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If you are a copyright holder for one of the works shared on hentairules, please contact me with an evidence about your rights, and I will remove this work asap.

My dream, with this blog, is to “spread the love” and promote quality hentai, hopefully making Hentai a widespread market not just in Japan but EVERYWHERE. And, at long last, unlike the publishing desert we have now, to have at last fresh and abundant hentai releases coming to us in the western world !

I definitely have no intention to bring ruin over the artists and publishers, so I won’t make a problem removing a content if you prove me it’s yours and/or taking out sales.

An example ? On an occasion, on the concerned artist’s suggestion, instead of simply deleting the post where I shared one of his works, I instead replaced my post’s content with a big link to the online shop where this artist was (and is) selling his works, sending him lots of traffic, as a way to correct my violation. Another example, part of the earnings from the ads were once used to fund a translation that, funnily, was eventually also used for a western world publication, etcetera, etcetera…

Should you notice that something else is in violation with a law, for instance, or that there is an abuse of another sort, once again, please contact me, I’ll see what I can do.

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