KTOK 6 parts 1-2 (Zenpen, Kouhen) [English, 165 pictures], a pair of hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru series, by Tatsuichi Monji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

One of the few panels in which we don't see the disgustingly ugly male protagonist

Technically, this is a To Love Ru doujinshi, focused one one of the series’ characters, but, bah, it’s got as little scenario as relevance to the real series, anyway.
Basically, Mikan, from To Love Ru, starts working as a helper for a mangaka, but that mangaka uses hypnotic incense to brainwash-convince her she is his own slutty maid completely in love with his dick ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Graphically, I must admit it’s got its charms, the maid outfit and all, however, ew, that male protag was one of the fugliest balls of shit I saw in a very long tome, argh.

Release credits are for Iambobokay and Anonymous, for the part 1, and Biribiri, Pureenergy and Guysly for the part 2. Thanks are an order.

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Good Teachers volumes 1-2 [English, Uncensored, 109 pictures], by Nodo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

This is pe.da.go.gy. Promise.

Here’s a no-brainer share, with a super simple scenario canvas, and the rest is just watching the seggs ^^

We’re in your typical Hentai Japan highschool, meaning: teachers and students keep on having sex, and it is perfectly normal for them. All of the teachers are female, busty, and love highschooler dicks.
The end, lol, there’s not much to add to my summary =)

Graphically, it’s mostly good, as long as you’re into bakunyu (think: mega-tits), and you can tolerate poor picture resolution.
However, a warning, the translation and typesetting weren’t great – I would have found it to be a problem if there had been an actual scenario or if feelings were involved.

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

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Makai Syokubutsu Gijie-ru Sensei [English, 193 pictures], by Shiina Kazuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

From one of the mostly normal chapters lol

Quick-browsing this manga gave me an impression that could be compared to the “Greetings peasants, how goes th- BY THE POPE!!” internet memes.
There are good moments, but also plenty more WTF situations :shock: :lol:

We’re not at John K Peta levels of WTF, but we occasionally came close.
And yet… And yet, I wasn’t horrified as with a John K Peta volume, precisely. I had many “ew” moments, but the manga’s mood made everything different, things were either deliberately comical, or at least impossible to take seriously, it allowed me to enjoy whatever was enjoyable and simply shrug and move on for everything else that wasn’t to my tastes.

And so, we’ve got here a manga with a medium-sized main arc and several single chapters, in which, at best, half of the partners are human. You’ll have monster girls, succubi, an onahole turned tsukumogami, a part turtle, a fully woman believing she’s a man, and I’m probably forgetting some ^^
The girls are in carefree trivial scenarii, sex is always consensual however super weird it is.

And graphically, Jebus spare my soul, that was extreme. Very little censorship. Maximum multi-baton dilatations, tentacles, entire fists (plural form, yes), and more stuff I’m even reluctant to name with hopes it helps me forget them faster.
And yet… the okay bits were pretty nice, still.

Well, see for yourselves, and thanks to Tigoris Translates for that one! ^^

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Holidays it is, lads =)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments
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It’s that time of the year, my holidays have come, at long last ^^

I’ll be mostly away from the biggest civilization centers, trying to avoid the internet and do boring pointless stuff like spending time with my wife and sons, instead of arguing with strangers on the internet :)

As always, I’ve prepared a few posts in advance to keep the blog busy, but be prepared for the usual typical screwups to slip unnoticed, and go unfixed ;)

One thing kinda bumming me out, my blog plugin to automatically publish a tweet when I have a share published on hentairules, kinda stopped working overnight. I now have to click a button to manually send it to twitter, something I won’t be able to do while I’m not home, so my twitter account won’t notify you guys of new blog posts.

I wish you well, folks, have a great summer! \o/

Excellent news: Koiiro Oppai, the 215 pages long vanilla tank by Asuhiro, is now fully uncensored!! ^_^

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Despite the pixie haircut and the delicious dark skin, she wasn't even the best girl in the volume. Yep, the bar was set very high :D

Excellent news, my fellow pervs, Koiiro Oppai, one of the best mangas I’ve shared on Hentairules, has been fully decensored, after so many years ^__^

You’ve got adorable vanilla, adorable girls, excellent hardcore art, and it’s 215 pages long.
In other words: you’ve just struck gold ;)

To get the decensored version, simply follow that link!

I’ve had a series idea that would deserve to be written

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 14 comments
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Hey guys.

I’m sharing with you that idea I got while randomly talking with my sons, simply because I honestly think it’s a good one, and it would deserve to become a thing. I’m not claiming any dibs at all, simply, by sharing it, I’m giving a bit more “reality” to the concept, who knows, maybe one day, by word of mouth, etc, the idea will come to life, one can always dream ^^

With my teenage sons, we were talking about how weird the isekai genre is, I recall now, it started with one of them who heard of the “Reborn as a vending machine” WTF one (I shit you not, it exists), and then, I thought of something that, trusting google, hadn’t been done yet.
A variant on the isekai genre, reborn in another world, theme.

Hear me out.

We’re in the XXIst century. An old priest reaches the end of his life. He spent his entire life as a devout catholic, let’s say in the last part of his life he worked with Vatican officials to tackle ways to fight sect indoctrination, to avoid losing believers to scammers.
Time to kick the bucket.
But instead of waking up at the Pearly Gates, the priest finds himself reborn, with all his memories, as an infant in some weird unknown land. He learns the language easily, his brain automatically gives him equivalences between aramaic and his former life’s words, and by his first year, he’s already attracting lots of attention, looking wise and unique.
However, he has his own worries. He quickly learns his father is called Joseph, his mother Mary, and, what joke is this o Lord, they live in Bethlehem.
Screw it, he’s Jesus.

And thus begins his new story. The life of Jesus defined his entire former life, and the life of billions of believers. Even with the wrongs committed in His name, our former priest has made his decision: he will reenact the life of Jesus, step by step, including the dramatic conclusion.

Cheating will be necessary: he is just a man, without actual superpowers. You can only walk on water if you spotted where a sand bank has been formed overnight, you can’t spend 40 days in a desert without hiding provisions first where nobody will find them, etc. You’d need years to train enough in sleigh of hands to convincingly multiply bread loaves or transform water into wine.

And we can imagine a dramatic final arc, in which Jesus has to convince his best friend, a man with a heart of gold, to accept to betray him and sell him out to the Romans. Poor Judas, will he accept Jesus’ arguments?

So, yeah, that was it. I recognize this sounds stupid, laid out like that, but I really think the idea’s got potential, in the hands of someone skilled ^^

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