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Bleach & Final Fantasy 7 doujin [English], Kuusou Zikken Vol. 6, by Circle Kuusou Zikken

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Are you fascinated with huge breasts ? If yes, the works of Circle Kuusou Zikken are right for you, they drawn anime and manga characters, having sex, their already originally important breast even more “improved” for the needs of the hentai comic.
This time, this is Kuusou Zikken Vol. 6, a Bleach & Final Fantasy 7 doujin [English version]. There are also a few Street Fighter pictures, but they are not numerous and not translated – not that we can blame Doujin-World, the translator, their work is perfect as usual !

(don’t trust the thumbnails poor quality, most of the pictures are pen-realized, so you should instead see them fullsized, really it’s better)

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Three Sizes [English], by Takayuki Kyoumoto

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cool hentai manga

Here is Three Sizes [English], by Takayuki Kyoumoto, a nice short English-translated story, released by Clearly Guilty Translations.

Cute drawings, a bit of perversion, no bother with the scenario and yet the translation really brings something, and something I like a lot, sex while keeping part of your clothes and the girl’s clothes on.

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Sex Friend Complete CG set (689 pictures)

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Sex Friend. Two words, but how many hundreds of thousand boners all around the world ? :D Here is the greatest hentai CG set I EVER saw. That is also the best hentai anime I ever saw (download it HERE).

I offer a zipped download link as well as zip mirrors in smaller size parts (for the dial-up modems), and a picture gallery divided in five parts. Enjoy :)

And if you have other works by that studio/artist, except for the maid story (I forgot its name, I already have it), please, let me know ;)

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Totally non-hentai flash-Game : Nanaca Crash, the best flash game ever !

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Yeah, I know, some people could object this is a hentai site. But why would I speak only of it ? I feel like sharing the best flash game ever to me : Nanaca Crash. I still play that game more than two years after discovering it !
(click the “open complete post” if you don’t see the flash game)
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Valentine Gift [English, Incest], by Itosugi Masahiro

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Edit : I incorrectly named the archive, with Mosuge instead of Itosugi, sorry about that !

Here’s another incest story, translated in english. Yeah, I know, that isn’t much variety, but I’m not the drawer not the translator here, me too I’d love to offer you links to hentai stories of great interest and well-drawn, translated in english. Me too. Until then, I hope you enjoy Valentine Gift, by Mosuge Masahiro.
At least in this story there’s some interest when you look at the way the mother offers her son his valentine gift, THAT is a cool idea I had never seen before, and I also appreciate the fact the “hero” isn’t the usual hopeless loser (AKA “the Shinji syndrome” <_<) that we see in the common hentai mangas :)

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