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Pack of 2 works by the hentai artist Maidoll [English] : Anaru Anaru, and Aria The Aquamarine After Story

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

Anaru. Who doesn't have anal sex. D'oh!

I repacked together two nice works by Maidoll, recently released : Anaru Anaro, and Aria The Aquamarine After Story :)

I must confess I’ve seen another work by Maidoll, about robot-girls having futa sex in some manner, but I’ve been selfish this time and refused to include it in the present pack, in my eyes, its quality was just too crappy and below my standards. If YOU got that other one and loved it, good for you, tastes are always a personal matter anyway.
Here, I repacked the works that I liked, two doujinshi about Ano Hana and Aria. Maidoll’s heroines look more mature than the original anime/manga characters, the drawing style is unique, beyond my description skills… The contents : uncomplicated happy sex, plainly.
The Aria doujin is a short sequel to this

I loved it, in short, I hope you’ll love it too ! :)

Moar! Don’t forget to check The list of ALL Fei/Maidoll’s works on Hentairules!

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