Anata No Oku-san Uwaki Shitemasu Yo [English, 202 pictures], by Tuna Empire

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

Yeah, in h-mangas, save their dick, men suddenly become transparent

“Do I add the WTF hentai tag at once, or do I wait till I witness it?” – The obligatory question when I start reading something by Tuna Empire.
Well, turns out today the tag was unnecessary, who would have thought! ^^

Still, this IS Tuna Empire, so several of the stories in the manga are weird, still, but not eerily weird, at least.

Half of the volume is made of a single story arc with dark undertones (a woman who married her husband out of pity and maternal instinct visits a mysterious inn, deep in the mountains, where the male owner teaches her the joys of a willingly consented descent into a spiral of corruption). The second half is single chapters, displaying various housewives discovering better sex with someone other than their husband, plus a final chapter without adultery (it was almost weird, huhu.)
While the first arc was all about domination, gradually bending a woman’s will, the rest of the manga isn’t so dark, everything happens consensually and without complications.

Graphically? This is good Tuna Empire: very little censorship, proud enthusiastic female faces, and no holds barred hardcore sex, from vaginal to double penetration. Nice.

Release credits are for DeYeti and Fated Circle, thank you!

For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares

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Sakuramiya Shimai No Netorare [English, 187 pictures], by Shiki Takuto

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Calm down, there's hardly a couple of pages with blindfold sex ;)

That’s the usual recipe for this niche: combine repeated sexual ecstasy with embarrassment, humiliation and helplessness, until women’s self-esteem and sanity are forever forsaken.

Here, to be more specific, a highschool boy captures a photo of two sisters making out, uses it to blackmail them separately, each of them will accept to enter the spiral of corruption to protect the other, until in the end they’re mindbroken dolls enjoying every dick coming their way, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve gotta reckon, still, the art is top notch. Mostly vaginal, plus a bit of group sex that includes as far as DP. If you love this type or story or are able to disregard the story and just enjoy the art, enjoy!

Release credits are for Doujin-Moe.

By the same artist, I also share Gal Tomo Harem (217 pictures, awesome), IF – The Puppy Story, IF – The School Story, Honey kiss (NTR and yandere, not my favourite niches) and Namaiki JK Onsen Ryokou 2-haku 3-kka.

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Watashi, Shishunki Chinpo Ga Suki Nan Desu [English, 211 pictures], by Saiyazumi

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See? There are plenty of good bits

Well, that was something else, lol. Plenty of fully OK contents, mixed with, in two chapters, some what-the-fuckery-is-this-witchcraft weirder bits :D

Watashi, Shishunki Chinpo Ga Suki Nan Desu is a manga made of single chapters and a small arc in the end, with exclusively happy sex, going from consensual and “casual” to more, erm, kinky fetishes.
Most of it is just vaginal sex (always: a male teenager, sometimes on the shota side, with women between 20 and 40 by the looks of it), good thrusting, everybody’s satisfied, the end. Buuuuuut… in the first and final chapters there will be fisting and pegging, it’s always a shock to me even when I’m warned :shock:

Graphically, it’s pretty good, with very faint censorship, although on the crude side of things. Gaping holes, XXXXXXL anuses, I reckon it’s not everybody who will be fond of that style…

It’s been released by Revelations72, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Jokyoushi Chitai Tousatsuroku (198 pictures), Shukujo Wa Ochinchin Busoku (216 pictures), Mon-Oka (234 pictures) and Seishokuki (223 pictures).

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I have an awesome news for you: Ero Pippi, by Shiwasu No Okina, a 244 pages long volume, is now FULLY UNCENSORED, woohoo!! ^____^

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Damn, that girl looked great. Wish she had more screen time, overall ^^

Excellent news, my dear pervs: Ero Pippi, a 244 pages long manga by Shiwasu No Okina, is now fully decensored!! :twisted:
I can’t claim I loved every chapter of the volume, but it’s still Shiwasu No Okina quality, there’s lots to enjoy :3

The decensoring was made by Palimpsest (chapter 1) and DaddyDoggie (everything else). Thank you very much!!! ^__^

To get this new version, simply follow that link!

The Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK has been updated, 3.7 GB of awesomesauce and 5166 pictures!

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Maybe the best h-manga ever!

I sometimes tell myself there are people who have just discovered hentai a short while ago, and maybe they will stumble by chance on my post. If it happens… just the thought it might… it’s enough to make my day :D

And so, yeah, for your information, I have updated my Shiwasu No Okina total pack, to now contain the newly decensored version of “Ero Pippi:)

It’s a damnably HUGE and juicy pack, the kind of contents I would have loved to make my hentai debut with :3

My Shiwasu No Okina Total Pack is HERE :)

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