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Pack of 15 works [English, all Uncensored, 218 pictures in total], by Canape

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

There were quite a few pages that were definitely fap worthy

I saw a flow of uncensored scanlated mangas by Canape in the flow of hentai releases, a few days ago, and I told myself, hey, why not, you guys have a good chance of loving it :)

All in all, these are 15 works, some of them a variation between grayscale and colorized, displaying basically brains-free, zero-complications sex, with girls from the Arknights game.

Namely, those works are:
Angelina Creampie (Uncensored, grayscale version)
Ch’en 1 (Full colour and uncensored)
Ch’en 2 (Uncensored, grayscale version)
Ch’en After (Full colour and uncensored)
Ch’en After (English, Grayscale, Uncensored)
Cheeky Lucid 1 (Full colour and uncensored)
Cheeky Lucid 2 (Full colour and uncensored)
Cheeky Lucid 3 (Full colour and uncensored)
FEater’s Fan Service 1 (Uncensored, grayscale version)
FEater’s Fan Service 2 (Full colour and uncensored)
G36 (Full colour and uncensored)
My Lovely Girlfriend (Full colour and uncensored)
Orca Needs Your Attention (Full colour and uncensored)
The Interest Of Queen 2 (Full colour and uncensored)
What The Queen Is interested In (Full colour and uncensored)

They are to be read left to right, not like mangas!

In doubt, I recommend you check the last 3 ones, Orca, and The Queen, in my eyes they’re the best of the lot.
Release credits are for NSFWSB and JK when it’s in good English, some unknown person when it’s in terrible English, and, last but not least, if you want more, why don’t you check the artist’s Patreon?

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