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Hentai Movies [English, uncensored] : Bible Black New Testament episodes 1&2

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Call me a sadist if you like, I save episodes 3 & 4 for the next week :twisted:

This is no surprise if the Bible Black episodes are legendary : their quality is excellent, with one of the best animations there is, uncensored pictures very realistic, and both oral, vaginal and anal. If you don’t like the scenario (satanist chicks try to bring demons back to the world and use sex to convince or use men, while people trying to stop them have sex for their own reasons, bla bla bla…), you can just watch the great hentai scenes and various cute schoolgirls :)

I give direct download links (depositfiles and rapidshare) and streaming versions.

UPDATE : the links are dead, and dead for good. I’m sorry but I won’t reupload them – again. Each time I reupload the files (and that takes a long time), the links die again very fast. Sorry :-/

My Black Dog Collection is updated. If you’ve got others, share please ;)

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EDIT : this is a VERY late edit, three years after I first wrote this post…

I first shared a collection of all my Black Dog works, their version, their origin, their quality, and their language of course.

I gave up on it.

To be frank, it had become way too complicated to maintain, and it consumed too much time… Sorry, but I hope you’ll understand ^^

Plug Suit Fetish 4.75 [English], Evangelion hentai doujin by Studio Katsudon

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After the big hentai pack composed of Plug Suit Fetish 1-2-3-4-Extra1, by Studio Katsudon, 1-2-4 being in English, I added the english version of Plug Suit Fetish 4.75. All my thanks to Abens, who uploaded the doujin and shared the link :)

(Remember to view The updated list of Studio Katsudon’s works on Hentairules)

UPDATE : In a post published on a later date, I shared a fat pack with several more Plug Suit Fetish translated volumes packed together, including the current volume. Please refer to the Redirection Page, linked above, to find it :)

In A Silent Way, Sailor Moon hentai doujin by Black Dog

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Sailor Moon Anal Hentai

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

OK this one is in japanese, but this is a rather recent one, so I hope this will compensate :) In this one, Sailor Jupiter is taken in the ass doggy style and rides on top. I even more appreciate the fact that there are no tentacles, no rape, no weird stuff, just normal sex !

black dog black dog

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One Piece hentai doujin, Candy Orange, by Qbit

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Qbit One Piece Nami Anal Hentai After The Accident Of Lara Croft [English] and Fujiko, by Qbit, here comes another great hentai doujin by QBit, this time about One Piece. The link was submitted by “Mr. D”, all my thanks to him :)In this one, Sandy is being teased and totally dominated by Nami (well-done, I can’t stand his eyebrows, he deserved it !), anally worked by Zorro, and ends with a surprise double penetration. Not bad :D

nami anal hentai nami anal hentai nami anal hentai

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Hana’s Holidays 4 [English, translated by Tonigobe] by Saigado

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Saigado free zip english hentai Here’s the 4th english-translated chapter of Hana’s Holidays, by Saigado Comics. This time our beloved exhibitionistt office lady goes into a great threesome in a public bath (one is exhib, or not :D ), a japanese onsen.

The translation, editing and releasing was made by Tonigobe, a good ol’ poster on the newsgroups. My thanks to him :)

And as of usual, two zip links, a complete gallery… Enjoy :P

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Saigado’s shares on hentairules)

saigado hana zip english

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