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Shell [English, 174 pages, Complete], by Takuma Hazaraki

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Takuma Hazaraki English Hentai YAY ! After Golden Stage, 5 volumes, and Heavenly 8 [English], an FLCL doujin, here is Shell, another complete manga by Takuma Hazaraki, entirely translated into English– I was glad to find it :DTakuma Hazaraki is specialized in young teens having normal or anal sex and massive cumming. To be honest I’d have preferred to read Golden Stage translated, but Shell is good dope too, 174 happy pages :twisted:

For more works by this artist, please see My Takuma Harazaki Redirection Page

takuma hazaraki english takuma hazaraki english takuma hazaraki english

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Piledrivers and Memories Of My First Love [English], by Yuzuki N’ Dash

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Here comes a funny hentai story, with a LOVELY girl : she has big sensitive tits, glasses (not enough girls wear glasses in the hentai world IMHO ;) ), loves anal, and just a side note, she performs piledrivers when she’s pissed off :D

And as of usual : complete pictures gallery, two zip links.

(MOAR! For more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Yuzuki Nā€™s Works on Hentairules)

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Any Great Teacher Onizuka hentai stuff around ?

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GTO hentai

Hello there, guys ! For once, instead of a share, a request !

I’m just wondering, would you have GTO (aka Great Teacher Onizuka) hentai pictures or mangas, maybe ?

It came to me that I never saw any hentai GTO pictures, that’s sad, the manga is totally cool and I’d love to see some of the characters in real hentai situations :twisted:

Oh, a remark, if you ONLY saw the anime made out of it, then you do NOT know what is really Great Teacher Onizuka. Read the manga, it is completely, totally, insanely hilarious :) If you wonder where to find it, I only found that scanlation website telling about IRC places where to get GTO. I proudly own the 25 complete volumes and I am not interested into IRC anyway, so I’ll let whoever wants to try it, try it.

Governess (‘Katekyo’) + Akan Mou Muchakucha Ni Shite, 2 anal hentai mangas by Kenji Kisizuka

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free anal hentai manga Another 2 mangas that I share on request and with pleasure, my two works by Kenji Kisizuka.

Be prepared, here’s the list of the subjects : anal, double penetrations, tifucks, schoolgirls, teachers, swimsuits, nurses, chinese-dress waitress, occidental waitress, office ladies, maids. And it’s terribly welll drawn :twisted:

Must I precise that I’m a fan ? ;)

anal hentai anal hentai anal hentai

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Futari De Obenkyo [English] + My Little Devil [English] + Non-Stop Kenmochi Sensei [English], by Jingrock

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Jingrock English Hentai After Shampoo, an english incest hentai story that I liked very much, I felt like sharing more english-translated hentai works by the artist who made that, called Jingrock. It took me a while but finally here they are, my 3 other english-translated works by Jingrock, enjoy :)If you like schoolgirls, tanned girls in swimsuits or ultra-large tits teachers, you will appreciate this pack :twisted:

–Update: save Futari De Obenkyo, the two other works now belong in Adolescence Is A Sexual Excitement Period. See the list of Jingrock’s works, linked just below, for the link to it.

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

english hentaiĀ  english hentai english hentai

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Pretty Well Glamorous Colors 5, DOA & Love Hina & Sentimental Graffiti hentai doujin, by Momonana

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full color quality hentai After Pretty Well Glamorous Colors 3 (shared on that page with others Final Fantasy hentai doujinshi), here’s the volume 5, full with great totally fuckable hentai full color girls. *drools* I only wish I had the other 1-2-4 volumes ;)

I wrote DOA, Love Hina and Sentimental Graffiti hentai doujin, but to be honest I didn’t recognize where half the pictures were from :-/ You’re welcome to fill in (add a comment) if you can ;)

glamorous colors 5 glamorous colors 5 glamorous colors 5

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Tonosama King, a short hentai story by Isutoshi

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(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Isutoshi’s works on hentairules)

I hope you already know Isutoshi, the awesome artist behind the Slut Girl serie (personal note : gotta upload that someday) ? Great tits, great gals with an ironclad character and a total lack of sense of restraint. Well, I was requested to share by Iznogoud, a french user, a small chapter by Isutoshi taken from a magazine. Instead of sending the zip link just to him, I prefer to share it abroad on the occasion, enjoy :)

isutoshi hentai isutoshi hentai

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