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Streaming added for the Moonlight Lady 1-5 hentai movies

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After the Moonlight Lady 5 english hentai episodes, and after the Moonlight Lady CG Hentai Pictures Set, I chose to add streaming versions. They’re great to make yourself an idea, and the ones with a full account at the host (megarotic) will have an additional download link given on the page that appears when they click twice on the movie window while it’s playing.

I give here streaming links for the 5 hentai movies, and on the “real” movies page, and, there are both the streaming links and the links to download it to your hard disk.

(if you don’t see the other movies, click on the “view complete post” link)
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Display problems, for a change : HELP !

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I tested hentairules with Internet Explorer, just look at that (click to enlarge) :


I trust you will notice the slight problem with the central column :D

Please, if you use IE, is it showing the same problem for you ? Please, even more if you have the prob indeed, report it to me. (And if you’re a pro at webdesign and you know what’s the prob, i’ll be glad to hear ;) )

Kassen [English], by Kopikura (AKA Kino Hitoshi)

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Kino hitoshi hentai manga zip

After Aijou Hyougen, here’s another great manga by Kopikura, also known as Kino Hitoshi. This is : Kassen [English], by Kopikura. Yes, this one is translated into English ! The scenario is interesting and worth reading, the hentai drawings are great (very hardcore, throbbing dicks, soaked pussies, plenty of sound effects, faces showing lust to the highest extent, various sexual positions), there are ten pages of incest (among 241 pages of various great hentai pictures). One of Kopikura’s best hentai mangas I’ve read.

(Remember to check The list of my shares by Kopikura)

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Kuromon Lovers and Anemamire, two hentai mangas by Moe Kirara (both in Japanese)

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Moe Kirara hentai illustration

Moe Kirara is definitely one my top five hentai artists. The way he draws the female body leaves me wordless. Such wonderfully drawn large breasts, such great faces, such nice curves (my tastes don’t go to famelic girls, true), and such lust in the women’s expressions… ! Yummy ! As of usual, each manga has his gallery and two zip download links, at depositfiles and megaupload.

I uploaded two other hentai mangas by Moe Kirara, Anemamire and Kuromon Lovers. And this is it, this time I share my complete Moe Kirara collection online (link), 12 mangas in total ! If there are other comic books by him that I still miss, please, upload them anywhere, share the zip link :)

(Remember to view The Updated List of All Moe Kirara’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Cute, Teasing, Sexy and Hardcore Hentai Pictures #15

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This is our 15th pack of hentai pictures of all kinds, some just cute, some teasing and revealing just a bit, some others really sexy and explicit, and others directly hardcore uncensored. I’ll say it before I’m questioned, the pictures are taken from many various places, so I certainly cannot tell you where each of them comes from. You can still try your luck but I dont’ promise anything :) I offer a pictures gallery, a depositfiles and a rapidshare zip download link.

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Streaming added for the X-Men Porn Movie

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In this Video, Wolverine, Rogue and Storm fuck happily with each other, sucking cunts, dicks, and various sex positions :) I have ONE regret, that Wolvy doesn’t use his claws to tear off the girl’s clothes ;)
Adding a streaming version was a new occasion to enjoy again that video, because really, I enjoy this one every time I see it.
Before I forget, you can download HERE the movie to your hard disk :)

Besides, new questions occured : how can Rogue suck Wolverine’s dick and leave Wolverine unharmed ? He wouldn’t have an adamantium-coated penis ?? So his claws would… erectile, in fact ?? :D
Hentai ergo sum.

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