Yuki Yanagi, while there was an english version already translated available online. I didn’t know, thanks to Shyguy for giving the information :) I added the English version of Milk Mama in the downloads.
-> You’ll get all this on that page of hentairules :)

milk mama

Ero Tsuma [English, Incest, 210 pictures], by Yuki Yanagi

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yuki yanagi hentai english manga ero tsumi

Here are two fine english-translated incest stories, drawn by Yuki Yanagi : Ero Tsuma [English, Incest] and (available in both english and japanese versions) Milk Mama [English, Incest].
–Update: for Milk Mama, a new version is available HERE, to hell with the version I was sharing before :D
Both have the same style and lines slighly irrealist though not unpleasant, with zero hair to be seen, that not my cup of tea but i’d almost miss it here.

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Yuki Yanagi’s works)

My own opinion here : the translation work and the editing are wonderfully made (Tadanohito rules), but the abysmal lack of interest of the story is appalling, the female characters being perhaps the most braindead chicks I had ever read so far. WTF was the need for a translation of THIS, when there are tons of more interesting stories with real histories inside, still in japanese :(
Oh well, we still have plenty of incest and big breasts to enjoy in those two books ! :3


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I cannot Shout Love From The Bottom Of The World [English], by Fuyunaga

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OK, the hero of that story is related to the head of a yakuza clan, and as everybody knows, the yakuzas’ hobby is ganging girls, dominating them and collecting dildos, while angelic-looking teenagers and strict-looking female teachers are sluts who like to be dominated and toyed with. Please reassure me, it’s just that this scenario sucks, reality isn’t like that, isn’t it ?
After all, you might enjoy it, and if you don’t, forget the scenario and just appreciate the very “intense” drawing, with dark lines, rather plump bodies and the variety of domination ways. This is “I cannot Shout Love From The Bottom Of The World”, English-translated by Doujin-World, drawn by Fuyunaga. I had a little free time so I added a megaupload mirror, with smaller file parts available for dial-up users. With 228 pages it might be useful.

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Soul Chain [English], by Ruen Roga

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Soul Chain, by Ruen Roga, English

This manga isn’t the usual stuff you’ll find on Hentairules, but a bit of variety is always good. in Soul Chain [English version], by Ruen Roga, you must expect extreme and weird sex : domination, dickgirls (about half of the manga), violence, kemono/furry, rape, and even bits of normal sex wonderfully drawn ! You will be troubled.

Even more incredible, for an english-translated manga, there is a REAL scenario with depth and surprises, good and evil in the hearts of the protagonists aren’t obvious or set from the beginning ! Doujin-World made here a great choice, thanks these great folks.

That’s a medieval history, a fight between two kingdoms, a young prince of the beaten country becoming the slave of a witch and transforming into… something else… for secret plans he has no knoweledge of… oh just read it, cmon !

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Erika Telekinetika 1-3 [ENGLISH version], by Ismael Ferrer

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This is Erika Telekinetika Issues 1-3, ENGLISH version, by Ismael Ferrer. I had already shared Erika Telekinetica 1-5 in the spanish original version, you will see here some differences, mainly in Issue #3, that contains an additional story in the english version.

erika telekinetika erika telekinetika erika telekinetika


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