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Bitch Library [English], by Hori Hiroaki

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I can't tell if she's amoral, or immoral. Just one voyel, and yet, an immense difference.

It’s easy to say “don’t put your dick in crazies”, but when the girl’s not crazy, simply batshit kinky, maybe it’s tolerable to walk the weird path for a while, no, consider it a learning experience?

Or maybe not. I am extremely confused. In this share, the male MC is a barely adult young man, led by the tip of the nose and by another tip, too, by a strange girl. She doesn’t mind showing him how men purchase the use of her body and it makes her climax hyper hard, apparently all of this would be to set him into condition for a grandiose first time with her…
And then there’s the ending, that left me with even more questions, WTF.

Still, graphically, hard to complain, we get our fill of double penetrations, there’s not too much censorship (hower, being partial to ahegaos would have helped.)
Anon and Desudesu are behind this one, thank you! :jap:

(For more works by this artist, cf. The list of Hori Hiroaki’s works on HentaiRules)

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Atsugari Na Joou-sama (“Heat-Sensitive Queen”) [English, retouched], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order game, by Zhen Lu

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Almost got her the Plump tag

Here’s a simple and “efficient” Fate / Grand Order doujinshi, in which the male Master has to satisfy in bed his two Scáthach servants. No need to fret over the little details, it’s pretty decent bikini sex, and this is it ^^
There was a tiny bit too much censorship, multiple thick bars, but all in all, I had a good time reading it, so here’s to hoping you’ll like it too :)
Thanks to Shuten Doujin Translations! :jap:

A note, perhaps, I allowed myself to retouch the images, they weren’t good in my eyes. The background color was grey and not white, the surfaces were spotty… I don’t promise you a miracle, but I hope I helped. A comparison, if you wish: before! and after!.

By the same artist (Zhen Lu, circle Comex), I also share Fuchou No Sakusei Ryouhou and Mash No Himitsu Tokkun.

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VictimGirlsR Watashi Wa Makemasen [English], by Asanagi

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A good summary, that image

I have done my very best to steer clear of the Victim Girls series, by Asanagi/Fatalpulse. It’s about women physically dominated without mercy, often punished, quickly mindbroken, treated as meat, as disposable holes for the rightful alpha males, etctera… I have no problem with other people digging this, simply, it’s not my own kind of fantasy.

But I think I’ll make an exception here, this volume is milder compared to the previews & random pics I saw for other Victim Girls volumes, and this will be a way to mention the sheer existence of the series: do you love to see women mindbroken, forced, punished, brutalized, treated like shit (but shit you can fuck and who loves it)? Then search for more Victim Girls on the internet, you’re in for a treat, you’ll feel soooo much superior with that, your fictional view of the world will be comforted. (Apologies, I couldn’t resist throwing bait alongside the information.)

So: there you go.
We’re in a highschool in which the male MC is a modern-day bigot, a moral hypocrite yelling he defends women, he’s got giant blinders when it comes to his understanding of the world and, naturally, he simply won’t tolerate that others may dare think differently from him, blah, blah, blah… This is an alt-right activist’s wet dream, feminism is the new face of totalitarism, gender equality is an oppression tool, etcetera, women desire to be objectified, blah, blah, blah again. Netorare ending naturally.
It’s funny in a way, but the toxicity level is too high for me (mutual hatred between sides is apparently the rule, “live and let live” is never an option on such topics), so I’m out.

Release credits are for aidsair, Thanks for the work!

By the same artist, I also share Girls In The Frame.

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Tsumatorare (“Wife-Taking”) [English, 195 pictures], by Shirono Mahiro

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And here, dear visitors, we reached an interesting exhibit, the XXist century Japanese housewife in her natural habitat.

I was *slightly* disappointed by the first half of the manga, when it was released last year under the Tane No Nai Hachi (“A Seedless Flowerpot”) name (to quote my own lines: “for fuck’s sake, that was such a bore to read, I’m glad this is over“). And now, half a year later, the rest of the manga has been scanlated: a small arc and single chapters, all of them based on the same “dumb cheating” theme.

Strong warning, the manga caters to the audience who loves watching a male MC cucked hard, and who (probably: just my guess) enjoys watching a woman in a position of moral inferiority because she’s fucking dumb and a slave to her vagina’s needs.
The main arc is about a man and his wife, presented as hopeless idiots who ignore how sperm donation works. “Naturally”, his wife will be gradually stolen by an alpha male, and the other woman to whom the husband starts feeling attached is stolen back (and even better, he is “used” in the process to unlock the achievement.)
The rest of the chapters are of the same inspiration, save two in which the husband is simply absent.

