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Delivery (Sex) Friend [English], by Sanjuurou

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Oh, what a fine figure!

I’ll ask: can you love a manga based on prostitution, and in which cheating is absolutely not an issue?
If “no”: just don’t read Delivery (Sex) Friend, move on, friend.
If “yes”: you may proceed, hugs to yet another hentai normie who’s developed an immunity to an alarming number of themes over the years :D

Long story short, this share is about a guy hiring a call-girl, she finds out he is the boyfriend of one of her friends but money is money so she does the job, and as cheating turns her on she adores every minute of it and makes sure they’ll meet again another time.
The drawings are well-made, showing talent, skill, effort, the girl had a cute mostly realistic body, and on a good number of panels censorship isn’t too much of a pain, visually it’s totally worth it =)

Release credits are for Bobacat Scans, thank you!

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Shigure Hide And Seek [English], an adorable hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Umakuchi Syouyu

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I can almost imagine it, it's drawn so well

This pleasant art, for a pleasant vanilla-infused story (Shigure with her admiral, etcetera), strongly reminded the early Napata artist, wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve got the package, love, blushing, beauty of pure feelings, softly refined erotic art… Sure, with accursed whiteout censorship (once again, if you’ve got the cash, buy yourself a fakku account perps), but even like that, it was beautiful to read, and my maiden’s heart enjoyed the feelings =)
Thanks to Mikhailova#8280, Megapsk#9861, Roofie#7986, Endo#1918, Kamijou#5494 and Karuga#8372, from Comfy Pillow Scans! :)

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Das Parfum [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls series, by Shouka

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Pungent? I think I never used that adjective myself.

That was unusual enough to be interesting, this share’s scenario revolves around the relationship between Shiki, a naturally talented idol, and the young producer who noticed her first and brought her under the spotlights. He feels depressed because he lacks self-confidence and starts wondering if his star wouldn’t have succeeded without his help, maybe he’s even slowing her down? As for her, well… she behaves like a cat: mysterious, unreadable, unpredicable, and even her demonstrations of love are hard to read…
Behind it, in the end, we’re left with a feeling of “oh, that was vanilla?!?” and a smile on our face ^_^

One thing I loved especially: the occasionally slanted eyes of the female MC. Damn that was sexy.
The doujinshi was scanlated by No Hentai No Life, thanks a lot! :jap:

By the same artist, known under the names of Shouka and Kayoudou, I also share Juunengo No Jinsei Soudan (“Life Consultation After Ten Years”, 150 pages), Hanekawa Black and Hanekawa White.

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New NanoFei School 3 – 4 All Full Color Soushuuhen [English, 74 pictures, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Nanoha series, by Studio Huan

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Have some fresh baguette! :)

Niiice, here is a 74 pictures long full-colour Nanoha in which the girls from the series get their generous share of dick, without any scenario apart from “oh, here’s some onii-chan dick, let’s enjoy it” (yeah, it’s hugely wincest, here’s an example) or stuff of that grade ^^

The drawings were quite pleasant if you can get past their MacHentai repetitive unoriginal nature (it’s not a sin in itself, I mean.) The censorship was confusing, either blurry mosaics, or actually fully drawn genitalia without anything hiding them AKA gloriously uncensored :shock:
Other than that, it’s the usual Studio Huan. Girls with all kind of hair colours and impossibly large manga eyes, with the bodies of a dutch wife including the hourglass figure, the thick thighs and huuuge breasts naturally. Good on the eye =)

Release credits are for Shakezoola and Webdriver from EroGPx, and SXIndy27 from The Tsukuyomi Project, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Raidon Shougyoushi Full Color Soushuuhen, New Nanofei School 1-2 All Full Color Soushuuhen Shinsouban, New NanoFei School 5, New Nanofei School 6, a pack of 2 works (Ayanami Zecchou + Nyuu NanoFate 1-2 Full Color Soushuuhen), Batsugunda volumes 1-2, New Nanoha-san + Shamal-san Fullcolor Hen, New MahoDom, Batsugun Da! Full Color Soushuuhen, New MadoHom Full Color Soushuuhen and Beni Kan.

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Mash No Himitsu Tokkun (“Mash’s Secret Training Regime”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Zhen Lu

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Meanwhile, in the real world, me, the second ejaculation of a sexual relation I'm already almost shooting dry

That cover, oh man, so wonderfully obscene, lascive, compelling!!! :twisted:

In this hentai release, Mash follows her gudao’s perversions, she adores butt plugs, anal beads, powerful anal and vaginal penetrations and huge creampies. All along, she sports ravished smiles and proud ahegaos, and please don’t think this is any form of mindbreak, the sex is consensual and they’re both, simply, huge pervs ^^
The drawings are much less amazing than on the cover and the numerous black bars censorship takes a fucking toll, but it’s still pretty good in my eyes :)

Thanks to Darknight for this one! :jap:

By the same artist (Zhen Lu, circle Comex), I also share Fuchou No Sakusei Ryouhou.

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Risou No Kanojo [English], by Mizone

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I cropped out the disturbing bits, a creampie through a transparent body is WEIRD

After Doukyo Suru Neneki Zenpen, this is only the second time I share slime girl hentai on hentairules, that would be because I’m relatively picky and usually those kind of hentai mangas freak me to death ^^

In Risou No Kanojo, a young human man is living with a female alien, in exchange of free rent, she uses her slime talent to replicate women with whom he has sex. The manga starts when he realizes he no longer cares for duplicates, he is in love with her, a confession and vanilla sex follows :)
Honestly I’ll never manage to fap to this, but I figured it was quite cute, and might give plenty of you a smile, and even healthy arousal, but I’ll leave that last part to you alone!
Thanks to Anon, Vilis and Baran, from Hennojin for this one!

Side note, might you be interested in discovering the non-adult but adorable “Oh! My Sweet Alien manga series? ;)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Itoshi No Charlotte, Shokubutsu No Sodatekata + After (“How To Raise Plants” – sex with a plant: deal with it), Kindan No Shohousen Kouhen Part 2 (a total WTF, lol), Gyoryuushima No Okite ~Jikyuu 1500 Yen, Onigashima No Iinazuke, Ayakashi No Omotenashi and Jitsuroku Koumori Onnna-Tachi No Hanshokuki (“The Secret Mating Habits of the Batgirl”).

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XX Iin No Oshigoto (“The Work Of The XX Committee”) [English], by Aoi Tiduru

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Look at their faces! Their amazing horny faces! (don't look at the censorship)

This must be what we all fantasized about in highschool, that some of the girls were only pure in appearance, and we could hope an invitation to take the masks off. In this share, two girls are in that case, and a lucky classmate is about to find out, basically ^^

The censorship is cancer incarnate, other than that the drawings are really sweet. Cute petite bodies, and impressively lewd expression on their two faces all along.
Release credits are for Zenturial and Juggernaut Santa, thank you! :)
(and now I’m imagining a juggernaut   Santa. That would be dope.)

By the same artist, I also share Hamakaze Biyori volume 1 and volume 2.

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