I sighed more times than I wish to count, but I’ll give you that, the drawings are solid. Hardcore, deliciously crude, with fine, fine asses, the women have plenty of meat (almost Rubens style: here’s an example, “The Three Graces“), save the occasional ahegaos this is excellently drawn.

Release credits are for Doujin-Moe, Yad-Scans, and Hentaicore, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kaika ~Ninenme no Aki~ (104 pictures, complete with its parts 1-3), Dandan Fukaku and Shinshou Shini.

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Henshin Sange [English], by Otoo

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At least her eyebrows gave her a funny face. A bit of relief in a pond of meh.

Here’s another instance of your typical stereotypical “smartphone hypnotism” story, a girl doesn’t realize she’s under control except when in the presence of her “master” and then the implanted slutty side of her is allowed to resurface, etcetera.

You’ll get crazy blowjob faces and strong ahegaos, with suggestions of mindbreak in the end (the girl accepting her face, blah blah blah.)
I can’t say I’m a fan, but I reckon the drawing style ought to please a number of you guys, it’s very graphic, with only faint censorship. It’s your call, as always :)

Release credits are for Selloutbro, Snail and the commissioner Manga, thank you! :jap:

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Huge pack of 10 works by Azasuke Wind [English, 392 pictures]

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I could have chosen a sadder pic ;)

I wanted to catch up on an interesting mangaka, Azasuke Wind.
The style is very hardcore (might there be more anal than vaginal? ^^), and there’s little room for feelings, it’s a brutal world, driven by desire. That gives us straight dark stories (rape, mindbreak) or kinky not-truly-dark stories (domination, fetishes of rape and abuse sublimated in sexual plays), depending on the mangaka’s whim.

I’m not sure this will be for everyone’s tastes, but I believe it’s worth sharing, in my eyes it’s more than “industrial” porn, there’s talent, unique traits, and personally I took a great liking to the kinky relationships between Levy and Rock in several volumes, they’re twisted, unable to enjoy “normal” sex, so they settle for more, erm, exotic forms of fulfillment…

Here’s the list of the 10 volumes I repacked in my post:
Analbeit: with Reuse, the darkest of the volumes. Hanaru, from AnoHana (lemme google for the full name: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai), betrayed and raped
Distorted Love: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, with their kinky games, (almost) pretend rape
Paraphilia: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, with their kinky games, asphyxiation play
Reuse: Tenryuu, from Kantai Collection, treated as a, quote: “jeez latrine”, and later, a, quotation again, “semen receptacle”. I’ve read merrier hentai. Depressing, dreadful.
Sick From Drinking: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, plenty of booze, and to my surprise, no kinky game, that one is as close to vanilla as twisted characters like Levy and Rock can go
Slave Secretary: Roy Mustang, from Full Metal Alchemist, is made to watch his dear lieutenant Riza, mindbroken, treated as a cum dump, netorare vibes
Sleeping Revy: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, with their kinky games, spiking a drink, taking advange of the still victim
Super Big Size: Levy and Dutch, alcohol and sex
Threaten: Rock and Balalaika, from Black Lagoon
Welcome To The Fuckin’ Paradise: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, Rock found Levy’s adult vids on the internet, she finds out, that one is as close to vanilla as twisted characters like Levy and Rock can go.
(Oh, a note: yeah, I got used to writing “Levy” over a decade ago, deal with it, sorry if it’s Revy otherwise.)

By Azasuke Wind, I also share Asasuke Wind Collection volumes 1-12, a pack of animated hentai gifs, and Secret.

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Unhappy Ladies [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Shiokonbu

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Still hot, though.

The title of this doujinshi was right on spot, I had to read it to get the idea, single preview pics wouldn’t let me guess: its two heroines, Kaede and Miyu, share a sad fate.
They wanted to be idols, but they’re under the care of a playboy producer who doesn’t care about their carreer, gives them shitty side gigs that won’t let them become popular, and all this while he fucks them again and again, until they definitely lose all self-esteem and only care to be his holes ಠ_ಠ

So, yeah, it’s super hot, the drawings are masterfully done (vaginal sex, cute breasts, mostly), but it’s a mood killer for me. For you, hey, your call!

Release credits are for Svines85, PV1037 and Random Contributor, from/for BEC Scans, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, called Shiokonbu or (it’s his circle) Laminaria, to this day, I also share Bergamo, Sweet Poison, Let, Mitigation – Wars End, Koi No Kazamuki, Hiina Asobi, Ikoku Na Retro, Lily Ties, Nikushokukei Joou, Acid Lover and Koi Maguwai.

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